Last updated: August 25, 2021

Cycling is an exciting and fulfilling hobby that is now enjoyed not only by many men, but also by a large number of women. However, as with most sports, it is important to have the right equipment in order to achieve particularly good training results and not to be bothered by uncomfortable wearing sensations while cycling.

The central element in every female cyclist's outfit is the jersey. A good cycling jersey for women should both protect against weather-related disturbing factors and release the generated heat and sweat to the outside. There is a wide range of women's cycling jerseys, with different features, different designs and several thermal concepts. This way, female cyclists can brave the cold, wind, rain and sun, and often with a stylish outfit as well.


The best Women's Cycling Jersey: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying cycling jerseys for women

You can now find many different cycling jerseys for women from many different brands and with very different features. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of this, there are a few things you should consider when buying.

The following criteria can help you decide on the perfect cycling jersey for women:

  • Fabric / Material
  • Fit
  • Length
  • UV protection

In the following sections we will go into more detail about what these buying criteria are.

Fabric / Material

Cycling jerseys for women should ideally be made of synthetic fibres. This should ensure that sweat is not absorbed by the fabric, but is released to the outside and evaporates in the air. This protects against overheating and gives a pleasant feeling.

Short-sleeved jerseys for women, which are usually worn in summer, often use inserts such as mesh. You should make sure that these inserts are skin-friendly and comfortable to wear.

Jerseys for women that are made for colder weather are usually long-sleeved and made of several layers of fabric to guarantee as much warmth as possible. Some are made of wool, but jerseys made of synthetic fabrics should be preferred as they are more breathable.


Women's cycling jerseys differ greatly from those for male cyclists, as the upper body of men and women are constructed differently. Women's cycling jerseys often have a zip at the chest and stomach area to create cooling through an opening. Women's jerseys are cut wider in the chest area to provide enough room for the bust. The zip is often not very deep, or is attached to the back of the jersey.

Some cyclists prefer a cut that is close to the body, others like it more loose. You are free to decide according to your preference. However, the jersey should fit well and be the right size to avoid irritating slipping.


Because you are always bent forward a bit when cycling, the length of women's cycling jerseys differs from other shirts in this respect. Cycling jerseys should be cut slightly longer at the back. This prevents the lower back from getting cold.

The length of a women's cycling jersey depends on the length of the cyclist's torso, but also on the weather conditions. For longer mountain bike tours and in lower temperatures, long-sleeved tops are advantageous. In summer, you can also opt for short-sleeved versions.

UV protection

For long tours in summer, make sure you buy women's cycling jerseys with integrated UV protection. The UV protection factor is usually given by the jersey manufacturer and indicates the factor by which the skin's own protection time is extended. The skin's self-protection time depends on the person, but for fair-skinned people it is often only five to ten minutes.

If you plan to cycle in strong sun for a longer period of time, you should choose a cycling jersey with a protection factor of about 50. However, jerseys with a lower protection factor are often also sufficient for short tours or colder months.

Women's cycling jerseys with UV protection are often summer jerseys, and you should also make sure that the garment is airy to prevent heat build-up while cycling.


Of course, design and aesthetics also play a role when choosing a women's cycling jersey. There is now so much visual variability that there are shirts to suit every taste.

From neutral designs in black or white to bright colours and patterns like camouflage or animal print, you can find the right cycling jersey for everyone. Mesh elements are currently in fashion, which are not only pleasantly air-permeable, but also look very stylish.

However, despite all aesthetic preferences, it should not be forgotten that the colouring can also contribute a great deal to the visibility and thus the safety of a female cyclist. Therefore, it is advisable to choose light colours such as green or yellow over dark colours such as black or brown.

Women's Cycling Jerseys: The most important questions answered

When it comes to sportswear, and especially cycling clothing, you should research the products well before making a purchase decision. To make this easier, we have answered the most important questions about women's cycling jerseys below.

What types of cycling jerseys are there for women?

Not every women's cycling jersey is the same, there are different types depending mainly on the weather conditions in which the sport is to be practised. But the type of cycling also plays a role in the type of cycling jersey for ladies.

Warm weather cycling jerseys: Warm weather jerseys are particularly breathable and thin to allow female cyclists to have a comfortable riding experience even in high temperatures. They are also often equipped with UV protection.
Cycling jerseys for colder weather: Women's jerseys for colder weather are perfect for cyclists who do not want to give up their sport even in the cooler months. These jerseys for women are long-sleeved and fit tightly. It is especially important that the jersey is longer towards the back and covers the lower back.
Cycling jerseys for women mountain bikers: Cycling jerseys for female mountain bikers are cut particularly wide and sit very loosely. This is mainly for aesthetic reasons. They are often more comfortable than conventional cycling jerseys and go well with the wide mountain bike shorts.

So depending on when you want to do your cycling, you should choose a different cycling jersey for women. It also makes sense to buy different jerseys if you want to ride in different conditions.

What additional features can be added to a cycling jersey for women?

The features of women's cycling jerseys sometimes vary greatly. The following elements are the most common:

  • Zip (full length and non full length)
  • Pockets (on the back or sides)
  • Cuffs to keep the jersey in place
  • Reflective elements
  • Mesh inserts

Which equipment option you choose depends on your individual preferences and wishes. If you need a lot of storage space, you should choose a women's cycling jersey with large pockets. Pockets on the back provide the most storage space.

Mesh inserts and zips can help cool you down and are especially used in jerseys for warmer temperatures, while reflective elements can further increase your visibility and thus your safety.

How do you clean women's cycling jerseys properly?

Women's cycling jerseys, like other sportswear, should be washed after each use. Cycling jerseys can also be washed in the washing machine, but you should choose a gentle cycle with a maximum of 30 degrees and avoid additives such as fabric softener, as this can damage the women's jersey.

The jerseys should never be put in the dryer, as the temperatures there are far too hot for the fibres. So you should simply leave the jersey to dry on a line or clothes horse, preferably in a more shaded area.

How should you combine women's cycling jerseys with the rest of your cycling clothes?

An outfit for women cyclists does not only consist of a cycling jersey, but also includes many other areas of the outfit. A cycling outfit for cold weather should include a long cycling jersey as well as long cycling shorts. Thick cycling socks, a rain or wind jacket if necessary and sturdy cycling gloves are also useful.

Clothing for female cyclists during the warmer months usually consists of fewer elements. Nevertheless, you should also wear a pair of cycling shorts with your cycling jersey for women, and you should not do without cycling gloves to protect your hands.

Women mountain bikers usually opt for a more casual outfit overall. Here, the loose-fitting mountain bike jersey is combined with rather wide and comfortable MTB shorts.

Regardless of which outfit you choose, you should also make sure that you are protected in case of possible accidents and do not do without a helmet. Arm and leg protectors are also very useful, especially for female mountain bikers.


The jersey is the central element of a female cyclist's outfit and can determine how pleasant a cycling tour or training session is. There are shirts that you can wear in cold weather and wind and rain and those that protect you from sunburn on hot days. There are also jerseys for women that give them extra storage space thanks to several pockets. So there is a suitable model for many different female cyclists with different needs.

Overall, however, the most important thing is that every woman feels comfortable when cycling and is dressed in such a way that she can enjoy her sport without having to think about slippery fabric or uncomfortable cuts. To achieve this, the right cycling jersey for women is very important!

(Image source: Coen van de Broek / Unsplash)