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Welcome! Today we are going to talk about a timeless accessory that has become a trend again in the fashion world and on the streets: the women's Casio watch.

A darling of fashionistas, the Casio women's watch has crossed time and has remained an essential piece for women of all styles, from basic, through classic to contemporary.

As the variety of models, materials of manufacture and functions of the Casio women's watch are also very varied, we will help you invest your money in the best option.


  • The women's Casio watch is a classic that had its heyday in the 1980s and is back in the arms of fashionistas.
  • Today, you can choose models with traditional, classic, modern and sporty designs, to wear for any occasion.
  • In this article, you will find all the information you need to know how to buy the ideal women's Casio watch according to your style.

The best Women's Casio Watch: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Choosing the right model of a women's Casio watch certainly has a lot to do with your style. But as the brand offers a wide variety of features, it's also important to take other factors into account.

To help you, we've created this Buying Guide with essential information that will help you to clarify any doubts you may have.

Mulher olhando o relógio no pulso.

The Casio watch for women is a classic that never goes out of fashion. (Source: Peter Bernik /

What do you need to know about the history of the women's Casio watch?

The women's Casio watch is one of the most popular wrist accessories around the world. And its fame is not for nothing.

The Casio company was established in Japan in 1946 by Tadao Kashio, an engineer specialising in technological production.

Among its most famous products are: calculators, musical instruments, audio equipment, cameras and, of course, the wristwatch.

But it was only in 1974 that Casio launched its first digital watch, known at the time as the Casiotron. This model was revolutionary because it contained a complete and fully automatic calendar.

In 1983, the company further revolutionised the market when it launched the first G-Shock model, with unprecedented functions and which eventually became one of the brand's most popular.

From then on, Casio watches began to diversify and new models and technologies were implemented.

So much so that Casio's watch was the first to have functions such as different time zones, altitude, temperature and atmospheric pressure, among others.

In this journey, the Casio feminine watch appeared, becoming an absolute success in the 1980s, especially with the Vintage line, with metal bracelet and a style that today is retro.

Casio was one of the first brands to launch a digital watch and is responsible for inventing the first watch with a calculator.

As time went by, the company invested more and more in watches with both unisex and feminine designs.

And the fact is that the Casio feminine watch has returned to the wrist of fashionistas on duty and, today, it is possible to find the ideal model for every style and occasion, from basic, to classic, to the most sophisticated and sporty.

Why is the Casio feminine vintage watch still such a success?

In fact, the most successful Casio women's watch among women are the models in the Vintage line.

Casio Vintage became a classic in the 1980s and because they have a timeless design, usually with a square shaped display, they have made a comeback as a fashionista's accessory.

Its great success is due to the fact that it is a small watch, minimalist and with more discreet details, which allows you to use it in the most varied occasions of the day and night.

Relógio Casio.

Casio Vintage is one of the most famous models of the brand. (Source: STA82 /

The Casio Vintage feminine watch is old, but the fact is that it has high technology and sophistication.

The diamonds used in certain models are natural products that, according to the manufacturer, are acquired in accordance with the resolutions of the United Nations.

Check below the main features of Casio feminine Vintage watch:

  • Natural diamonds on the dial
  • Multifaceted glass
  • Water-resistant to 50 metres
  • Stainless steel bracelet
  • 1/10th of a second stopwatch
  • Adjustable clasp
  • Colours: silver, gold and pink

In addition to the Vintage line, Casio also has a line of classic women's watch. This is the Casio Collection.

This type of Casio women's watch has a variety of models, but in general, with a round, analogue display and a leather strap, either black or brown.

What are the types of Casio Sport watches?

In addition to the traditional Casio Vintage, also worthy of note are the models of Casio women's watch designed especially for women who play sports and want to create a more stripped down style.

For you not to be so lost when it comes to choosing the best Casio women's sports watch, we'll explain a little about the two main lines of the brand. Check them out:

  • Baby-G

The first Casio women's Baby-G model watch was launched in 1994 to cater to women who identified with the traditional G-Shock, one of the brand's most durable.

The watch models in the Baby-G line have a robust and contemporary design. In addition, this women's Casio is shockproof and water resistant.

This type of Casio women's watch is recommended for the practice of various sports as it has features such as World Time, ideal for women who travel the world.

  • Standard

The Casio women's Standard watch series is designed to cater to women runners. There are three models, which come with memory capable of storing up to 60 records of lap data.

In addition, this Casio women's watch features LED lighting, has a curved bracelet and is water resistant.

How does the water resistance of the Casio women's watch work?

As we have seen, in general, all Casio watches are water resistant. But what does this mean in practice? It means that, although resistant, they are not waterproof.

This feature allows you to handle wet objects, wash the car, walk in the rain, and have moderate contact with water while wearing your women's Casio watch.

But if you use the watch for swimming or diving you will end up rendering the accessory useless.

Also, depending on the model of women's Casio watch, you will find different levels of water resistance. Sporty ones have twice the resistance of Vintage models, for example.

How to know if the Casio women's watch is really original?

Casio makes some of the most popular watches in the world. And, precisely because of this, it's not that uncommon for you to come across fakes.

But while original watches are known for their durability, a copy will wear out quickly, as well as lacking the brand's features.

So that you don't get fooled, we've put together three tips for you to know how to differentiate an original women's Casio watch from a fake:

  1. Look for the word "Casio" on the watch face. Replicas often put names like G-Shock, for example, which is not the case with the original.
  2. Check the model number on the back of the watch and the box it came in.
  3. If possible also check the internal light of the display. Often the light on fake watches does not illuminate the whole display, but only part of it.

What are the advantages of the women's Casio watch?

As we have seen so far, the advantages of the Casio feminine watch are numerous. Starting with the quality and durability recognized around the world.

The Casio women's watch has a timeless design, ie never goes out of fashion.

Another advantage is that the Casio women's watch has a timeless design, ie never goes out of fashion. In addition, you can choose from a wide variety of models, sizes, colours and manufacturing materials.

Not to mention that you can opt for both the classic and the sporty Casio women's watch.

Relógio Casio.

The women's Casio watch can be worn for any occasion. (Source: bencleric /

Finally, it is worth mentioning the high cost benefit, since the women's Casio watch usually has a very affordable price.

On the other hand, as a disadvantage we can cite the fact that it is increasing the manufacture of counterfeit Casio watches. Thus, it is necessary greater attention when making your purchase.

Below you can see the main advantages and disadvantages of Casio women's watch:

  • Quality and durability
  • Timeless design
  • Sizes, colours and varied materials
  • Classic and sporty lines
  • High technology
  • Variety of functional features
  • Affordable price
  • Large number of counterfeits on sale on the market

How much does the Casio feminine watch cost?

As we have seen, one of the advantages of the Casio feminine watch is that it has a very attractive price, especially if compared with other famous brands.

Even so there is a wide variation in prices. The value will depend on the model, material of manufacture and the features included.

But, in general, you will find Casio women's watch costing between $20 and $70.

Purchase Criteria: Factors to consider when choosing a Casio women's watch

So far you have been able to get an idea of the women's Casio watch options available in the market. But now is the time for you to arm yourself with information so that you can make the right choice.

To help you out, we have listed below the factors that you should check before buying your women Casio watch:

  • Bracelet and display
  • Analogue or digital
  • Battery life
  • Special features

Below, you check out each of these factors in detail so that you are not left with any doubt.

Strap and display

To choose the best shape and manufacturing material for the display and bracelet you should consider your style and also the occasion of use.

With regard to the display, in general, you will find Casio women's watch round or square.

As for the bracelet, you can choose between straps made of leather, stainless steel or resin. In general, leather and stainless steel are ideal for those with a basic, classic or modern style.

That's because, as we saw, the Casio feminine watch is versatile and can be used on different occasions.

The resin bracelet is usually part of sports watches, since they need greater resistance to adverse weather conditions.

Don't forget to also check the diameter and thickness of the bracelet. Both to ensure that it fits comfortably on your wrist and to create the effect you want.

Thin bracelets create a more delicate and discreet look. Thicker bracelets are more eye catching, but may be just what you're looking for to create a more modern style.

Analogue or digital

Also take into account the way the time is displayed on the Casio women's watch, which can be either analog or digital.

Analogue is more traditional and sophisticated. It is also more versatile and easy to wear for different occasions.

With the analogue Casio women's watch it is also possible to check the time in a faster way.

In addition, this type of watch is easier to adjust by means of small external buttons that are rotated.

Detalhe de relógio no pulso de mulher.

You can choose between a digital or analogue Casio women's watch. (Source: Robert Bogdan /

The digital Casio women's watch, on the other hand, allows you to read the time more accurately.

On the other hand, the digital watch ends up giving a more stripped look, which can be ideal for the day to day and the practice of sports.

Not to mention that, in most cases, the Casio digital female watch has other functions, including GPS, lights and even a calculator.

Below, you can see the main differences between the analogue and digital Casio women's watch.

Analog Digital
Reading the time Faster More accurate
Adjusting functions Easier More laborious
Style Classic and versatile Stripped down
Functions Limited Unlimited

Battery Life

Also note the battery life of the Casio women's watch. This is because, depending on the model, the battery can last between 3 and 10 years.

But for the duration to be long, in any case, you need to perform periodic maintenance.

Special Functions

Finally, consider what special functions are useful for you. Keep in mind that the more functions, the more expensive the women's Casio watch will be.

Among the main functions you will find: Led light for lighting in dark environments; World Time with 29 time zones; Timer; Alarm; Stopwatch and Calendar.

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