Last updated: August 22, 2021

They are light, play around the legs with a certain cheerfulness and are currently very trendy: culotte trousers inspire ladies all over the world. And this doesn't happen without reason, because this garment offers a high potential of gorgeous combinations and burning styles.

If you have always wanted to experience original French fashion, you can bring Parisian fashion to your home with an elegant pair of women's culotte trousers - with a sustainability guarantee! Because the culotte style is always being rediscovered and thus remains a timeless fashion jackpot.

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Culottes for women: The most important questions answered

With the enthusiasm for the loose-fitting trousers, however, also come many questions. To give you a better overview of the topic and to make sure you get all your questions answered, we have answered the most frequently asked questions about women's culottes:

What are ladies culottes?

Ladies who have ever struggled with the decision between elegant trousers and a graceful skirt can now breathe a sigh of relief. Because for them, women's culottes appear to be fashion redemption. Take the comfort and suppleness of a skirt and add it to the freedom of movement of trousers. Ladies and gentlemen, what would be the result?

The all-round adored ladies' culottes! Culottes tend to sit tighter at the waist and then run as very wide-cut culottes that freshen up any summer look with ease. Their airiness hugs the wearer's legs like a dress hem and their cheeky 7/8 length adds a little extra oomph to the look.

What is the history of women's culottes?

Culottes for women originated in France in the 17th and 18th centuries and play a not insignificant role in French history. There, they served as a distinctive mark of the different bourgeois classes, mainly for men's fashion. Wearers of culottes were generally considered to be well-to-do.

During the French Revolution, the instigators did not wear culotte trousers and were therefore called "sans-culottes". Later, the wide trousers were also discovered for the ladies and were able to maintain their high reputation until today.

How long do culottes for ladies go?

Culottes come in different lengths. However, you often see culottes that have lengths from the waist down to the mid-calves. This length can also be called a 7/8 length. However, many also go down to the ankles or stop at the knees.

When to wear culottes for women?

Are you desperate to wear your culottes, but not quite sure when and where it would be appropriate? We show you when you can use the culotte skirt perfectly for many situations:

  • Summer: Culottes are very popular in summer due to their width and the associated airiness. They offer the wearer a lot of freedom of movement and provide a pleasant freshness that is booming especially in warm seasons.
  • Leisure: On a trip into town, on a bike ride with your best friends or at festivities: With a T-shirt and sneakers, you can wear culottes for women carefree in everyday life!
  • Office: Simply combine high shoes, a plain top and an elegant blazer with your women's culotte and achieve the dapper business look!

Which culottes for women suit which body?

No matter what you have been told. Every lady can and should wear culottes if she wants to. Because fashion suits those who make something of it and those who wear it with conviction.

Small women who want to look a little taller can trick it out with vertical stripes and a high-waist culotte. High-waist culottes are also a way for curvier women to create a longer appearance. Taller women who want to look a little shorter can simply choose a culotte that is a little longer.

Styling tips for culottes for women: How to achieve the perfect culottes look

Of course, culottes are versatile and can be quickly and easily styled. But to give you an idea of the possible combinations, we have a few simple but incredibly effective tips that you can easily use for yourself!

  1. Tip 1: Crop tops go perfectly with high-waist women's culottes and give you an instant summery vibe.
  2. Tip 2: If you want to look more chic and elegant, high heels make a lot of difference. Conversely, this also applies to flat sneakers, which instantly evoke a casual look.
  3. Tip 3: Short jackets are particularly suitable as a jacket in summer, as they conjure up a sporty, active look with women's culottes.


Culottes make a perfect summer look. If you need a change from hot pants or short skirts, but still want to embrace the warm weather, culotte trousers are the perfect solution. With their length and width, women's culottes make for a smart and comfortable summer experience.

With the variations of culottes in their lengths, every lady can find ways to combine them and wear them according to her ideas. They offer an elegant style that remains timeless. Ladies culottes trousers have been proving it to us since the 17th century: They will stay with us for a long time to come.

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