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The material of a fur coat comes from a wide variety of animals and they come in a wide variety of styles. Many women have and love them. A fur coat is a must-have in winter and it's hard to imagine a wardrobe without it.

By the way, fur coats have been around since the Middle Ages. In the Middle Ages, however, only certain groups of people, such as the high nobility, were allowed to wear fur. Nowadays, the fur coat for ladies is a very popular item of clothing that keeps you cosy and warm in winter. A fur coat for ladies is a time-independent garment and will accompany you for a long time.

The Best Women's Fur Coat: Our Picks

Women's Fur Coat: The most important questions answered

With such a wide range of different fur coats for ladies, it can be very difficult to make the right decision and find the right fur coat. To help you as much as possible, we have compiled and answered the most important questions about fur coats for ladies in the following section.

In which styles are fur coats for women available?

In order to meet all tastes and preferences, fur coats are available in different styles. In the following list, you can read the features of the different styles and compare them with each other.

  • Women's fur coat of the 50s: Fur coats of the 50s often feature tiger or zebra patterns. These models were very trendy in the 50s and are now considered vintage fur coats. Shoulder pads were also found in these models.
  • Fur coat 20s: Fur coats of the 20s convinced with their voluminous fur. These models were very pompous and a lot of fur. Popular models were white fur coats with shoulder pads. Fur coats from the 20s are also considered vintage models today and are still very popular.
  • Fur coat with hood: This version of the fur coat also has a hood. Especially in winter, this variant is very practical, as no extra bonnet is needed, as the head is already kept warm enough by the fur hood. However, this is always a question of style - some ladies prefer fur coats without a hood or with a hood.
  • Fur coat short or long: Here, a distinction is made between floor-length fur coats and knee-length ones. Some ladies prefer a fur coat that completely envelops and warms them. But knee-length fur coats can also look very good visually.

Which animal species are most commonly used in fur coats for women?

It is important to know that animal does not mean animal. However, there are basically many different types of animals that can be used for fur coats. But which types of fur make a special fur coat?

Sable can be used to make a very high quality fur coat. Chinchillas offer the softest fur so that the fur coat always stays cosy and warm. Very special furs for ladies' coats can also be made from minks, foxes or weasels.

Depending on which colour or even which pattern you prefer, choose the type of fur for your fur coat for ladies.

How do you care for and clean a ladies fur coat?

Unfortunately, real fur or real furs cannot be washed. You must therefore not put your fur coat in the washing machine. However, you can air out your ladies' fur coat. This can remove unpleasant odours. Classic fur cleaning is carried out by the so-called "furrier" and is called "lustration". Stains can also be removed by letting the stain dry and then simply brushing it out.

Furs take up a lot of space in your wardrobe, you should be aware of that. Fur coats for women should be stored loosely and cool on wide hangers. In very warm temperatures, the hair roots dry out and fur loss may occur.

Storing your fur coats in front of ovens or heaters is therefore not recommended. Direct sunlight should also be avoided as the hair could otherwise discolour. You can effectively protect your ladies' fur coat from dust and moths with bed covers or linen bags.

How can you tell the difference between fake and real fur?

This is not always easy, but here we give you a few effective tips to be able to distinguish real from fake fur.

Animal fur is processed together with the skin. If leather appears at the base when the hairs are separated, then it is real fur. With fake fur, a woven textile layer would be visible here.

If you also blow lightly on the fur, the thick top coat of real fur will lay to the side. Faux fur, on the other hand, is more rigid and immobile and is often cut to the same length.

If you have already purchased your fur coat, then you can pull out individual hairs. Animal hair burns just like human hair with the smell of horn. Faux fur, on the other hand, melts into clumps.

Styling tips for women's fur coats: How to achieve the perfect fur coat look

A fur coat in your wardrobe is essential for every woman. Wearing a fur coat exudes conviction and passion. It doesn't matter what look you prefer or what occasion you want to wear your fur coat for - it can be effortlessly combined. We have put together a few styling tips for you below.

  • Elegant: If you want something more chic, you can easily combine your fur coat with a nice pair of overknees and a classic black dress. Depending on the colour of your fur coat, you can also go for grey or beige overknees. A fur coat can also be flawlessly combined with high-quality suit trousers and a beautiful blouse.
  • Casual: If you are looking for a casual look for your everyday life, but still don't want to do without your fur coat, we have the perfect solution for you. Simply combine your fur coat with a cool pair of jeans, a cardigan and classic black boots. You can't go wrong with this look.
  • Business: If you want to be a bit more business-like, you can combine your fur coat with a trouser suit and boots with a small or large heel. A knee-length skirt with a blouse also goes well with a nice cosy fur coat.

These styling tips will serve as inspiration for your next outfit. Of course, you can decide for yourself which fur coat you would like to combine and how.


Fur coats for women are an absolute it-piece and can be combined well with any outfit. Whether it's for a chic dinner, a meeting with your work colleagues or simply for a relaxed walk at the weekend. Fur coats can always be combined in different ways thanks to their different colours and patterns.

It all comes down to the right combination and the right styling to show off your fur coat to its best advantage. However, a comfortable feel should always come first here too.

(Image source: Jill Wellington / Pixabay)

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