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Are you looking for a suitable dress that can be combined for a variety of occasions? With a trendy women's floral dress you can do just that. The dresses are not only ideal for leisure, but also for business and special events. A flower dress for women is therefore a real all-rounder and should not be missing from your wardrobe.

To make buying a flower dress for women as easy as possible, we have listed some criteria in the following sections. We have also answered some questions so that you can get a first overview. Due to the versatility of these dresses, we offer you some tips on how to combine different floral dress looks.

The Best Womens Floral Dress: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying women's floral dresses

To make buying a women's floral dress as easy as possible for you, we have listed important criteria to guide you.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Cut
  • Design
  • Fit

In the following sections, we have explained these criteria in more detail for you, so that you can avoid making an annoying wrong purchase. In this way, we hope to be able to find the right flower dress for you.


As with any other garment, the material is an important purchase criterion. The trendy flower dresses for women are available in a wide variety of fabrics.

Besides the classic versions made of cotton or jersey, models made of polyester or linen are also very popular. Knitted dresses with floral patterns are also popular for cooler days.

If you want something more romantic and chic, you can go for a floral lace model. After all, floral dresses don't always have to be colourful and flashy.

The material should be chosen according to individual comfort. Cotton or classic jersey fabrics are breathable and therefore very comfortable to wear. Polyester fabrics look chic, but have the disadvantage that they are not breathable.


Women's flower dresses are available in a wide variety of cuts. Thus, for example, a distinction is made between the different lengths of the dresses. As with most dresses for women, the three classic variations are again available.

On the one hand, there is a short model, the so-called mini dress. This ends on the thighs far above the knees and is therefore particularly popular with younger ladies. It creates a visually striking impression that shows off the legs to their best advantage.

The so-called midi dress extends in length to the calves and is thus a longer version. Such dresses lend themselves particularly well to the business sector and are also frequently seen there with floral patterns.

The longest version of the dress is the so-called maxi dress. This ends at the ankles or is even floor-length.

In addition to the dress lengths, the sleeves also differ. If you want your dress to have thin straps or classic sleeves, you can still differentiate between short and long sleeves.


In addition to materials and cuts, the design can also differ in terms of colour. You can choose between inconspicuous colours and bright colours.

The flower print on your dress for women can be very striking if they contrast with the colour of the dress. Thus, for example, blue ladies' dresses with red and yellow floral patterns are a real eye-catcher.

Especially in summer, bright and loud colours are popular and often seen. But not only on warm and sunny days, but also on cooler autumn days, ladies' floral dresses with tights, for example, can be worn. Most of the time, muted colours are chosen.

Women's floral dresses can also be bought with additional lace or transparent inserts. Versions with a wrap-around look or puff sleeves, for example, look sweet and also very playful.

The dresses also differ in their necklines. Whether it's a classic V-neck, round neck or standing collars, flower dresses will have the right model for you.


The fit is, of course, an important factor that needs to be considered individually before buying. Flower dresses for women are also available in larger sizes, so there is something for every figure.

Generally, the dresses are available up to a size 68, so that stronger women can also go with the trend. As a general rule, the larger the woman, the larger the floral pattern on the dress should be. Smaller patterns are suitable for delicate and slender women.

For heavier women, darker patterns are again a good choice, as they make you look visually slimmer. The dress itself and the flowers should hardly show any contrast. For the delicate ladies among us, bright colours can be used.

The length of the dress depends on the upcoming occasion. You should also make sure that even a mini dress is never too short, so that it looks unflattering.

Women's floral dresses: The most important questions answered

We have then worked out and answered the most important questions for you so that you can get a rough overview regarding flower dresses for women.

In which styles are women's floral dresses available?

Women's floral dresses can be combined in different styles. Thus, the dresses can be combined in a particularly chic and elegant or casual and sporty way.

  • The serious flower dress look: Women's flower dresses are also popular for business wear. Here, however, rather inconspicuous colours are suitable. The length should be a midi version. To create a business look, simple high heels or pumps are ideal. We recommend a matching blazer over the patterned dress. Add matching accessories and you're ready for your workday.
  • The sporty floral dress look: For leisure, a floral dress for women can be combined in a sporty way. Cool trainers or trainers are a good choice. The colours can be bright and eye-catching. A casual jeans or leather jacket can be worn with it. Finally, the outfit can be combined with a matching shoulder bag.
  • The romantic flower dress look: Women's flower dresses can of course also be combined in a chic and romantic way. A suitable occasion is, for example, a dinner with your loved one. The dress for ladies should ideally not be too colourful, but this can be chosen individually. Beautiful high shoes such as high heels or stylish high sandals can be ideally combined for such a look. A matching trench coat can be worn to calm down the outfit. The colour of the accessories should match the colour of the shoes. A handbag or clutch completes your romantic look.

You can design the look of your flower dress individually. Just try to build around your women's floral dress appropriately depending on the occasion.

To what occasion can flower dresses for ladies be worn?

The dresses for ladies in themselves do not necessarily have to be restless and colourful. Floral lace dresses, for example, can look very elegant and delicate and are ideal for smart occasions.

  • Women's floral dresses for leisure: Women's floral dresses can be worn especially cool and casual for leisure. On warm summer days, floral dresses are often seen as a mini version with matching sandals, sneakers or even cool biker boots. Add a leather, knitted or denim jacket if necessary and you are stylishly dressed for everyday wear.
  • Women's floral dresses for festivals: You see these garments at festivals all the time. The bright and colourful colours simply fit the mood of such events. They radiate good humour and are also very modern. Playful models with puffed sleeves or transparent inserts are often chosen, which makes the dresses for women look feminine and playful. Eye-catching accessories, such as large creoles and colourful handbags, are chosen to go with them.
  • Women's floral dresses for weddings: Flower dresses can also be worn on special occasions such as a wedding. With a more calmly coloured model, you are ideally dressed as a guest. Lace dresses in nude shades are also a good choice, as they look particularly chic and elegant. A trench coat in light beige and matching high heels with delicate straps can be combined with this. As an alternative to a coat, a shawl in a flowing fabric can also be chosen. This can simply be draped over the shoulder.

Floral dresses for ladies can be combined for different occasions and are therefore a classic all-rounder in your wardrobe.

Are women's floral dresses on trend?

Women's floral dresses are trendy every year, time and time again. The dresses are very popular because of their versatility. With the right combination, flower dresses for women can look playful, cool or even elegant.

A flower dress in bright colours brings out a summery flair and radiates positive mood. This is why the dresses are often worn on holiday as a typical summer dress.

Above all, long, airy maxi dresses are popular on warm days, as they leave a liberating and cheerful impression.

With a women's floral dress, you are always dressed in a modern way, no matter what the occasion. However, you should adapt the length and colours somewhat to the occasion.

Styling tips for women's floral dresses: How to achieve the perfect cool floral dress look

Flower dresses sound like a cute and playful look at first, but with the right combination they can look totally cool and casual.

  1. Choose a women's floral dress that you would like to wear. To create a cool and casual look, muted colours are a good choice.
  2. On cooler autumn or even winter days, you can wear dark tights.
  3. Shoes play an important role in combining a floral dress with a cool look. Therefore, don't choose delicate shoes, but sneakers or even better, cool leather biker boots. These will give your outfit the desired impression.
  4. A cool leather jacket to match your boots is a good choice. Alternatively, you can choose a jeans jacket.
  5. The accessories should match the colour of your shoes, for example the zips. Cool big creoles that stand out are recommended here. You can now reach for a simple shoulder bag to go with it.

Such a cool look can be worn ideally in your free time or even at various best friends' parties.


Women's floral dresses leave positive and cheerful impressions, which is why they are particularly popular. For this reason, they are trendy every year in different styles. Moreover, the dresses are available in different cuts and colours. With the right combination, these can not only look playful or sweet, but also cool or particularly elegant.

The dresses can be worn for a wide variety of occasions. Whether in the office or on special festive occasions like a wedding, with a flower dress you are always perfectly dressed. Before buying a women's flower dress, you should pay attention to certain criteria in order to avoid making a wrong purchase. Choose a model whose length and material you feel comfortable in.

(Image source: Shashank Hegde/ unsplash)

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