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The chino shorts for women are starting their triumphant march. It has been impossible to imagine a woman's wardrobe without chinos for some time now.
Chinos are a good alternative to jeans. Their material is raw, but also light and comfortable to wear. They can be combined in many ways and are available in many colours. In the summer, bright colours put you in a good mood at a summer party. Subtle shades, on the other hand, are great for a casual leisure look.

The chino shorts for women are not only very comfortable and available in many styles, they are also hard-wearing and elastic. The perfect companion for all kinds of leisure activities.

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Chinos for women: The most important questions answered

Here we answer all the important questions related to buying chino shorts for women. At the end of the article, you will hopefully be well equipped to buy chino shorts.

What are chino shorts for women?

Women's chino shorts are the shorter version of the classic chinos. Put simply, they are cotton shorts. However, the airy material and elegant cut make chino shorts more suitable for many occasions than, for example, jeans shorts. Typical for chino shorts are also the characteristic pockets, which are usually only indicated at the back.

What materials are available for women's chino shorts?

Women's chino shorts are usually made of twill. This is cotton fabric in body weave, which was first used for trousers for uniforms from the middle of the 19th century. At that time it was reserved for men, but today it is hard to imagine many women's wardrobes without this breathable fabric.

Chinos are particularly comfortable to wear, making them a popular alternative to jeans for many women. The special twill fabric provides the airy feel. This makes chino shorts the ideal garment, especially in high temperatures.

How should chino shorts for women fit?

One advantage of chino shorts for women is that they flatter the figure. The shorts fit loosely and are cut wider at the hips for a casual look. The high waistband also conceals wider hips. When buying, make sure that the chino shorts don't cut in anywhere and are loose around the hips and thighs.

Try on chino shorts for women in different sizes if possible. Because of their loose fit, chino shorts can sometimes slip during sitting movements. Be sure to test this out.

How should women's chino shorts be cared for?

Women's chino shorts do not require a lot of care, but there are a few things you should keep in mind. Before washing, empty all pockets and close zips and buttons. This will prevent damage to the chino shorts and other items of clothing.

  • Detergent: For coloured chinos, a suitable colour detergent should be used. In all other cases, a normal heavy-duty detergent can be used.
  • Fabricsoftener: For cotton blends with spandex content, fabric softener should not be used as it can damage the fibres.
  • Tumble dryer: Chinos should not be tumble dried, but you can dry the shorts well on a line.

If you follow these instructions, your chino shorts should be wearable for a long time. In any case, you should also follow other care instructions on the label.

Styling tips for women's chino shorts: How to achieve the perfect look

  1. If you want to be fashionable, go for a pair of chino shorts in a bright colour. You can achieve a seductive look by combining them with a top made of a flowing fabric and a matching blazer. The ensemble is then rounded off with high heels and fine accessories.
  2. Flat shoes and sneakers are ideal in combination with chino shorts for women.
  3. If you want to achieve a playful look, go for chino shorts in pastel shades.
  4. For a sporty look, combine chino shorts with a T-shirt and casual sneakers.
  5. For an elegant and classic look, simply combine chino shorts for women with a blouse. Also make sure that the chino shorts reach to the knee if you want to wear this look to the office in summer. The best colours for chino shorts are blue, black and beige. Women's chino shorts with a check pattern also look stylish.



Every woman can find the right chino shorts for her in just a few steps if she pays attention to a few little things. You won't want to do without chino shorts in your wardrobe in the future.

The chino shorts for women are the ideal companion in high temperatures and can also be worn to the office with the right combination of blouse and blazer. In your free time, chino shorts in delicate and gaudy shades are a real eye-catcher. Ladies' chino shorts are undoubtedly a timeless classic.

Image source: Suyheon Choi / Unsplash

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