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A weekend at home and just doing nothing? That's best done in a women's dressing gown. A simple T-shirt or bra underneath and slippers or cosy socks on the women's feet. The weekend can already start. The dressing gown is a great companion at home. Whether in short, knee-length or floor-length.

Colourful with pattern or print or simple and seductive in black. Women's dressing gowns are available in countless colours, styles and materials. But which one is right for you? Cosy and warm or seductively sexy? Find out by simply following the guide.

The Best Womens Dressing Gown: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying women's dressing gowns

To help you with your purchase decision, we have listed a few important buying criteria here. These are the things you should look for before choosing a women's dressing gown.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material and colour
  • Closure
  • Length

We have explained the criteria in more detail below.

Material and colour

Dressing gowns are available in many different materials and colours. Whether silk, satin or cosy terry cloth. For summer mornings, a thinner fabric made of silk or satin is probably more suitable. Of course, it's also more appropriate to wear bright colours like juicy red or orange in the summer. This makes a woman feel like starting the day in the morning.

In winter, women prefer to be cosy and warm in the morning. The best way to wake up is to wear a warm towelling dressing gown. Best in a wintry dark red or dark blue.


The fastening of the dressing gown is just as important. The most common dressing gowns are offered with a tie belt. This makes it easy for the woman to open and close it. In addition, it flatters the figure of the ladies, as it emphasises the waist.

There are also dressing gowns with buttons or zips. This way, it is securely closed and does not threaten to simply come undone. A zip is also quite easy to open and close. This is not the case with buttons. It usually takes a little longer. However, buttons can be a great eye-catcher.


Women's dressing gowns are available in different lengths. Do you prefer short, knee-length or floor-length? Each length has its advantages. A short one made of satin, for example, is definitely an eye-catcher for every woman. They are great for accentuating a woman's legs. They are also great for summer because they are not so constricting.

In winter, a knee-length or even long one is great. This way, a woman's legs are also covered and kept warm better.

Women's dressing gowns: The most important questions answered

The choice of dressing gowns for women is huge. That's why we want to help you with this difficult decision and have compiled the most important questions for you here and answered them in detail.

In which types are ladies' dressing gowns available?

The ladies' dressing gown is available in many types and variations. Whether cuddly warm, short and sexy or wrinkle-free as a travel companion. To help you decide what to buy, we show you the most important types here.

The cuddly warm one: To wake up comfortably with coffee on the couch in the morning, this is the one for you. It keeps you nice and warm and is great to snuggle up in. It comes in long and short. Its fabric is made of fleece, terry or polyester. Whether in the morning before work with coffee or all weekend on the couch.

This dressing gown keeps you warm and is a great companion at home. Optional with tie belt, buttons or zip. Combines well with warm women's cosy socks or slippers and a simple T-shirt or bra underneath.

The sexy seducer: At the weekend together with your boyfriend in the morning at the breakfast table, this one is a real eye-catcher. With its light fabric of silk or satin, plus playful patterns like leopard print or classic black. The women's coat ends just below the bottom and thus emphasises your legs. The waist belt flatters your feminine figure. Can be combined with a beautiful lace bra and great slippers.

Also in the evening in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine, you will be a real eye-catcher in front of your boyfriend. Lace enhances the dressing gown even more.

The practical travel companion: In the morning in the hotel room after showering, this is the perfect companion for you. The fabric is made of wrinkle-free viscose and thus prevents the dressing gown from getting creased in your suitcase. After a hearty breakfast in your room, you can head straight to the hotel spa with the right bikini underneath. With great slippers, the ladies' look is perfectly combined.

Can I combine the ladies' dressing gown with my everyday look?

The dressing gown is no longer just an item of clothing for the home. Many dressing gowns can also be combined with a woman's everyday look. For example, a women's dressing gown in kimono look can be combined with black leggings and boots. This way you have created a cool Japan look.

However, you should make sure that the ladies' dressing gown is suitable for everyday wear. Not every dressing gown can be combined with an everyday look. For example, a towelling dressing gown is difficult to combine and is therefore really only a look for the home. On the other hand, a short, light ladies' dressing gown made of silk or satin can often be combined to create a look suitable for going out.

How do I care for and clean my ladies' dressing gown?

The companion for at home has to be washed, of course. Depending on the fabric, these are suitable for machines or better suited for hand washing. Light materials such as viscose, silk and satin are best washed with mild detergent. To dry, simply hang up, as these fabrics are usually not suitable for tumble dryers.

If the dressing gown is made of terry cloth, polyester or cotton, it can also be washed at 40-60 degrees. To keep the dressing gown soft, dry it in the dryer. However, always check the label on the inside beforehand to see which wash is suitable for the dressing gown.

What material and quality should my dressing gown be made of?

The dressing gown is usually worn on bare skin, so it should be of good quality. It should not be scratchy on the women's skin. A good dressing gown is made of silk, satin or terry cloth, for example. The quality can be seen in the seams and any buttons. If many threads are hanging off or the seam is crooked, the quality of the dressing gown is not very good. The seams should be straight and evenly stitched.


The lady's dressing gown is a great companion for home. Not only for mornings on the couch, but also for a whole weekend at home. You prefer it cosy and warm, then you should buy a long one made of terry cloth. Or do you want to be a real eye-catcher for your boyfriend? Then it should rather be the short dressing gown made of silk.

The ladies' dressing gown is available in long, knee-length or short. It can be fastened with a waist belt, buttons or zip. No matter which one, everyone has their own style. With the right ladies' dressing gown, you are always quickly dressed at home.

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