Last updated: August 22, 2021

As we all know, taste is (not) a matter of debate. This article is about a popular classic: chinos for women, because these trousers are not only trendy for men, but increasingly so for women. Casual and chic at the same time, they are conquering many wardrobes and fashion styles.

Whether chinos for women are in or out and how to wear them properly is revealed in our buying guide. Thanks to their simple elegance, chinos can be worn in a variety of combinations for different occasions. Once created as summer trousers, they are now seen more often in the cold season.

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Chino trousers for ladies: The most important questions answered

Here we explain what chinos for women are, who they suit and how to care for them. Selected styling tips and possible combinations with chinos can be found in an overview at the end of the article.

What are chinos?

Chinos were originally light-coloured short summer trousers. They usually do not have a high waistband and are similar in style to suit trousers. The name of chino pants is derived from the fabric name. Chino twill is a type of cotton with the so-called twill weave. For the first time, this fabric was used in the 19th century to make uniforms. However, the exact origin of the word "chino" is disputed.

What figure are women's chinos suitable for?

Because of their typical cut pattern, it is particularly important to buy ladies' chinos in the right size. Otherwise the trousers pinch when you walk and feel too tight. Size charts can help with this. Wide female hips can be concealed well with trousers that have a low waistband. Petite women, on the other hand, look good in chinos with a high waistband.

What shapes or lengths are women's chinos available in?

Women's chinos are usually slightly shorter than other trousers and have a low waistband and side pockets. There are often decorative bands at the front of the waistband. At the bottom, the trousers become tighter like carrot trousers, sometimes rolled up, or have a close-fitting hem above the exposed ankle. The ¾ length chinos, the cropped ⅞ length, the slim fit chinos and the regular fit chinos are all possible styles. Cargo trousers are similar to chinos, but have large sewn-on pockets.

When can I wear chinos as a woman?

Women's chinos are almost like suit trousers. Because they are both elegant and comfortable, they can be worn for almost any occasion: at work, at family gatherings, going out with friends. Meanwhile, chinos are also available in a thermal version with warmer fabrics, so they are also a good choice in winter without any problems.

What are common colours for women's chinos?

Women's chinos come in all the popular colours, with light pastel shades like beige, light grey and cognac predominating. The reason for this is that chinos were originally worn in summer. In addition to plain-coloured styles, you will find checked or striped models on the market.

Are there also warm chinos for women?

Just because it's stormy and snowing outside, you don't want to change your clothing style right away. You don't have to do without chinos in winter, because there are lined models or chinos for women made of warm cosy corduroy fabric and other thermal fibres.

How do I care for women's chinos?

You can wash women's chinos at 40°C in the washing machine using a colour detergent. It is best to undo all the buttons before washing, but close the zip. If you don't want creases in your chinos, we recommend using a lower spin speed. However, stretch chinos should not be spun. Non-iron chinos for women are particularly easy to care for.

Styling tips for women's chinos: How to achieve the perfect look

We show you how to combine women's chinos skilfully here:

  • Leisure: Light-coloured chinos look sporty and summery in combination with a narrow braided belt, sneakers and a T-shirt. Such a style conveys summery lightness, curiosity and joie de vivre.
  • Family celebration: As a suit substitute, you can wonderfully choose the more comfortable alternative with chinos for women. Wear them with elegant flat suede shoes, a blouse and a blazer. That's it!
  • Business: You are also well advised to wear casual yet elegant chinos to the office. With a blouse or shirt over them and a slim scarf, the business look is complete.
  • Unisex: Chinos sometimes have an androgynous feel. As a woman, you can consciously use this flair and combine them with loafers and a narrow tie. A challenging style encourages conversation.
  • Frivolous: Combined with a plain shirt, open waistcoat and even a slouchy cap, chinos on women look very casual, self-confident and freedom-loving.
  • Winter: Warm thermal chinos for women in muted colours can be paired nicely with a close-fitting turtleneck jumper and a coat.


Chino trousers made of sturdy cotton fabric are very popular. Most women's chinos have a low waistband and shorter, tapered trouser legs. Casual chinos for women offer both elegance and comfort. Because of their cut, they can be worn for many occasions.

Light pastel shades dominate the women's range. Originally developed as cropped summer trousers, women's chinos are now conquering all seasons. They can be combined very flexibly and are also available in warm fabrics, so they can also be used in winter.

Image source: Ono Kosuki / Pexels