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Women's corduroy trousers were and still are trendy. They remain timeless. With their different fits, every woman can find her perfect trousers. The soft stretch material is particularly pleasant to the touch and ensures a comfortable feel.

Whether for dinner, leisure or a business look, women's corduroy trousers can be combined beautifully and easily. With the right fit and cut, your women's corduroy trousers can be a real eye-catcher.

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Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying women's corduroy trousers

In order to find the right and suitable corduroy trousers, however, you should consider a few aspects when buying ladies' corduroy trousers.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Cut
  • Style
  • Colour
  • Length
  • Body height

In the following section, you will find out what the individual aspects essentially depend on.


Ladies' corduroy trousers differ in their cut. There are different models that can be combined in different ways:

  • Slim fit: These styles of women's corduroy trousers sit close to the thighs and become slightly looser from the calves onwards. This tight cut can be styled both casually and elegantly.
  • Regular Fit: (Also called Straight leg) this cut is a mixture of slim and loose fit. Regular fit women's corduroy trousers have a normal cut and are not tight or wide in the legs, which is why this cut is a classic and can be combined with any style.
  • Loose Fit: These are ladies' corduroy trousers that are loose and wide cut and, in contrast to Slim Fit, are not tight on the body. These styles are incredibly comfortable and practical, which is why they are very suitable for leisure or the office
  • Tapered: This cut is wide at the hips and thighs and narrows towards the ankles. This casual cut allows for a cool sporty look as well as an elegant look.

Depending on the occasion, you can choose the right cut. There is no better or worse cut, only your taste and well-being play the decisive role here.


The material "corduroy" is named differently depending on the width and number of ribs. There are six different names for corduroy: cable corduroy, wide corduroy, genoa corduroy, fine corduroy, baby corduroy, corduroy. These types of corduroy differ depending on how many ribs there are per 10 centimetres of the fabric.

Fine corduroy and fancy corduroy are usually used for corduroy trousers. This fabric is 100% cotton, sometimes has Lycra or polyester in it to make it stretchy. Stretch corduroy is called stretch corduroy. Stretch corduroy trousers fit figure-hugging, tight and can't sag or bulge.


To find the perfect length of ladies corduroy trousers, most online shops have a size chart. You should only measure inside leg length from the floor to the end of the leg in crotch, convert your result correctly and then take a look at the size chart. To get an accurate measurement result, the measuring should be done by another person. An alternative is to follow this rule of thumb:

  • Length 28 or 30 for ladies with short legs
  • Length 32 for ladies with normal clothing sizes
  • Lengths 34 and 36 for ladies with long legs

Each manufacturer has its own size guide, which you should follow when making your purchase.

Body height

In addition to the different shapes of women's corduroy trousers, you can also opt for a low, medium or higher waist. You should choose the women's corduroy trousers that suit you best visually and are also comfortable.

Hight waist trousers have a very high waistband and are the current trend sitter. The waistband of high waist trousers is between 25 and 29 cm, which covers the belly button. If you want your legs to look longer, the high waist host is the perfect choice for you.

Women's corduroy trousers with the Mid Rise designation have a medium or normal waist height. The waist height is about 23 cm and is below the navel. These types of trousers are the classics and suit every figure type.

Low rise trousers have a low waist of about 20.5 cm and sit directly on the hips. These trousers suit tall, athletic, slim women in particular. This low waist lengthens the upper part of the body, shortens the legs and emphasises the hips and bottom.

Ladies' corduroy trousers: The most important questions answered

Deciding between the different styles and fits of women's corduroy trousers is not easy. To help you, we have compiled and answered the most important questions about ladies corduroy trousers.

What styles of ladies corduroy trousers are available?

Ladies corduroy styles are so different and can suit every taste and figure type. As the following, you can take a closer look at these different styles.

  • Ladies' corduroy trousers for a serious business look: Muted colours always look serious and elegant. They are great for the office. Especially fine corduroy trousers in muted colours create an elegant look.
  • Women's corduroy trousers casual for everyday wear: for a casual look, coarse corduroy trousers with bright colours in a cosy cut are very suitable.
  • Ladies corduroy trousers for anelegant dinner look: Corduroy trousers can also be worn for a dinner look. Wear wide-cut ladies' corduroy trousers in a fine corduroy look and muted colours and combine them with a blazer. That way you are dressed up for a nice evening out.

Of course, you should first try on the trousers and see if they fit your figure and which style you like best.

How do I know if my ladies corduroy trousers fit well?

When buying ladies' corduroy trousers, you should pay particular attention to the waistband. This should be tight but comfortable around the hips, while the trousers should be airy around the buttocks and thighs. How a pair of women's corduroy trousers should fit depends on many factors, such as the fit, the cut and your own figure.

For a straight cut trouser "regular fit", the waistband should sit between the waist and the hips and there should be no wrinkles when walking. If wrinkles can be seen on the outside when walking, the trousers are too small. If you can see waves of fabric, the trousers are large.

The length of the trousers should also be considered. There are models that are extra short like cullotte corduroy trousers or extra long like flared trousers. But with the standard fits, it's worth taking a look at the manufacturer's size chart before you buy. This will help you buy the perfect size and length.

How do I care for and clean my ladies corduroy trousers?

To keep your women's corduroy trousers looking neat and like new, you should always follow the manufacturer's care instructions. As corduroy trousers are susceptible to lint, avoid washing them with other woollen jumpers or other fibre-like clothing.

To keep the ladies corduroy trousers soft, it is recommended to use a fabric softener when washing and only wash at a maximum of 40 degrees. Before washing, turn the trousers inside out and avoid the dryer.

When ironing the ladies' corduroy trousers, make sure that you only iron them at a lower temperature. This helps the trousers retain their ribbed structure.

Which ladies' corduroy trousers suit my figure?

Because not every pair of trousers and every cut suits every woman, you should know exactly which cut and model suits your figure best before buying your ladies' corduroy trousers. If you are unsure which alternative suits your figure, we have a few tips and tricks for you here.

  • For short legs: If you want to make your legs look longer and accentuate your waist, try ladies' corduroy trousers with a higher waist. These types of trousers make your legs look longer and also conceal your tummy. You should also pay attention to the cut. Trousers with straight legs or regular ladies' trousers fit very well and cut a good figure.
  • For curvy women: Wide-cut trousers with a high waist that reaches above the navel draw the eye from the hips to the waist. Dark shades are also recommended. Straight-cut women's corduroy trousers also make your legs look slimmer because of their loose fit. For corduroy trousers, choose one with a fine corduroy look so that it gently hugs your figure.
  • For women with narrow hips: Women with narrow hips are the only ones who can wear hipsters and carrot trousers. They accentuate the hips and are very suitable for women with triangle figures. Slim fit ladies corduroy trousers also make their figure look curvy.
  • For women with an hourglass figure: Women with such a figure have the feminine curves with a narrow waist, broad shoulders and wide hips. High-cut trousers are particularly beautiful here. Women's corduroy trousers with a high stretch content are also ideal, as they could be fitted to the narrow waist and at the same time fit over the wide hips.

Every figure type has its own problem zones to contend with. However, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in any pair of trousers, which is why you should also pay attention to the quality of the corduroy and choose a soft fabric.

Styling tips for ladies corduroy trousers: How to achieve the perfect look

Ladies corduroy trousers are an absolute fashion trend and can be styled so beautifully. But how do you style ladies' corduroy trousers in winter? We have put together a few styling tips for you below.

  • Elegant For an elegant look, wear wide-cut trousers in a fine corduroy look with a blazer. a turtleneck goes well with the blazer. Pointed pumps or boots further enhance the outfit.
  • Business With a bad silk blouse and fine corduroy trousers in muted tones, your outfit looks more serious. Complete the look with an elegant blazer and leather ankle boots or pointed-toe pumps and you'll be ready for your next meeting.
  • Casual Wear a plain shirt with a denim jacket on top of your straight-cut women's corduroy trousers. Tuck the shirt into the trousers to give your figure a slimmer look. With white sneakers, your look will be casual and cool.


Women's corduroy trousers are a good alternative to jeans, especially in winter. They are easy to combine and fit every figure type. Due to their soft fabric, they can offer you a cosy wearing comfort.

They differ in fit and cut. Different cuts can be worn for different occasions. For a business look, wide-cut ladies' corduroy trousers in muted shades are suitable. For leisure, straight-cut corduroy trousers are practical, casual and cool.

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