Last updated: August 25, 2021

Gold earrings for ladies - the classic for all times. Gold has always fascinated people. Where does it look more beautiful than worked into jewellery? This noble material is often well tolerated by the skin and always radiates something noble.

We have summarised everything important about gold earrings for ladies in this article.


The best Women's Gold Earrings: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying women's gold earrings

It is not always easy to decide which gold earring for women is best for whom and when. Apart from personal taste and budget, you can also consider other aspects before buying.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Closure type
  • Occasion
  • Design

Let's take a detailed look at what lies behind these criteria.

Type of clasp

There are actually only two types: the gold earrings that already have a closure integrated into them and those that need a second piece to be able to close them.

The integrated closures are devices for clamping or clipping, small hinges for folding or elements for inserting into a designated place, which is often the case with creoles.

With two-link closures, you still need a retaining pin to put on the pierced end.


The right choice to suit the occasion is not entirely unimportant. The occasion in turn often determines what hairstyle you wear.

If you wear your hair open, for example in everyday life or in the office, make sure that the gold earrings cannot get tangled in your hair. In such cases, short clip-on earrings are suitable.

If you are going to an official celebration, such as an anniversary or a wedding, you may want to wear your hair up. Especially when your hair is tied up, all longer and eye-catching gold earrings, even filigree elongated earrings, look particularly good.


Decide on an alloy, then whether it should be a short gold earring as a plug or a longer version. May it be set with additions such as a stone or pearls?

There are countless designs. Should the gold earrings for women be fashionable, classic and timeless or playful? Plugs can be simply round or in different shapes such as triangle, heart or flower. There is also a choice of large or small creoles, sometimes discreet, sometimes with enchanting surface decorations. There are grape-like shapes as well as straight hanging gold earrings.

Women who wear glasses should choose gold earrings that match their frame. If the focus is on a fancy model, the design of the gold earrings should be simple so as not to steal the show.

Women's Gold Earrings: The most important questions answered

In the last section, we give you answers to the most important questions that you associate with gold earrings for ladies.

What are the alloy types of women's gold earrings?

Let's take a look at the material science. There are many differences here. The often engraved numbers or colour designations are the description of the alloy mixture.

  • Gold earrings for ladies 585: Here the mixture is 58.5 % gold and the rest represents another metal mixture.
  • Gold earrings for ladies333: The proportion of gold here is 33.3%.
  • Gold earringsfor ladies 750: The highest proportion of gold in relation to another metal is this ratio with 75 %. The more gold content, the more expensive and "yellow" in colour the piece of jewellery will be.
  • Gold earrings in white gold: Due to the stronger alloy with platinum and silver, the golden-yellow colour tone becomes cooler and tends towards white.
  • Gold earringsin yellow gold: The metals silver and copper added here neutralise each other in terms of colour, so that the "typical" gold tone is most apparent in this variation.
  • Gold earrings in red gold: Two elements come together, namely gold and copper. The mixing ratio reflects the intensity of the red.
  • Gold earringsin rose gold: This alloy is identical to the red gold, but there is simply less copper involved.

Why are women's gold earrings not made of pure gold?

This is because pure gold is simply too soft. Therefore, an additional metal is needed to make it into a stable and versatile shape like gold earrings.

How do I clean women's gold earrings?

To clean gold earrings from deposits that can be caused by contact with creams, cosmetics or perfume, simply place them in a bowl of warm water and washing-up liquid for a while. Do not use linting cloths for drying. Cotton works well.

Faded gold earrings can be given a new shine with special cloths from a specialist shop. Particularly valuable gold earrings, perhaps with gemstones worked into them, are better left in professional hands. It is advisable to have your best pieces cleaned by your trusted jeweller every few years.

Styling tips for women gold earrings: How to achieve the perfect look

  1. The short or long "black" always looks even more sophisticated and luxurious with striking gold earrings. Black and gold make an extremely stylish contrast.
  2. If you like to wear, especially strong, shades of green or blue, gold earrings have something royal about them. The stronger the clothing tone, the more discreet the design of the gold earring may be. If the gold earring is to be the main focus of attention, look for muted clothing colours.
  3. Even in the office, simpler gold earrings, for example in the form of studs, can quickly add style to an outfit. Gold earrings also enhance the overall look of an everyday outfit.


In principle, you can't go wrong with gold earrings for women, so at least one pair is part of the standard assortment in a woman's jewellery box.

Gold enhances even the most banal outfits. Depending on your taste, the colour of your clothes and the occasion, you can choose different colour casts, shapes, lengths and embellishments.

(Image source: Sabrinna Ringquist/Unsplash)