Last updated: August 12, 2021

While the dungaree dress is familiar to many, especially from childhood, it has now established itself as a must-have in every lady's wardrobe. The dungaree dress has long since ceased to be an item of clothing for children. Women's bib dresses come in a wide variety of fabrics, cuts and colours and thus offer something for every taste.

There is a great variety in the range of bib dresses for women. There are casual models made of denim or more elegant models made of tweed or corduroy. The nature of the women's dungaree dress also makes it the perfect winter dress, as it can be combined super easily and super casually with jumpers.

The best Women's Dungarees: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying a dungaree dress for women

Depending on your needs, you will probably have different buying criteria for a women's bib dress. We have listed a few.

Like the following:

  • Material
  • Colour
  • Fit
  • Style

Below we go into a little more detail about each of the criteria.


An essential purchase criterion for the ladies' dungaree dress is the material. Depending on the material, the dungaree dress can be worn for certain occasions.
The classic, which is also probably the most suitable version for everyday wear, is the women's dungaree dress made of jeans or denim fabric. But models made of jersey or cotton fabric are also great for everyday wear.

Corduroy fabric is also enjoying increasing popularity again. Therefore, the women's dungaree dress in corduroy should not be missing.

For an elegant look, the modern woman can also opt for a bib dress in leather or even suede look and thus turn the women's bib dress into a real eye-catcher.

Another elegant form is the women's dungaree dress made of tweed. This textile fabric is also very popular among fashion-conscious people.

To make the bib dress comfortable to wear in summer, there are also some models made of linen. This light fabric provides a pleasant draught of air, so that even in summer there is no need to do without a dungaree dress for women.


In terms of colour, the ladies' dungaree dress leaves nothing to be desired. There is something here for ladies who prefer neutral and natural colours as well as for those who like to wear gaudy statement colours.

The classic colour for bib dresses is denim and therefore blue. But models made of cotton, jersey or tweed fabric offer a wide variety of colour options. There are models in red, green, yellow, orange, pink or purple.

Models in leather and suede look also come in a variety of colours, such as black, bordeaux, beige, grey or brown.


Bib dresses for women not only come in a variety of fabrics and colours, but also in different fits and cuts. So there is a suitable dungaree dress for ladies for every body type.
An important criterion for the fit of a dungaree dress for women is the length. There are bib dresses in mini length, knee length, midi length, i.e. calf length, or maxi dresses that reach to the ankles.

But there are also small differences in the fit of a women's dungaree dress. For example, there are bib dresses for women in A-line, which are characterised by a slightly wider cut towards the hem, or tight-fitting ones.

For particularly elegant occasions, there are also women's bib dresses with a V-neck. This version is a real eye-catcher, especially in tweed fabric or suede look.

Women also like to wear bib dresses during pregnancy. The straps can often be adjusted flexibly and the bib dress for women also has a pleasant fit during pregnancy, which is why it should not be missing from maternity wear.


As already mentioned, the bib dress comes in various designs and shapes, which makes it a universally applicable garment. But certain style elements also underline this versatility.

For example, there are elegant models with checked patterns that are nevertheless very suitable for everyday wear.
There are also bib dresses for women with button trim. In this version, a button placket, usually in the front, additionally decorates the dress.

For more playful looks, there are also bib dresses for women with ruffles and flounces.

Dungarees for women: The most important questions answered

If you still have some questions before buying a dungaree dress for women, we have summarised the most important questions here.

In which styles are dungaree dresses for women available?

As already mentioned, dungaree dresses for women come in numerous designs and styles. Below we present the most important ones.

  • Neutral everyday look: In the neutral everyday look, neutral dungaree dresses for women can be prescribed above all. For example, the ladies' dungaree dress in jeans or denim fabric. But versions in other fabrics, such as jersey or cotton, can also be worn casually in everyday life. The bib dress in the classic neutral shape is also perfect for maternity wear.
  • Elegant everyday look: A more elegant everyday look can be created with women's bib dresses in tweed or corduroy. A V-neck model also allows the trendy piece to be integrated into everyday life in a somewhat classier way.
  • Dungarees for special occasions: The modern woman can also wear a dungaree dress on special occasions. Models in leather or suede look are particularly suitable for this. They add a casual touch to an outfit and offer that certain something for a successful party look.

These were basically the main styles of dungaree dresses.

How do I know if my dungaree dress for women fits well?

Below are some features that you can use to tell if your women's bib dress fits properly.

  • The straps are tight and do not ripple.
  • The skirt is not tight. Ideally, it should fit snugly but not too tightly.
  • Although bib dresses for women come in different lengths, the dress should not end up shorter than a hand's width above the knee.

Basically, there is no standard guideline for how a dungaree dress should fit, but if the features mentioned fit, the wearing comfort of a dungaree dress increases many times over.

How do I combine my dungaree dress for women?

The ladies' dungaree dress can be combined in many different ways. Basically, due to its deep side cut-outs, a bib dress should always be combined with a shirt underneath. But here the design framework is as varied as the ladies' bib dress itself.

  • It can be combined with T-shirts as well as long-sleeved shirts.
  • On colder days, a jumper or a turtleneck shirt can also be combined with a women's dungaree dress.
  • If you want a more elegant look, a blouse under a V-neck bib dress, for example, is a real eye-catcher.

Otherwise, especially in winter, ladies' dungarees should not be without tights.

How can I combine a women's dungaree dress for winter?

The tights are essential for wearing a women's dungaree dress in winter. They should keep you as warm as possible so that you can enjoy wearing the trendy piece even in cold temperatures.

The dungaree dress for women is also perfect for a layered look. You can choose any warm garment underneath the dress. This could be either a cotton long-sleeved shirt, or a long-sleeved blouse, or even a cosy warm jumper.

Combining the dungaree dress with suitable shoes is also no great challenge. The bib dress can be combined with ankle-high ankle boots with or without a heel, or with riding boots or even over-the-knee boots. If you choose boots with a high shaft, you can wear knee-high socks underneath to keep your legs even warmer.

Styling tips for dungaree dresses for women: How to achieve the perfect dungaree look

A dungaree dress for women can be combined and styled in different ways. We present a few options below.

  • For a casual off-duty look, a jeans dungaree dress for women can be combined with a simple T-shirt and sneakers.
  • If a look can be a little more elegant, you can go for a tweed bib dress. Pair it with a loose-fitting blouse and elegant ankle boots or loafers for the finishing touch.
  • Women's leather dungarees are perfect with turtleneck shirts and biker boots, for example.

The most important thing in the perfect dungaree dress look is that there is not too much of a break in style. For example, combining a rather elegant women's dungaree dress made of tweed with a T-shirt could look a bit messy. Conversely, a jeans dungaree dress combined with a blouse might be a little inappropriate.


The bib dress has long since ceased to be a garment reserved for children in the nursery. The wide variety of bib dresses in terms of materials, cuts and colours make the bib dress for women a real it-piece. Not least because it is wonderfully versatile to combine and wear.

Both for sporty outfits and for elegant ones: the dungaree dress for women can be combined correctly for the most diverse occasions and thus worn universally. This garment should therefore not be missing from the wardrobe of today's fashion-conscious lady.

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