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Whether sporty-cool, classic-casual or daring-extravagant: jeggings for women are as versatile as hardly any other garment. The casual hybrid form of jeans and leggings flatters your figure and skilfully sets off your legs. As fashionable as your favourite pair of jeans and so cosy that you'll want to spend the evening on the sofa in them.

But the jeggings for women even accompany you to the bar and the club: simply swap your sneakers for high heels in the evening and the all-round trousers are transformed into a real leg-flatterer. Because jeggings are so wonderfully versatile, no wardrobe should be without them.

The Best Womens Jeggings in the United Kingdom: Our Choices

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying women's jeggings

Depending on which items of clothing, shoes and accessories you combine with jeggings, the trousers can be sporty or classically modern. However, there are a few things you should consider when buying, which we would like to present to you in the following.

These buying criteria will help you choose the jeggings that suit you best:

  • Length
  • Material
  • Price

We would now like to go into these criteria in more detail:


The usual length of jeggings for women reaches either to the ankles or slightly above. If the temperatures allow it, you can show off your uncovered ankles in combination with sports sneakers. For this, do without high socks and perhaps turn the leg lengths around once.

Some styles offer even more ankle freedom with a 7/8 length. Combine them with high heels to visually lengthen the legs. The 3/4 length is only available in the summer collection. In addition to the ankles, the calves are also skilfully accentuated here. But these all-rounders are also available in a slight extra length. Here, the lower leg ends are slightly folded at ankle height. So there is something for every preference and every occasion.

At the top end, they also come in different versions: the high-waist models are particularly popular, which conjure up a flat tummy and are still ultra comfortable. But you will also find a large selection in retro style as low waists.


In contrast to classic jeans, which are made of sturdy cotton fabric - so-called denim - jeggings are made of a mix of materials containing two to three percent elastane to make the jeggings elastic and supple. The higher the percentage of elastane, the stretchier the trousers. The less spandex, the less they stretch during the day.

Other components of jeggings are cotton and polyester. Recently, the cellulose fibre lyocell has been increasingly used. This is chemically produced from natural raw materials and scores points for its sustainability. The smooth surface of this fabric feels almost silky, is extremely tear-resistant and durable. Therefore, it is worth taking a look at the material label of the jeggings that you like visually.


Whether you're on a budget or want to treat yourself to a designer piece: Jeggings for women offer a wide selection for every price range.

Prices for jeggings start at around 15 euros. If a brand name is important to you as a real fashionista, you can pay up to 300 euros for a pair of jeggings. In addition to the brand, the high-quality material mix plays a decisive role here. Often, the aforementioned Lyocell is included in a high proportion and conjures up a pleasantly soft feeling on the skin.

Jeggings for women: The most important questions answered

Do you want to add women's jeggings to your wardrobe soon, but still have some questions? In the following we would like to answer the most frequently asked questions so that you can go on a shopping tour well informed.

What are ladies' jeggings?

Jeggings are a combination of the terms jeans and leggings. Who doesn't know this: after the yoga class in the super comfortable leggings, the jeans feel downright stiff. When you sit down, the button at the waist tightens and the zip might be stuck. In order not to lose the cosy leggings feeling and still not have to do without the all-rounder jeans, the best of both worlds has been ingeniously combined.

Visually, the jeggings are very close to skinny jeans, but the higher elastane content in the material mix makes them much more comfortable. Like jeans, jeggings come in different styles: the used look is very popular, but those who like classic plain colours will also find what they are looking for.

Details of jeggings such as trousers, buttons or rivets are usually only hinted at. This way, they are not too bulky and accentuate the silhouette of the woman.

What styles of women's jeggings are available?

The style is not only determined by the choice of jeggings for women, but above all by the combination with other items of clothing. But beware: in order not to overdo it with the figure accentuation, the trousers should not be combined with tight-fitting tops except for sporty occasions. But don't just show your taste and sense of style with oversized hoodies and long-size blouses. The extra-short jumper, which ends well above the hip bones, is becoming more and more popular. This looks particularly good with the trendy high-waisted jeggings.

  • Classic: The classic jeggings version is plain blue. The colour gradations are similar to classic jeans. The darker they are, the more serious they look. Combined with a blouse or tunic, they can be worn very well in the office. They can even be worn as a substitute for tights with a dress. Care should be taken to ensure that any buttons or zips are not bulky.
  • Sporty: Jeggings with galloon stripes on the sides are particularly popular at the moment. This sporty version also gives you slim legs. Combined with an oversized jumper or extra-long T-shirt, jeggings turn into a true sports ace.
  • Extravagant: Ripped, washed out and emphatically casual: jeggings can also be extravagantly cool! You can decide whether you prefer the casual version with a long woollen jumper or the eye-catching version with a glittery blouse paired with a fancy handbag.

So, unlike their relative, the leggings, jeggings for women are not limited to yoga classes and cosy hours in front of the sofa, but score points with their diverse range of uses. And at the latest since stars like Rihanna and Beyoncé started wearing jeggings, the trousers have become a real must-have for every style-conscious fashionista.

How do I find the perfect size and fit for my women's jeggings?

The size specifications of jeggings are based on the usual manufacturer specifications for trousers. Some online companies offer an indication for their regular customers whether you should perhaps order a pair of trousers one size smaller or larger. These recommendations are based on feedback from other shoppers. This gives you the advantage of not having to order different sizes to try them on.

The fit is always close. Fortunately, in recent years it has become accepted that even women with fuller shapes can wear tight-fitting trousers and no longer have to hide behind baggy flutter trousers. So be brave when reaching for jeggings: more important than the wearer's figure is the combination with other items of clothing.

How do I care for and clean my jeggings for women?

To avoid any nasty surprises when cleaning your jeggings, you should always follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Usually, the trousers can be washed at 30 degrees. They should be turned inside out when washed to avoid premature fading of the colour. The exception here are jeggings with a used look, provided you want to further enhance the washed-out effect over time.

Styling tips for women's jeggings: How to achieve the perfect jeggings look

  • Shoes: ankle boots, pumps or rather sneakers? With the choice of different shoes, women's jeggings are as versatile as their close relative, the skinny jeans. So you can experiment with a clear conscience without risking a fashion no-go. Jeggings with the right choice of shoes are even being seen more and more frequently at theatre visits and job interviews.
  • Accessories: A woman's most important accessory is undoubtedly her handbag. The modern look of tight jeggings and a wide, white blouse is completed by a striking handbag.
  • Jacket: It's all up to your taste: if you want to enhance your denim style, a short denim jacket can be used. If you combine the jeggings with a short leather jacket, you can create a cool biker style in no time at all.
  • High Waist: The high-waisted look is absolutely in at the moment. Here, the jeggings for women conjure up a flat stomach, which can be emphasised by tucking a loose T-shirt into the waistband - almost as if by accident.


Style meets cosiness: the ultimate combination, united in the jeggings for women. Perhaps the best thing about this garment is that you can wear them from morning to night. However, shoes and accessories may change.

At work and in the office, the jeggings can be worn with our favourite sneakers or loafers. In the afternoon with a friend in a café, ankle boots come into their own. If you're heading to the slopes in the evening, high heels or pumps turn our jeggings into sexy eye-catchers. Jeggings: as versatile as our lives.

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