Last updated: August 12, 2021

Caps for women are mostly used on cold winter days. But now caps are not only considered functional clothing, they can also be the eye-catcher for your next outfit. Every colour, style and function is sure to be found on the market.

Nowadays, there is a huge market with a very diverse range of women's caps. No matter what occasion you are looking for a cap for, the women's cap market is sure to have a suitable and satisfying option for you.

So that you don't get lost in the market, we have a few tips and important criteria below that you should look out for when buying a cap for women.

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Buying criteria: What to look for when buying caps for ladies

In the diverse market of women's caps, one quickly gets lost and can no longer recognise any order. It is also often difficult to compare different caps with each other. To make this easier for you when buying a cap for women, we have summarised the most important buying criteria.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Cut
  • Style
  • Fabric
  • other extras

With the help of these buying criteria, we want to make it possible for you to find the right cap for you when you make your next purchase.


The cut of the cap is considered one of the most important criteria for buying your cap. Especially in the field of women's caps, a wide range of different cuts has developed in recent years. Whether for a fashionable evening out, sports or anything in between, there is a suitable cut for every occasion.

If you are rather looking for a sporty cap, it is important that the cap is tightly cut and thus does not constantly slip during sports. Furthermore, the women's cap should cover as much of your face as possible, as otherwise your ears or forehead will quickly get cold, especially when jogging.

However, if you are more in the mood for an elegant, chic cap, many women tend to go for loose-fitting caps. The advantage of this is that the hairstyle underneath the cap is usually not affected as much. This means that caps for a dressier occasion do not have to cover the ears.


When it comes to style, you should also look carefully before buying a ladies' cap. Elementarily important for this is that you consider which outfit or occasion your future cap will be worn with.

You are sure to find what you are looking for on the market. Nowadays, besides the typical sports caps, there are also many caps for a chic walk or a casual look.

  • Casual: If you are looking for a women's beanie for everyday wear, you should look for a casual beanie.
  • Modern: Are you looking for a hip beanie that fits the current season? Then you should definitely look out for modern caps.
  • Basic: Maybe you're not quite sure which outfit the beanie should go with, or maybe you want the beanie to match each of your outfits. In that case, we recommend looking for a basic-style cap.
  • Elegant: You are looking for a matching ladies' cap to go with your evening wardrobe. Elegant caps often come with chic extras such as fur or glitter.
  • Vintage: If you are looking for an older, cool cap, then you should definitely look in vintage style. You're sure to find a cool beanie that your friends will notice as a vintage highlight.

The different materials that the caps for women are made of are usually decisive for the style.


The fabric or materials your future cap is made of is usually a decisive buying criterion. On today's market, you are sure to find almost any material; from fleece to fur caps, everything is available.

One important question you need to ask yourself: How warm do I want these caps to keep me? What do I need this cap for?

Sportswomen often reach for fleece caps, as these caps are particularly well suited for sports. While you are exercising and sweating, the fleece fabric absorbs the sweat and still keeps you warm at the same time.

Often in the fashionable sector, a lot of wool is used in the caps. The unique knitted effect will make you stand out with your new cap. Another advantage: wool caps keep you warm even on the coldest winter days and are also very cosy.

other extras

Many caps do not only consist of the essential part that is supposed to cover the head. Meanwhile, caps, especially for ladies, consist of many other components that are to be covered by this purchase criterion.

Extras that can be found on women's caps are mainly pom-poms, visors and vents. Depending on the extra, the style of your future cap will also vary. Prints and covers of the hat can also be categorised as extras.

Ladies' caps: The most important questions answered

Before or after buying a ladies' cap, many questions usually arise. We have summarised important and frequently asked questions in the hope that we can answer your unanswered questions below.

What types of caps are there for women?

When buying the right cap, the question quickly arises as to what types all the models can be categorised into. To give you a certain overview of the wide and varied range of women's caps, we have summarised the rough categories for you.

  • Ear hats: Mostly, these ear caps are used during sports activities to keep the ears warm. However, these caps are increasingly becoming trendy accessories. The advantage: because the head remains mostly free, your hairstyle is not destroyed underneath.
  • Knitted hats: Knitted hats are great for longer activities on cold winter days. The wool not only makes you look stylish, but also keeps your entire head warm. Often there are stylish extras on the hats, such as pom-poms.
  • Beanies: This category gets its name from the cut. The shape is often reminiscent of beans. The characteristics of this cap are the tight cut on the head, so that they do not slip. At the same time, this type looks very casual because a lot of the cap's fabric hangs down on the head. Highly recommended for a casual look.

This is a rough classification of the different offers. Perhaps you were able to filter out a favourite fit while reading the different categories.

How do I know if my cap for women fits well?

The fit of the cap is mostly made depending on your face shape. There are cuts that are more flattering for women with round face shapes, but also models that are recommended by designers and fashion experts for narrow faces.

  • round face shape: For a round face shape, we recommend caps that have a loose cut and a lot of volume. To match the face, knitted caps usually work especially well.
  • angular face shape: If you have a rather angular face, the fashion market usually sells caps with a tighter cut and a close fit. This way, the cap does not look lost on your head and emphasises your face shape.
  • heart-shaped face: Women with a heart-shaped face usually have a pointed chin and a large forehead. To match this, we recommend, as with round face shapes, a loose cut and lots of volume, so that the cap also adapts to the features of your face and thus becomes a real highlight.

Of course, these are only recommendations for you, but women are often looking for caps that complement the face and fit the face shape.

How do I care for and clean my women's cap?

If you wear your cap all the time, it is easy for it to collect stains over time and no longer look as fresh as when you bought it. In order to get your ladies' cap clean again, we have summarised a few tips for you below:

  • Sensitive fabrics: such as wool or felt should usually be cleaned by hand. Please use lukewarm water and try to clean the stains carefully.
  • Coarser caps: Made of cotton, for example, can usually be cleaned in the washing machine. Please follow the washing recommendations on the label of your cap.
  • Drying: Please be careful when drying your cap. Regardless of the fabric, you should loosely lay the hat out to dry after the wash cycle so that the fabrics do not warp. Hanging is discouraged for this reason.
  • Individual cleaning: Finally, it can be said that the cleaning of caps depends entirely on the fabric. Therefore, please treat a fleece cap differently than a cap made of felt.

We hope that these tips and suggestions will now enable you to clean and sanitise your ladies' cap easily and appropriately. However, always check the label for washing recommendations and if in doubt, contact your local laundry.

Styling tips for women's caps: How to achieve the perfect cap look

Now the question arises: how do I combine my cap with a successful outfit? As a small principle, we can say: Match your outfit to your ladies' cap. If you wear a sporty cap, then sporty trousers and a sporty jacket are also recommended. If you have bought an elegant cap, a smart coat is a great match, especially on cold winter days.

The styling is completely up to you. Should the new hat be the eye-catcher of the outfit, as the rest of the outfit is kept rather plain, or should the hat be rather plain and not stand out too much. The effect of your cap is completely in your own hands.


The cap for women has long since ceased to be just a utilitarian item. Of course, it still has the function of keeping your head warm, but nowadays it is considered a fashion accessory and enhances your future outfit. You have complete control over the effect your new cap will have.

It doesn't matter whether it's a beanie or an earmuff. No matter whether you have a heart-shaped or square face. You are sure to find the right women's cap on the diverse market. Buying criteria can be summarised as style, cut, fabric and other extras. Based on these criteria, you should find a decision.

Image source: Apaha Spi / unsplash