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Whether in the office, for leisure or on a date, heeled boots are ladies' favourite companions, especially in the cold seasons. The variety of shaft lengths and heel types seems endless. With the right women's boots, every outfit is rounded off.

However, finding the right heeled boot is not always easy. To help you find your new favourite shoe, we will tell you the most important tips and tricks about women's heeled boots. Find out everything you need to know about heeled boots for women here.

The Best Women's Heeled Boots: Our Picks

Heeled boots for ladies: The most important questions answered

To help you decide on the right heeled boots, we answer the most important questions on the subject below.

What styles of heeled boots for women are available?

Women's heeled boots are available in many different styles. The main distinction is between types of heel as well as shaft height. Ladies' boots are available with the following heel types:

  • Block heel: The block heel is slightly thicker and thus offers a lot of stability. Especially when wet or on rough ground, this type of heel gives you a lot of support.
  • Wedge heel: The wedge heel offers a large tread area and thus gives you a lot of support. Similar to the block heel, wedge heels are very robust and durable.
  • Stiletto: The stiletto heel typical of pumps is also very popular for women's boots. This heel shape is usually high, elegant and also very feminine.
  • Platform: Boots with a platform heel have a platform on which your front foot stands. This distributes your weight on the front of your foot, cushioning your step. An added benefit of platform heels is that they make you look taller without having to wear higher heels.

Depending on how confident you feel on high heels, one or the other model is more suitable for you.

The shaft height can also vary depending on the model. A basic distinction is made between over-the-knee, long, short and mid-shaft. So there is a suitable model for every style of dress and occasion.

How do I care for and clean my women's heeled boots?

The care and cleaning of your women's heeled boots depends on the material the shoes are made of. Basically, you should waterproof your boots before wearing them for the first time. You can remove dirt and grime with a soft brush. Recommendations for care as well as the appropriate products can vary depending on the model and material. There is no general recommendation for the care and cleaning of your women's heeled boots.

Styling tips for women's heeled boots: How to achieve the perfect look

  • Business look: Heeled boots are the ideal complement to your business look. Whether with a classic suit, tight fabric trousers or with a sheath dress, leather boots with a long shaft round off your outfit. You can also combine a trouser suit with heeled boots for women, these should have a wide and long shaft to show off your outfit particularly well.
  • Combine boots with smart occasions: Of course, you can also wear your women's heeled boots to smart occasions. Combined with a classic pencil skirt and turtleneck jumper or blouse, boots classic leather boots give you a chic and night out look.
  • Casual look with trousers: Ladies can wear any type of boots with a pair of tight jeans. The 'slouchy' design is particularly casual. In these models, the long shaft is cut wide and thus throws casual creases. Combined with tight trousers, these heeled boots give you a chic casual look. If you prefer to wear loose trousers, go for a boot with a short to medium length shaft. If you turn your trousers inside out, the shoes will show up well without causing the hem of your trousers to wrinkle.
  • Winter outfit with skirt / dress: If you want to wear a skirt or dress in winter, you should definitely combine it with boots. You can combine both over-the-knee boots and models with long legs perfectly with dresses and skirts in midi length. If you are wearing a shorter skirt, we recommend women's boots with a shorter shaft.
  • Summer outfit: Women's boots don't take a break in summer either. Combined with a dress or skirt, heeled boots round off any festival look. A skater dress can be ideally staged with short or medium-length lace-up boots. Since this look is a bit more rocky, boots with a block or wedge heel are recommended. Depending on the dress or skirt, you can wear boots in any shaft length even in summer. However, the shaft should not be too tight, otherwise it can get very warm.

The tips listed are, of course, only suggestions. You can combine your new women's heeled boots however you like. You do not have to follow any rules. There are perfect heeled boots for every occasion and every style.


Women's heeled boots are the favourite companion of the fashionable woman, they should not be missing from any wardrobe. Whether for the office, a date or a girls' night out, there is a boot to suit every occasion. Heeled boots are available in many variations, not only in different patterns, shapes and colours, but also in different heel types and shaft lengths.

When it comes to styling boots, you really can't go wrong. Women's boots with heels are versatile and can be combined with trousers as well as with a dress or skirt. The important thing is that you feel comfortable in your new heeled boots.

(Image source: Taylor Simpson / Unsplash)

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