Last updated: August 11, 2021

Are you looking for a jacket that keeps you warm in the cold months, but still looks stylish and can be combined in many ways? Then a down jacket for you ladies is just the thing for you.

We want to help you choose the perfect down jacket. We will explain to you exactly what you need to look out for when buying a down jacket for women, clarify the most important questions and finally we have prepared some styling tips so that you have an idea of what your future style could look like.


The best Women´s Down Jacket: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying down jackets for women

In order to guarantee the functions and tasks that a down jacket for women has to fulfil, some criteria should be met. If you are considering buying a down jacket, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Down quality
  • Design
  • Cut
  • Outer material
  • Hood

You can use the following explanations to get an idea of what exactly matters in terms of the individual criteria.

Down quality

To ensure that your down jacket for women really keeps you warm, you should pay attention to the quality of the down. The origin of the down naturally plays an important role here.

Down from geese and ducks is used for your women's down jacket. You should make sure that the ratio of down to filling material is as high as possible.

You should avoid cheap alternatives that use artificial down. These will not keep you as warm as real down, and also have a larger volume. This makes the jacket harder to store and adds weight.


Design is probably the number one exclusion criterion for many people, especially for women. In addition to features like warmth, you also want to look good. It's not for nothing that the saying goes: clothes make the man.

You don't need to worry about not finding the right down jacket for women. They are available in every imaginable colour combination and label. So you, as a woman, will definitely find what you are looking for when choosing a women's down jacket.


The cut of a garment is always an important aspect that determines its style and comfort when worn. This is also true for a women's down jacket.

There are down jackets for women in narrow, as well as in wider, up to oversize cuts. To ensure that you are well protected against the cold and damp, however, you should consider tighter models. Oversized women's down jackets allow cold air to penetrate better, unless they are cut narrower at the bottom. Tighter styles offer more insulation.

Outer material

The outer material of your women's down jacket is often made of synthetic fibres. These have the advantage that they can be equipped with special properties. For example, most down jackets are impregnated or coated to make them water-repellent, wind-breaking and breathable.


A hood offers your head and neck more protection from the cold, however not everyone is a fan of a hood. But don't worry, the choice is yours.

Alternatively, you can choose to buy a women's down jacket without a hood, but with a collar for extra protection for the neck and throat.

Down jacket for women: The most important questions answered

You will certainly have some questions before you decide to buy a women's down jacket. We have researched these questions for you in advance and provide you with the appropriate answers.

How does a down jacket work?

A down jacket makes use of the principle that air is a poor conductor of heat. In order to protect themselves well against the cold, animals have fur and feathers, because air is stored between them and they thus insulate the heat.

This principle is also used in down jackets. Geese and ducks have particularly good insulating down, which serves as filling material in the jackets, which is why they can keep us so warm.

Does a down jacket keep you warm?

Yes, as explained above, down jackets can keep us very warm. If the down is of a particularly high quality, and especially the down of the eider duck, they can keep you warmer than thermal jackets in some cases. The eider duck is a species whose down is particularly insulating.

Is a down jacket breathable?

Here, too, a reference to the down is necessary. In addition to their heat-insulating properties, they are also breathable due to the structure just described. So you don't have to worry about your skin suffocating under a down jacket for women.

Is it normal for down jackets to lose feathers at the beginning?

No. Many women who buy a down jacket for women report how the feathers, which serve as filling material, stick out of the jacket. This is not unusual as the feathers have a hard keel that can pierce through the outer material.

However, this should only happen shortly after buying a down jacket and should stop afterwards. A constant leakage of feathers indicates an inferior product, as they have a higher proportion of feathers as filling material.

Is a down jacket waterproof?

Here again, the quality of the women's down jacket is crucial. If you buy a cheap down jacket for women, you will probably get wet. High-quality versions have certain coatings that can repel rainwater.

How do you wash a down jacket?

As a woman, it is easy to get make-up on your clothes. In this case, you should know how best to wash your down jacket for women.

You should check the label to see what temperatures it is designed to be washed in. You should avoid using fabric softener and powder detergent and instead use a special down detergent.

To ensure that the down dries as quickly as possible, you should add a few tennis balls to the dryer and only wash the down jacket at a maximum of 40 degrees. You will know when your down jacket is dry when the jacket has dried completely even when cold.

Styling tips for women's down jackets: How to achieve the perfect down jacket look

Putting it in winged terms, one could say that the style of one's clothing carries the inside out. Of course, the style reveals something about the woman's character.

Of course, you should decide for yourself what your individual style should be, but if you are still open to some suggestions, you can help yourself to the following tips and get inspired for your women's down jacket.

To help you find your way around, we have briefly summarised the points for you and provided a more detailed explanation. Pay particular attention to the following points:

  • Colour: Do not wear more than three colours in one outfit and make sure the jacket and top are not the same colour.
  • Proportions: With a tighter women's down jacket you should wear tight jeans or tights, with wider cuts, trousers can also be wider.
  • Hat: A hat will keep you warm and can be an additional fashion accessory, accentuating both shape and colour.
  • Scarf: The same applies to a scarf as to a cap. It can be worn under the jacket around the neck, but can also lie loosely on the outside of the jacket.
  • Shoes: You can combine a down jacket with sporty shoes as well as elegant boots.


In principle, you can choose any colour for your women's down jacket. You can never go wrong with black and white, as these two colours are the easiest to combine with the other garments.

Especially in the white winter, however, bright colours can offer a good change. However, you should make sure that the women's down jacket and top are not the same colour, otherwise it can give the appearance of a uniform. If the jacket is colourful, the top should ideally be white or black, and if the reverse is the case, black or white on the outside and colourful on the inside.

As a general tip we can give you, you should not combine more than three different colours, otherwise the overall outfit can look too garish.


As mentioned above, you can buy down jackets for women in different proportions. However, you should make sure that the overall look matches.

If you want to wear a tighter model, you should also wear a pair of tight jeans to match, or alternatively a dress and tights. For shoes, you could wear boots, for example.

If you like to wear an oversized cut ladies down jacket, you can wear slightly wider trousers and possibly sportier shoes underneath.


A beanie can optionally support the outfit and at the same time keep you warmer. Again, make sure the hat is the right size for both your head and the rest of your outfit.

It can be the same colour as your women's down jacket or the top.


A scarf can be worn around the neck, but some women also like to put it over their down jacket to make a statement.

So you can wear smaller scarves as well as a little oversized ones. A black scarf always goes, of course, but if you want to bring more colour into play, you can also match the colour of the scarf to the jacket, top or hat. To avoid having too many colours in play, one suggestion would be to keep the scarf and cap in the same colour.


Last but not least, the shoes round off the outfit perfectly. As already explained, you are welcome to combine sports shoes with wider cut jackets and not freezing temperatures.

Boots are also always a perfect way to complete an outfit elegantly. Black boots with a heel are best here.


A down jacket for women is a perfect companion for cold days. It keeps women reliably warm and dry. The incorporated down guarantees very good thermal insulation and the outer material can repel rain.

In addition, ladies' down jackets can be wonderfully combined and create both casual and elegant outfits. They are available in many different colours, cuts and sizes. They can be worn with sports shoes and boots and with a scarf or hat.

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