Last updated: August 19, 2021

Denim shirts for women are an extremely casual garment in any wardrobe. A denim shirt is always a good alternative to, for example, blouses or shirts and adds a little pepper to your wardrobe. Unlike denim shirts for men, denim shirts for women are usually cut slightly waisted to counteract the otherwise rather androgynous style somewhat.

Denim shirts for women are a very diverse product, as none resembles the other and each shirt has its own character woven into it. With this page, we want to give you a good overview and some clues about denim shirts for women per se, answer open questions and, if necessary, give you good advice when making a purchase.


The Best Women's Denim Shirt: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying denim shirts for women

Women's denim shirts are great for a sassy city-girl or western look, but how can you make a good decision between different examples based on some buying criteria? In this section we will tell you.

The aforementioned buying criteria are as follows:

  • Size
  • Features
  • Fabric
  • Manufacture

These are the four buying criteria you should definitely consider when buying a denim shirt for women. In the following, we have listed these buying criteria in more detail so that there are no misunderstandings when making your purchase decision.


Size is the easiest buying criterion for denim shirts for women, which is why we have listed it here at the beginning. Of course, you should always be aware of your measurements when buying clothes, but denim shirts vary greatly in size and also in cut.

As already mentioned in the introduction, denim shirts for women are usually shaped a little more fitted to give the shirt a little more character and feminine charm. Nevertheless, it should be said here that this does not always have to be the case.

In summary, you have to ask yourself whether you want a rather fitted women's shirt or not. Otherwise, it is important to try your way through some women's shirts and not be surprised if the denim shirt you ordered for women with your usual size suddenly turns out to be a lot smaller.


Features of a women's denim shirt are of course numerous. Women's denim shirts are already very different in appearance according to the processing of the fabric, but some features give the garment an even deeper character of its own.

Rhinestones, for example, are one way to give the denim shirt a more feminine touch. Rhinestones are used more for models that are dedicated to the younger target group, but you can still find rhinestones on many examples for adults as well. Embroidery on denim shirts has also become very popular in recent years, especially for an alternative look.

Furthermore, some women's denim shirts are ripped to generate a wilder, trendier look and pockets or zips can also enhance the women's denim shirt for more profile.


The fabric is classically denim, which allows the trendy look to shine, but there are also some blended fabrics that could be incorporated into your denim shirt for women. However, these tend to be less for the look and more for comfort. Spandex, for example, is often woven into a denim shirt because, as the name suggests, it makes the women's shirt more elastic and supple. This naturally increases the wearing comfort and the women's shirt feels more pleasant on the skin.

So if you want to buy a denim shirt for women, remember that the shirt of your dreams does not have to be made of 100% denim because you absolutely want to own a classic women's denim shirt. Substances like spandex are not visible in the product and you will thank the increased wearing comfort.


The manufacturing of denim shirts for women is a very important factor. The denim fabric in denim shirts for women is very thin, which is why you should make sure that the processed fabric is also of high quality. The seams should be very sturdy to guarantee the longevity of the shirt.

Another factor is how and where the shirt has been made, as the denim fabric has of course always been bleached, that should be clear to you. Of course, Fairtrade and good treatment of workers are a big point in the textile industry as a whole, but especially with denim shirts, the place of origin is very important.

This is because bleaching agents are in themselves very toxic, which is why many substances used to bleach jeans, for example, have been banned in Europe. However, this does not prevent large companies from processing their products with illegal but cheaper substances abroad and then importing them.

In the end, you should pay a lot of attention to the way women's denim shirts are made and not be too fussy about your budget. However, you should not rely on the fact that just because a shirt is very expensive, it has also been produced fairly and to a high standard.

Denim shirts for women: The most important questions answered

After explaining the buying criteria, it is now important for us to answer your most frequently asked questions about denim shirts for women. Therefore, we have researched them and listed them for you in the section that follows.

In which styles are denim shirts for women available?

Prospective buyers looking for denim shirts for women often notice quite few differences, although they would still say that no two different models are much alike. That's why we've summarised the roughest style distinctions for you here.

  • 80s women's denim shirt: Denim shirts for women, as they were worn in the 80s, were very colourful, which distinguishes this style. They are also characterised by a used look or light embroidery. They most closely represent the street look.
  • Western shirt for ladies: Denim shirts for women in this style also often look used, but you will never find embroidery or rhinestones on these women's shirts. Classic features here are collars and rather two breast pockets instead of one. Also, these denim shirts for women tend to be pale or very dark, but very rarely any colour other than blue or greyish.
  • Ladies denim shirts for parties: Ladies denim shirts for parties are usually very colourful, which refers not only to the colour, but also to rhinestones, embroidery or even rarely jewellery. All these different features make the ladies denim shirt a little more dashing and holes or tears in the fabric are also quite intentional.

It should be said at this point, however, that different styles of women's denim shirts are very difficult to identify because denim shirts for women are always being reinvented or different styles are being mixed. The combination usually makes the style of the women's shirt clear, which we will discuss further below.

How do I upgrade my women's denim shirt?

If, for example, you have an old denim shirt for women in your wardrobe that you hardly want to wear any more, or not at all, because it's past its best days, we have some tips for you here on how you can spruce up your old denim shirt for women a little.

  • Roughen your shirt: If your women's shirt is stained or has a few spots that aren't pretty to look at, a file will usually help. You can use it to roughen these areas, which firstly removes the stains and secondly creates a trendy city look that casts your denim shirt for women in a new light.
  • Understitching: Another option is to understitch different fabrics. Fabrics that already have a clear pattern, such as a floral fabric, are recommended here. This way you can create an alternative look.
  • Shorten sleeves: If the sleeves of your old women's shirt are too worn, simply cut them off at the seam. This will give you a trendy waistcoat that you can wear over many outfits in winter. This application is especially recommended for oversized denim shirts for women.
  • Sewing on: Finally, you can also create a rocky look by sewing stickers onto your ladies' denim shirt, for example. This way, your denim shirt is guaranteed to suddenly belong in a different scene.

Depending on the look you want, there are one or two ways to upgrade your old denim shirt for women. With this garment, however, it is not that difficult, as a used look is also quite a trend for women's denim shirts.

How do I resew a women's denim shirt?

  • First of all, you should take an already well-fitting shirt and put it underneath.
  • Then clip the shoulders at the desired length to achieve a correct result, otherwise one of the two women's shirts could slip.
  • Then trace the bottom edge to get the correct curve.
  • From the bottom edge, draw an additional mark about two centimetres further up, as you will need to press the hem later. This will later be the bottom edge of the ladies' shirt.
  • Now fold the bottom edge over by folding the bottom edge inwards to the mark in the first step. Then fold it again, folding it inwards at the mark.
  • After this step, you can iron the ladies' shirt in place.
  • Once you have finished ironing, you can sew the result, starting at about one centimetre.

This quick guide should help you to shorten the bottom edge of your women's shirt.

Styling tips for women's denim shirts: How to achieve the perfect denim shirt look

Denim shirts for women can be wonderfully combined with all kinds of outfits. They are virtually the ultimate on the street.

  • In addition to pretty much any type of trousers, denim shirts for women also go very well with skirts of different sizes to create a deliberate contrast.
  • When it comes to shoes, ankle boots or sneakers are recommended, depending on the occasion. But ankle boots also add value to your women's denim shirt.
  • Women's denim shirts go very well with coats. In addition, ripped jeans in combination with a women's denim shirt and a leather jacket is a very rocky and wild look that is perfect for city life.
  • A leather belt is also never out of place in combination with a denim shirt for women.

Denim shirts for women are very easy to combine and for the same reason it never gets boring with them, as the possibilities are almost inexhaustible. One disadvantage of this garment, however, is that it should only be worn outdoors. A ladies' denim shirt does not fit in an office or a theatre, as it would probably look permissible there.


Women's denim shirts are very robust garments and very adaptable for life in the city. They also have character, as women's denim shirts are very different in appearance and also in design.

Despite their rough appearance, they are very comfortable to wear and are guaranteed to add a fresh change to your wardrobe. We hope that with this page we have been able to present the product to you in a little more depth and give you some outfit ideas.

Sources: Unsplash & 123rf