Last updated: October 26, 2021

Who hasn't wished for a warming pair of gloves to protect them from the cold on cold winter days? It can be difficult to choose between the many elegant leather variants or cosy furs. Even for outdoor sporting activities, the accessory should not be missing.

Special models allow you to find the right glove for your desired sport. Whether for practical or fashion reasons, gloves should not be missing from your wardrobe.

The best womens Gloves: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look out for when buying women's

gloves From simple hand warmers to noble designer pieces - the functions and forms of the accessory are now diverse. Paying attention to various buying criteria can make your decision easier. The following buying criteria should help you find the right ladies' gloves for mild to cold days

  • Intended use
  • Material
  • Size
  • Design
  • Functions

In the following sections, we show you details that can help you with your purchase.


Whether in the depths of winter or in mild temperatures - women's gloves primarily serve the purpose of keeping the cold off your hands and fingers. Gloves are also usually used for sporting activities. Especially during winter outdoor sports such as skiing or snowboarding, the hands should be kept warm. But the hand warmers are not only useful in icy temperatures, they are also very useful when running or cycling.

In addition to protection against the cold, other factors can also be taken into account. In the gym, for example, gloves with rubber studs give a better grip than sweaty fingers. Last but not least, they are a fashion accessory.

At evening events or when joyriding in a sports car, you can also show them off outside the skating rink. Special protective gloves, as the name suggests, are used to protect hands from dirt and chemicals. You rarely want to do without these gloves when gardening or cleaning.


As already mentioned, your women's gloves should always keep you warm. Differences in material lead to different forms of insulation. Some fabrics give off heat quickly, others may not be windproof, waterproof or breathable.

  • Wool: Soft wool gloves for women are pleasant for cold and dry winter days. However, mixed materials are often more pleasant on the skin instead of pure new wool. Knitted gloves are also perfectly adequate for everyday wear, as the wearing time is usually manageable.
  • Leather: In addition to their elegant look, leather gloves for women score points for being waterproof and dirt-repellent. Therefore, the hard-wearing natural material is also suitable for wet conditions. Leather feels supple and soft on the skin. To maintain this feeling in the long term, leather requires care compared to other fabrics. However, the effort is worth it to have a nice pair of gloves in the long run.
  • Fleece: Synthetic fibres such as polyester are very durable, insensitive to moisture and can keep out the cold well. Thermal gloves that are also tear-resistant are ideal for athletes. These gloves are very robust and still have the necessary mobility.
  • Nylon: Women's gloves made of nylon are recommended for industrial use or gardening. The purpose here is not so much to protect against the cold, but rather to protect hands from dirt and injuries.
  • Lambskin/ faux fur: The advantage of these cosy hand warmers is that they fit perfectly. Fingers and hands can optimally snuggle into the structure of the fur. They also keep you particularly warm. However, gloves for women made of fur should not be too thick so that they remain flexible and do not restrict you in everyday life.

Depending on the desired use, thicker or thinner materials can be advantageous. Finding the right material therefore also depends on the situation.


The size varies in fit depending on the brand and model. There are usually three sizes for women's gloves

  • S = 7: Mostly for very small and narrow fingers
  • M = 7.5: Corresponds to average hand size
  • L = 8: For rather large lady's hands

Sometimes the size can be determined using tables. You can use a tape measure to measure the circumference of your hand. However, the best way to find the right size is to try them on. If you order online or are very unsure, it is better to go too big than too small. Tight gloves prevent good insulation, i.e. a lack of air in the spaces between the gloves leads to cold hands.


With the different types of women's gloves, you should be aware of the various benefits. While some extras may be dispensable, restricted movement may be less desirable.

  • Finger gloves: Mobility is a clear advantage of finger gloves. Since each finger has its own compartment, the gloves usually fit well and even allow fine motor movement. Most functional gloves, as well as various sports gloves, are therefore finger gloves. The disadvantage is that the fingers usually freeze again more quickly.
  • Mittens: Here the focus is on the warming effect. The clear advantage of mittens is that blood circulation is not impaired and more movement is possible within the glove. This allows the fingers to warm each other. Even though grasping is still possible per se, the mobility is clearly restricted. However, these gloves are also quick to put on and take off.
  • Short-fingered gloves: The fingertips are exposed in this model. Therefore, the fingers are available for perfect operation. A variation with a coverable mitten (folding mittens), offer a nice combination and finally keep the fingertips warm again. This saves you from having to constantly put on and take off your gloves.

In addition, cuffs can also be consulted, or models with extensions to the forearms. This not only keeps the extremities warm, but also the wrists and parts of the forearm. This variation is advantageous for people who are very sensitive to cold or for shorter sleeves.


Finally, you should ensure the functionality of your new women's gloves. Besides different colours to perfectly match the gloves with your outfit, the accessory can often offer much more. For one thing, there are thin and thick gloves for ladies. The thinner the fabric, the better the grip.

Outdoor activities, such as hiking, require thicker gloves to really keep you warm. In times when you can't find your way without a smartphone, gloves with touchscreen operation are essential. To ensure non-slip gloves, there are models with rubber nubs. Reflective parts make you visible in the dark.

Gloves that consist of several layers do not allow heat to escape, so warming up is less of a priority. Windproof material is often multi-layered and allows for the heat-retaining effect. Smaller features such as press studs or Velcro make it easy to put on and protect against the wind and cold. Furthermore, cords or carabiners can counteract the loss of the gloves. The latest technologies even enable heated gloves for women with replaceable batteries.

Women's gloves: The most important questions answered

So that you can ultimately make the right choice, there is even more worth knowing. We have therefore summarised the most important questions for you below.

When is it advisable to wear ladies' gloves?

Ladies' gloves are primarily intended to prevent the fingers and hands from cooling down. The protection provided by the gloves also makes any contact more hygienic than direct contact. There are countless combination possibilities to fashionably enhance your outfit with the help of gloves.

For example, you can create a rock look by wearing short-fingered gloves with a leather jacket and ankle boots. Wool gloves can be colour-coordinated with your boots or you can dare to wear a bright colour in the otherwise grey cold weather. You can find the right ladies' glove for mild to cold climates.

What types of ladies' gloves are there?

How you choose the right type of ladies' gloves depends on their use. The weather usually also plays a role and the planned duration of wear.

  • Women's gloves for winter: These include mittens made of wool or fur for a walk in the snow. You can also wear knitted gloves for a quick trip to the mall. On the other hand, for longer sporting activities it is worth buying special ski or cross-country gloves.
  • Women's gloves for sporting activities: Whether cycling, running, riding or exercising - models made of fleece are ideal because of their grip and use in wind and weather. In addition, they are breathable and keep the hands dry even when sweating.
  • Women's gloves as accessories: The women's glove wins the race visually in leather. They are inexpensive, but also durable. What's more, you can choose a discreet colour, so you have a wide range of combinations with jackets and coats. Whether short or long - evening gloves made of silk, satin or lace, provide an elegant look.
  • Work gloves for ladies: They are used in the garden or for cleaning. Besides neoprene and nylon, disposable gloves can also be suitable.
  • Heatable gloves: Thermal gloves are extravagant. They work with a rechargeable battery and can therefore be recharged. By setting different temperature levels, the temperature can be optimally adapted to the cold sensation.

Of course, your choice must always be individual. Due to the numerous areas of application, it is also worthwhile to choose from different models.

When do your ladies' gloves fit perfectly?

Hands and fingers vary from person to person. It can happen that the desired model does not fit perfectly. Even though models vary, you should make sure that there is not too much space in the glove so that it does not slip off your fingers. Gripping is also impaired in this way, as you lose the feeling for the outside.

On the other hand, there should not be a cutting or constricting feeling when wearing your gloves. This puts them at risk of not being insulated from the cold, as mentioned above. Gloves with lining are good for snugging and fitting. However, the fingertips should not come right up against the top. Sometimes the size can also be determined using tables.

What are the warmest women's gloves?

Gloves for women made of real fur or imitation fur are less air-permeable and therefore keep you nice and warm. In principle, sporty models are also more suitable than conventional knitted gloves. The material is wind and water resistant and can therefore keep hands warm and dry.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to generalise about which glove is the warmest. Weather conditions are often decisive, as even stylish leather gloves provide warm fingers in mild temperatures. If it is also windy and the humidity rises, the sensation of cold is significantly higher.

What is the best way to clean and care for ladies' gloves?

To benefit from gloves for as long as possible, regular care makes sense. Taking a look at the washing instructions or following the manufacturer's recommendations will help with a quick approach. Many washing machines have a gentle wash cycle, so you can avoid hand washing. Some materials also ask for special mild detergents.

Gloves made of wool or knitwear, for example, can sometimes be washed in the washing machine. However, it is advisable not to wash the gloves too warmly so that they do not shrink. To avoid discolouration and felting, you can adjust not only the temperature but also the speed of the spin cycle. It is not advisable to use a dryer.

Ideally, you should let your gloves dry lying down and in the air. Warm and dry heating air, as well as hanging, can change the shape of the gloves. For leather, cleaning with a damp cloth can be sufficient. Alternatively, you can brush the dirt out of suede.


Gloves for women are a great accessory and can be used for a wide variety of occasions thanks to the wide range of designs. Take heart and dress up your next evening dress with a pair of fine silk or lace gloves for an elegant look. If your main concern is to keep warm, a fluffy pair of mittens is a must. Whether sporty, classy or eye-catching - the perfect mitten can be found for everyone.