Last updated: August 26, 2021

Desert boots for women should not be missing from any wardrobe, as their great combinability makes them a perfect fit for many looks. Whether you wear them to the office with a blazer or for a casual leisure look, the sky's the limit.

Women's desert boots are available in a wide variety of colours, patterns and leathers, so you can always find a matching pair of shoes for your perfect outfit. No matter what the weather, you will always be able to find the right desert boots for women.

The Best Women's Desert Boots: Our Picks

Desert Boots for Ladies: The most important questions answered

Due to the large selection of desert boots for women, we have answered the most important questions on the subject so that you can get a good overview of the material before buying.

What are desert boots for women?

Desert Boots were designed in 1950 by the British Nathan Clark, who developed the boots for British soldiers stationed in the desert of Egypt during the Second World War. The shoes were rediscovered by intellectuals in the 1960s and became a cult shoe.

Desert boots for women are boots that reach to the ankle and have to be laced up. They are usually made of smooth leather or suede and have a crepe sole. Some women's models also have heels.

What styles of desert boots are available for women?

Desert boots for women are available in many different styles and the selection is correspondingly large. To give you an overview of the most popular styles, we have listed a few for you.

  • Suede Desert Boots for Women: Desert boots for women made of suede are available in many colour shades and are particularly comfortable to wear thanks to the soft material. The robust material is very high quality and presents a timeless look.
  • Smooth leather desert boots for women: Desert boots for women made of smooth leather have the advantage that they are better protected against water and dirt than suede. With this type of leather, the grain side is finished on the outside and the leather can be dyed.
  • Chukka Boots for Ladies: Chukka boots get their name from the sport of polo, where the break between the game is called a chukka. Chukka boots are a generic term for desert boots, which include these shoes. Usually, chukka boots are used more for formal occasions.

Which type of women's desert boots you ultimately choose depends on your personal taste and the occasion for which you want to wear the shoe.

How do you care for and clean your desert boots for women?

Due to the materials used in women's desert boots, proper care is essential so that you can enjoy your boots for a long time. Waterproof your shoes before wearing them so that they are better protected against water. The structure of the fibres in suede or nubuck leather in particular means that it attracts water easily.

By impregnating them, you guarantee that the shoes remain breathable and are still better protected against water. If your desert boots for women do get dirty, you can remove the dirt with a soft brush and then use a care product to maintain the look of the shoe.

What seasons can women's desert boots be worn in?

Desert boots for women can be worn well in all four seasons, as there is a suitable shoe for every weather condition. In summer and on the warm days of the year, you can go for desert boots for women with thin leather.

When the temperatures drop and it gets really cold outside, then lined desert boots for women cut a good figure so you don't have to freeze. With waterproof desert boots for women, you are also wonderfully equipped for your outdoor excursions.

Styling tips for women's desert boots: how to achieve the perfect desert boot outfit

  • Tip 1 The used look: Desert boots for women cut a great figure even when worn out. Combined with skinny jeans and a loose blouse, suede desert boots make a casual leisure look perfect.
  • Tip 2 The elegant look for the office: In combination with fabric trousers and a cardigan, you can also wear your desert boots to the office for a chic look. Make sure that your desert boots for women are not too flashy. Choose a simple model with subtle colours.
  • Tip 3 The oversize look: Desert boots for women are also suitable for the oversize look. They can be more eye-catching, with extravagant patterns, high heels and accessories that attract attention. Combine them with a large jumper and trousers that do not reach the ankle.
  • Tip 4 The with dress: You can also use your desert boots for women with dresses. A maxi skirt combined with a turtleneck jumper creates a cool yet elegant look.

The many different colours and models mean that you have every opportunity to let off steam and even try out a daring look. Let your imagination run wild.


Desert boots for women are easy to combine and are available in many different types of leather and colours. They are relatively easy to care for and stand out in particular for their high level of comfort.

No matter what time of year, you will always find a suitable model, as the light leather provides cooling in summer and lined models can be used in winter. Whether casual for everyday wear or elegant for the office, you will always cut a fine figure with this all-rounder.

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