Last updated: August 11, 2021

Espadrilles for women are popular low shoes that originally come from Spain. In recent years, they have gained in popularity, especially in the warm summer months, and are now among the most popular low shoes for women.

But the newcomers from Spain are not only popular in summer or on the beach. Because there are now also variants that are suitable for colder days, the selection of espadrilles for women is constantly growing and thus also the possibility of adapting them for every style and creating new looks.


The Best Women´s Espadrilles: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying espadrilles for women

At first glance, it may seem that espadrilles are always the same in terms of construction. However, this is a clear fallacy, as there are now many variations and models of espadrilles for women.

To make your buying decision a little easier, we have listed the most important buying criteria:

  • Material and manufacture
  • Heel shape
  • Shoe width
  • Opening

These points should give you a good overview of espadrilles. In the following, we go into more detail about the individual criteria and explain why they play an important role for the purchase.

Material and manufacture

In clothing of all kinds, the material always plays an important role for women and so it does for shoes and especially for espadrilles. There are two types of material to consider here, the outer material of the shoe and the inner lining that encloses the feet.

The outer material can be anything from cotton, textile and polyester to felt or leather. Each of these materials has its own look and advantages and disadvantages. Espadrilles made of cotton, fabric or felt are more breathable than those made of leather.

Women's espadrilles made of leather are more suitable for autumn or winter, as they are more robust. In summer, on the other hand, models made of textiles, polyester or soft fabric are more popular, as these materials do not make the feet as warm.

The inner material can also be made of all the above-mentioned fabrics and should be chosen similarly. In most cases, the outer and inner material of espadrilles are the same, but sometimes there is also an inner lining or fur surface inside.

Heel shape

The type of heel always plays a major role in shoes and espadrilles for women also come in different heights, thicknesses and flats.

The classic version of the espadrille for women is flat. This lends itself to the fact that it should be a light, comfortable and loose shoe. Generally, wearing comfort is the top priority for espadrilles.

For beach trips or hot summer days, this heel is ideal for women. But there are also other types of heel, including for example espadrilles with high heels, so-called wedge heels. These models are sometimes very similar to high heels or pumps.

There are also espadrilles with a raised platform, which have a look all of their own. These espadrilles look a bit thicker on the outside and more like a solid shoe because of the elevation.

Which heel you ultimately want depends on your own style and idea of the look, of course. The different heels can also be combined with different clothes, so you have a wide choice.

Shoe width

Espadrilles should ideally be comfortable and fit the foot well. But here, too, there are different footbed variations. Depending on how you want to wear espadrilles, you can choose between different shoe widths and footbeds.

If you choose a narrow footbed, the shoe fits a little tighter on the foot and is visually reminiscent of ballerinas for women. In addition, this variant is suitable for ladies with very small or narrow feet. With this version, the foot sits a little more firmly in the shoe and does not slip as easily.

Most models have a normal-width footbed. Unlike other low shoes, however, espadrilles are naturally a little wider, as they are meant to be airy and loose on the foot.

There are also espadrilles with a wide footbed. These are particularly suitable for ladies with wider feet. However, if you don't have wide feet, they might slip a bit in the shoe here and not have as much support.


When you think of espadrilles for women, you naturally think of an open, loose-fitting low shoe in most cases. But in recent years there have been more and more variations of the espadrille and the shoe opening has changed accordingly in many models.

The classic and most widespread espadrille is of course open at the front except for the toes. Since espadrilles are mainly worn by women in summer, the shoe should be light, airy and comfortable and you should be able to put them on and take them off quickly and without spending a lot of time.

However, there are now also women's espadrilles for colder days and even special models for autumn and winter. In cold temperatures, of course, it would not be so pleasant if the shoe is open at the front.

That's why there are now espadrilles for women that are closed at the front and can also be partially laced up. These are usually better protected from the cold, rain or dirt and are therefore also suitable for the cold season.

These espadrilles have their very own look and can be combined differently than the conventional models for summer.

Espadrilles for women: The most important questions answered

We have already shown you what you should look for before buying espadrilles. But you may still have questions and uncertainties. Therefore, we have now answered the most frequently asked questions for you.

What other styles of espadrilles are available for women?

Espadrilles for women come in different styles, we already know that. The categories mentioned above support this, but the individual models differ from each other in other ways. Each model has its own look and style.

Women's espadrilles come in countless patterns and colours, all of which stand out to a greater or lesser extent and have their own charm. From leopard print to bright colours to check patterns, everything is here and you can freely adapt your look.

In addition, espadrilles are sometimes adorned with embellishments and small gemstones. This makes them look more elegant and is also suitable for more upmarket events or occasions.

Which occasions do espadrilles suit?

Espadrilles for women are casual low shoes and are especially popular in summer. They are especially popular on beaches, in swimming pools and at lakes. Espadrilles are casual shoes.

But that doesn't mean you can only wear them privately. Simple espadrilles, not necessarily in the brightest colours, can also be worn to work or out with friends.

Women's models with a heel or with embellishments or precious stones are also suitable for upmarket events and meetings, as they have an elegant look and are also similar to a high heel.

What do I combine with my espadrilles?

Women's espadrilles are simple, plain low shoes and one of their great advantages is that you can easily combine them with different dresses and trousers.

The classic, flat espadrilles for women are shoes for the summer. You can combine them with tight-fitting jeans, for example. Of course, they can also be worn with shorts and skirts.

The models with a heel can be combined in exactly the same way. However, you will have a more elegant look than with the flat versions. High espadrilles also go well with dresses, and you can wear them to upmarket events.

How do I care for and clean my espadrilles?

When it comes to cleaning and care, espadrilles have a few special features that you should take into account before buying them. Basically, classic espadrilles for women are not waterproof and dirt-resistant.

It is important to note that espadrilles should not be washed in the washing machine. If the shoes ever get dirty, it is recommended to clean them carefully by hand without much water.

The best way is to use a scratch-resistant shoe brush or a slightly wet cloth. If your espadrilles get wet, dab them with paper towels and let them dry in the fresh air.

Styling tips for espadrilles for women: How to achieve the perfect look

In the following, we will go into how to combine your women's espadrilles sensibly and stylishly and give you suggestions on possible looks.

  • Summer espadrilles for women are made for warm and hot summer days and can also be combined perfectly with typical summer clothes. With skirts or shorts and a simple top, you can achieve a simple yet chic look for the warm season.
  • Casual Especially if you want to meet friends, go to a cafe or go out on the town, espadrilles with a pair of skinny jeans are the classic outfit for the Spanish low shoes.
  • Events High espadrilles for women in combination with a dress or a skirt can also be worn to upscale events and functions. The look is elegant but simple.

These are just a few suggestions for looks you can wear. Of course, you can vary them and adapt them to your style.


Espadrilles for women have become increasingly popular over the last few years, especially in summer. They are very comfortable, light and airy shoes. Espadrilles are very easy and uncomplicated to combine with different dresses, trousers and outfits.

There are different models for different looks and styles. They differ in material, heel, shoe opening and shoe width. Of course, it also depends on the look you want to achieve.

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