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Are you looking for the perfect outfit for the next family or Christmas party? You want to enchant everyone with your appearance and feel as confident as possible? No problem! With the right Christmas dress, you'll steal the show.

This article is all about the topic of Christmas dresses for ladies. We will give you tips on the right dress code, information on the different cuts and designs, as well as suitable styling ideas. We hope you enjoy reading this article and wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season!

The Best Women's Christmas Dress: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying Christmas dresses for women

From check patterns to wintry colours to sequins: These features are typical for Christmas dresses. But there are a few things to consider before buying.

The following buying criteria should be considered when choosing the perfect Christmas dress for women:

  • Size selection
  • Material
  • Style and cut
  • Colours
  • Special eye-catchers

Here we explain in detail what really matters.


Women's festive dresses are usually made of fine fabrics and thus have a high-quality appearance. Lace, taffeta or satin are popular. With these materials you will definitely stand out!

But warming fabrics such as wool or knitwear are also ideal for the cold festive days and look more inconspicuous.

Style and cut

Actually, any suitable dress can be worn at Christmas.

Whether it's a classic shift dress, a flared A-line model or a long evening gown - every women's dress has its charm and can be worn at Christmas. Rockabilly-style dresses are particularly popular: they fit closely to the torso and fan out from the waist. This shape conjures up a particularly beautiful silhouette.

However, there are special differences not only in the style of dress, but also in the cut. This can be decisive for many. There are short-sleeved or long-sleeved dresses, mini-, midi- or maxi-dresses. Skin-tight or more flattering cuts.

Colours and patterns

Women's dresses for Christmas in typical winter colours like red or pine green are very popular. But warm colours like brown or rust also create a cosy and relaxed atmosphere in cold winter weather. Christmas dresses in timeless black or dark blue look particularly festive.

Metallic shades like silver or gold are just as popular! The shimmering colours look super festive and hardly need any jewellery.

If you like it more eye-catching: Chequered Christmas dresses are among the classics in which you are instantly elegant and festively dressed. But Christmas motifs such as stars, reindeer or Christmas balls also radiate cosiness and make your outfit Christmas-worthy!

Size selection

Christmas dresses for women are not only available in all kinds of colours, styles and cuts, but also in many sizes. Experience has shown that it is particularly difficult for women who are oversized or very slim. It can also be difficult to choose for pregnant women!

There is not enough choice for these special requirements in every shop. However, certain shops specialise in these sizes and offer every woman the opportunity to find the right Christmas dress!

Special eye-catchers

Exciting sequins or gemstones make the dress Christmassy!

The Christmas dresses for women become particularly interesting with exciting eye-catchers. Details like shiny sequins or glittering gemstones provide special accents and make the dress look festive. You can shimmer in all the colours of the rainbow!

If you like it really exotic: you can now find dresses with unusual effects, such as an integrated light source. The light can often flash or light up in time with the music. Music? Yes, exactly. Some dresses can actually "sing".

Dresses with 3D effects are also exciting: from cuddly soft reindeer snouts to sweet embroidered pom-pom garlands, everything is here.

The choice here is almost limitless.

Christmas dresses for ladies: The most important questions answered

Choosing the right ladies' Christmas dress is not always easy. With so many shapes, colours and cuts to choose from, it's easy to lose track of what you're looking for. That's why we have answered the most important questions about Christmas dresses for women.

In which styles are Christmas dresses for ladies available?

There are many beautiful Christmas dresses to buy that will make you look simply amazing.

  • ChicChristmas dresses: Chic dresses are characterised by refined cuts and fine fabrics. They are figure-hugging or decorated with sequins and glitter. They often also have elaborate lace appliqués or embroidery. These dresses are less easy to "down-grade", but look particularly beautiful on festive occasions.
  • Casual Christmas dresses: The advantage of more understated dresses is clearly that they are not seasonally bound. This way you get more out of buying your dress. Plain Christmas dresses can be combined in many ways and styled festively or for everyday wear with matching accessories.
  • Funny Christmas dresses: The trend towards eye-catching, funny or obviously ugly Christmas dresses comes from the USA. The so-called "Ugly Christmas Sweaters" are particularly popular here. But there are now also some dresses in this style. They don't have to look nice, but must be viewed with humour. Particularly popular here are eye-catching appliqués, 3D prints or integrated light or even sound.

Can I wear my Christmas dress to other occasions?

Even if there is no festive occasion around the corner, you don't have to let your ladies Christmas dress just hang in your closet!

This is especially true for plain versions made of knitwear or cotton or dresses with check or Norwegian patterns. These models are absolutely suitable for autumn and winter and can be worn in your free time without any problems. The only important thing is that they are combined in such a way that they look casual and not too chic.

How does this work? Wear thick woollen tights with the dress, for example. Combine chunky boots instead of pumps or complete your outfit with a wide-cut quilted coat instead of a fitted woollen coat.

Whether it's a walk with the family, an afternoon of crafts with the kids or a shopping trip with your girlfriend, the new Christmas dress is often more versatile than you thought and therefore doubly worthwhile!

How do I know if my dress fits well?

Of course, the fit is just as important as the dress itself. Because even the most beautiful Christmas dress doesn't look right in the wrong size.

That's why we're giving you some valuable tips here to help you find the perfect-fitting women's dress.

  • The flared dress: If you have got hold of a flared dress, the top should fit snugly around the torso. However, there should still be room to breathe - literally. The skirt is flared and flows beautifully. This model skilfully conceals problem areas in the lower body.
  • The shift dress: If you have chosen a shift dress for women, it should hug your hips nicely and have a relatively straight fit from the shoulders to the knees. Some styles are slightly cinched at the waist.
  • The wrapdress: The wrap dress is designed to shape the silhouette and accentuate the waist in a sophisticated way. You can't go too far wrong here, as it can be wrapped individually, tightly or loosely.
  • The figure-hugging dress: The most difficult is the figure-hugging dress for women. This is where the most can "go wrong". It should fit snugly around the bust, waist and hips to create a tailored look. This cut is most comfortable with an elastic fabric that moulds to the body. With tougher fabrics, the right size and fit is essential!

How do I care for and clean my Christmas dress?

Of course, you want your recently acquired favourite piece to last as long as possible. Especially if you want to use your dress outside the Christmas season, you should pay attention to the right care and cleaning.

It can happen quickly during a hectic Christmas dinner: One clumsy movement and the make-up has left an unpleasant stain on the dress.

In general, you should wash clothes as little as possible. Denim and wool can be left to air and breathe without stains and unpleasant odours for as long as possible.

Be sure to look at the label and washing instructions before washing for the first time! Preferably even before you buy them.

Special care should be taken with these dresses:

  • Wooldresses: Wool should never be hung up: This will deform the shoulders and change the whole "shape" of your Christmas dress. Rather fold and lay!
  • Black dresses: Black dresses can be washed regularly with black cloths. As you know, dark colours fade quickly. The cloths preserve the colour and intensify it. The cloths contain actual dye, but not special detergent from the supermarket!

What are the dress codes for Christmas dresses for women?

Especially during Advent, there are plenty of opportunities to wear your new favourite piece.

For example, if you are invited to a Christmas brunch with colleagues, feel free to step it up a notch. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a dress for the cosy festive days at home with friends or family, it can be a little less.

The situation is completely different for a festive gala dinner. Here you can go all out in terms of styling and not skimp on accessories.

Styling tips for Christmas dresses for women: How to achieve the perfect Christmas look

  1. In combination with golden jewellery, the right Christmas dress creates a real festive mood. It's okay to think big: There are too many statement earrings in winter design.
  2. For striking dresses, we recommend simple footwear in muted colours, such as pumps in black or beige. If you prefer flats, combine the dress with comfortable ballerinas.
  3. If, on the other hand, you have opted for a simple dress, silver and shiny gold shoes will make you an eye-catcher. The jewellery should then be coordinated with it.
  4. Fine materials such as silk or chiffon make for an elegant appearance and look more sophisticated than cotton or knitwear.
  5. A warm cardigan cleverly rounds off the outfit and makes it warmer at the same time. Small jackets with decorative embellishments in the form of lace trim or flounces, on the other hand, add the finishing touch to plain Christmas dresses.

Don't be afraid to go bold - it's Christmas after all!


As you can see, Christmas dresses for women can be worn more than just once a year. With the right care and styling tips, you can enjoy your dress for a very long time!

Whichever model you choose: In the end, there is no right or wrong - you have to feel comfortable! After all, the dress should give you self-confidence and put you in the Christmas spirit. It doesn't matter whether the colour or cut is "in" at the moment or not. Merry Christmas!

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