Last updated: August 19, 2021

Handle bags for women can be a modern accessory. They are available in different colours, shapes and materials. We have summarised what you should look for when buying a ladies' handle bag in our buying guide.

The Best Women's Handbag: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying a ladies' handle bag

Before you buy a handle bag for women, you should consider the points in the following section. Let our points inspire you. However, be sure to relate the statement to your personal needs. This is the only way we can accompany you optimally to your handle bag for women!

  • Size
  • Material
  • Colour
  • Capacity

Here we explain what you should pay attention to in the individual points. Don't forget to always ask yourself what your individual requirements and wishes are.


You should think about the size of your ladies' bag before you buy it. Depending on the size, this can mean more weight or a larger capacity. So what are your expectations of the handle bag? How much do you want to carry in the bag in the future?

A bag that is too small, like a bag that is too big for women, is not practical and consequently will not be carried as much. Therefore, it is recommended that you have bags in different sizes and think carefully about which size and capacity you use most often.


Bags for men are usually made of imitation leather, cowhide or synthetics. Before buying, make sure that the handbag is of high quality. We recommend robust and easy-care material that you can wash easily.

Remember that dyed materials discolour or fade easily. This makes them look old, used and unkempt! During processing, it is worthwhile to look for weak points in order to make an initial quality assessment. Weak points often occur where there are seams. We recommend that you prefer sturdy handles if you are carrying a heavy load.


Handle bags for women are available in just about any colour. When buying, make sure that the colour matches your outfit. Not all colours suit every occasion.

For formal occasions, we therefore recommend more sober colours. If you want to wear the bag for women in your free time, you can be daring. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the colour should harmonise with the colours of your clothes.


The capacity refers to the volume of the storage space in your bag. This can be a crucial buying criterion. Think about how much you want to fit in your handbag. A bag that is too small is just as impractical as one that is far too big!

The bigger the bag, the heavier it can be loaded. You need sturdy handles and a comfortable fit on your shoulder or in your hand. Here, you should also consider whether you prefer a partition in the inside pocket or would rather have no compartments.

Handbags for women: The most important questions answered

There are many questions about women's handbags. We would like to simplify your purchase decision and list the most important questions. We would also like to answer them for you. You can put the answers into perspective for yourself and thus find your perfect bag for women.

In which styles are ladies' handle bags available?

Bags for ladies are available in different sizes, shapes, materials and colours. Here, tastes are very different and you are free to decide individually according to your taste.

The closure of the ladies' bag can also be a fashionable eye-catcher. Here it is worthwhile to discuss taste and security. If you want your bag to close securely, a zipper is a good option.

What are the alternatives to handle bags for women?

Pochette: Is a small handbag for ladies, which is usually held in the hand without a belt or handle. The bag for ladies is a special eye-catcher, especially for formal occasions!

Hobo bag: Is a classic shoulder bag for ladies and is particularly suitable for casual and sporty outfits. The bag is available in different sizes and is also suitable for university, for example!

Minaudière: Similar to the first alternative, you will usually find this model without a handle or belt. The bag for ladies is small and elegant. This makes it particularly suitable for formal occasions where you don't have a lot to take with you!

Styling tips for ladies' handbags:

The ladies' handle bag can be worn either on the hand or the forearm. Depending on the occasion or outfit, the bag can be cobined and worn differently.


The handle bag for women can be a very stylish accessory. Before buying, think about the material, the size and especially the colour. You should be aware of the future use of the bag. This will determine the size and quality.

If necessary, we will present alternatives. Together we ask the important questions and you decide according to your personal needs how your new bag for women should look like.

Image source: Kristina Petrick / Unsplash

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