Last updated: August 22, 2021

A cold season is the moment when we all get our cosy outdoor clothing out of the wardrobe. A women's coat is a classic in women's fashion and a hood gives the coat a certain cosiness and sportiness. A women's hooded coat is a very popular outdoor wear for colder days. Hooded coats for women are available in many different shapes, colours and lengths.

A ladies hooded coat is a must-have for every fashion-conscious woman. Thanks to the different materials, a ladies hooded coat is a fashionable piece of clothing not only in winter. A ladies' hooded coat made of a light knit is super suitable for colder evenings in warmer seasons. For ladies who don't like hats or have simply forgotten them, the hooded coat is a good alternative against rain or wind.

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Hooded coat for ladies: The most important questions answered

A hooded coat for women is not only practical but also stylish. Are you still wondering if a ladies hooded coat is for you? Here are a few questions and answers as well as some styling tips on the subject:

What styles of hooded coats are available for women?

The women's hooded coat is a longer outdoor garment that protects us from the cold. There are different shapes and designs:

  • Classic: a classic hooded coat is slightly fitted or cut into an A-shape. Without flashy patterns and kept in simple colours. The timeless, classic hooded coat for ladies usually made of wool, looks elegant and chic.
  • Casual: this style is the choice for ladies who want to look a little more sporty but still elegant. Here, the shape of the hooded coat for ladies is still classic. Thanks to the material the ladies' hooded coat is made of, it can also be used in spring and autumn.
  • Trandy: always depending on the current trend. As an oversized ladies hooded coat or with a large hood that is perhaps trimmed with fur. With a quilted pattern or smooth, colourful or plain. Find out what's in at the moment.
  • Functional: the cut of the ladies' hooded coat remains classic and fitted. The ladies' coat is made of a water- and wind-repellent material. Enough pockets and lined is a perfect companion for hiking or other possible outdoor hobbies.

Classic, Casual, Trandy or Functional a ladies hooded coat is a practical and fashionable garment that should not be missing in our wardrobe.

What materials are there for ladies' hooded coats?

The material for a ladies hooded coat depends on the design. The classic ladies' hooded coat is made of a wool blend and should protect you well from the cold. A ladies' hooded coat made of fleece or knitwear will also protect you from the cold in the transitional phases. A women's hooded coat that is designed to protect you from rain and wind is made of rubberised cotton or synthetic fabric.

During which seasons can I wear my ladies hooded coat?

Ladies hooded coats are produced for every season. Whether it is a cold day in winter, a cool evening in summer, a rainy day in autumn or a windy day in spring. There is a suitable hooded coat for ladies for every season.

How do I care for and clean my ladies hooded coat?

The care of your ladies hooded coat depends on the material. Some garments can only be washed at a professional dry cleaner. A washing machine programme could immediately lose function for a ladies hooded coat made of impregnated material. Please follow the care instructions on the label.

Styling tips for women's hooded coats: How to achieve the perfect hooded coat look

  • The right length - A ladies hooded coat should make us look beautiful and slim, for this you need to make sure that the coat is never knee length. When trying it on, make sure that the hooded coat goes a hand's width either above the knee or below the knee.
  • Belt or without? - A belt in a ladies' hooded coat looks very chic but is only an advantage if you have a slim waist.
  • Pockets - slanted pockets at waist level visually conceal small problem zones in the abdominal area
  • Patterns - too much and too colourful is rather disadvantageous, but check patterns or stripes in harmonious colours can make the silhouette look slimmer
  • Collar - stand-up collars not only lengthen the neck but also the body and long reverse necklines are more suitable for larger women


A hooded coat for ladies is available in many different forms. The care always depends on the material. Flattering on every figure and helps to conceal small problem zones. Whether you wear a cap or not, thanks to the hood your hair and head will be protected from rain and wind.

A hooded coat for women is a must-have for every woman who goes through the world fashion-conscious. In the meantime, the women's hooded coat is not only practical, but also stylish and one of the most popular outdoor clothes for women. You can find out the right shape yourself and adapt it to your taste.

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