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The woven fur coat for women is the ideal outerwear for winter. A coat enhances any outfit and gives it a chic, stylish look. The material woven fur also offers an animal-friendly alternative to real fur, as it is artificial fur. However, this is hardly noticeable nowadays because woven fur coats are made to such a high standard.

The women's woven fur coat is an inexpensive alternative to real fur. Women's woven fur coats come in a variety of cuts and designs, so you can find a coat that suits you exactly.

The Best Women's Faux Fur Coat: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying woven fur coats for women

There is a wide range of woven fur coats for women. We would like to help you familiarise yourself with the product. For this purpose, we have covered what we consider to be the most important buying criteria.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Length
  • Cut
  • Design and colour

In the following, these criteria are explained in more detail so that you can make an informed buying decision.


Here you have the choice between women's coats that end above the knee and those that end below the knee. The length of the coat is basically a matter of personal preference.

However, it can be helpful to keep in mind which outfits you want to combine the coat with. If you often wear long dresses, it would make sense to choose a longer coat as well.


There are figure-hugging models that are slightly fitted and models with a classic, straight cut. You can also opt for a woven fur coat for women with a hood. There is also a choice of collar: Opt for a turned-down collar or a stand-up collar here.

Design and colour

Woven fur coats for women come in a variety of designs and colours. Sometimes in classic colours like brown or black, but also in white, which looks glamorous. This is only a small selection of the colours available.

Furthermore, you can choose between coats with a fluffy teddy look, a mink look or plush that resembles wool.

Women's woven fur coats: The most important questions answered

Below we answer the most important questions regarding the styling and care of a women's woven fur coat.

In which styles are woven fur coats for women available?

A woven fur coat is a versatile fashion piece that is available in a variety of styles. These are:

  • Elegant woven fur coats: These coats have a simple and classic cut. You can find a ladies' woven fur coat of this type as an imitation for almost all types of fur. In most cases, these products are indistinguishable from real fur and thus exude a touch of luxury, whether for everyday wear or festive occasions.
  • Fancy woven fur coats: This type of woven fur coat for women is perfect for making a fashion statement. They come in fancy prints, like leopard, or with eye-catching details, like large pockets or a hood.

Based on personal preference and the look you want, this is how you can choose a woven fur coat.

How do I care for and clean my women's woven fur coat?

As it is not real fur, the care is easy. You can wash your ladies' woven fur coat in the washing machine with wool detergent. It is advisable to put it in a pillowcase or similar to protect it. To freshen up the texture, you can brush the coat after washing.

What is the right length for a woven fur coat for women?

In general, it is flattering for shorter women to go for shorter coats. Since these make the figure appear slightly longer. For tall women, it is a matter of personal preference alone.

Styling tips for women's woven fur coats: How to achieve the perfect woven fur coat look

We have summarised a few styling tips for you below:

  1. Coordinate your woven fur coat with the outfit underneath so that they match in terms of lengths.
  2. Combine the woven fur coat for women with a rather close-fitting legwear.
  3. For a classic, chic look, style the women's woven fur coat with a plain-coloured turtleneck jumper and Marlene trousers.
  4. It looks particularly coherent if the woven fur coat and the rest of your outfit are in the same colour family. In a bright colour, however, a woven fur coat can also become the eye-catcher of your outfit!

Women's woven fur coats are a versatile outerwear.


The woven fur coat for women is indispensable in winter. The product offers a warm and comfortable feeling and combines this with a timeless look. A woven fur coat can be styled for any occasion. It goes with everyday wear, but can be styled just as well for the office or formal occasions.

What's more, it's easy to clean and although it's often indistinguishable from real fur, no animals have to suffer for it.

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