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Knitwear is an absolute classic and so much more than just warm clothing on cold winter days. Because knitwear can also be used in sunny weather, for example in the form of a light cardigan. The best thing about knitwear is that it always remains trendy and therefore should not be missing from any wardrobe.

The selection of beautiful knitwear for women is huge. With just a few pieces of knitwear, you can be styled in seconds and be totally on trend. Whether you choose a women's knitted jumper, a cardigan or a knitted dress, there are a few things to keep in mind, which we will tell you about in this article.

The Best Women´s Knitwear: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying women's knitwear

There is a great variety of knitwear for women. Therefore, it is important that you inform yourself about those points that should be considered before buying. These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Fit
  • Neckline
  • Occasion
  • Washability


There are many different materials in which knitwear for women is available. Most knitwear is made of wool, viscose, cotton or synthetic fibre.

Very common materials are for example cotton, virgin wool, linen, viscose, cashmere, merino wool, mohair and synthetic fibre.

Depending on which material you choose, there are various points to consider, such as the care or washability of the garments. Pure new wool, for example, is a washable natural material and since it is wool from live sheep, it is self-cleaning. Other materials, however, require more care.

When choosing the material, you should also consider which style suits you best, as thicker material is a bit bulky and fine fabrics are usually cut in a figure-hugging way. You can read more about this in the next section.


Knitwear for women is available in three different fits. Figure-hugging or loose cut, or in oversize.

  • Figure-hugging: Your figure will look its best if your new favourite knitwear is figure-hugging. A trendy knitted dress that accentuates your curves is always the right choice. But jumpers and cardigans made of fine knitwear are also available in a figure-hugging cut.
  • Looser cut: If you want something more comfortable, knitwear in a loose cut is the right choice for you. Thicker coarse knit jumpers are usually cut a little wider so that they are figure-hugging and cleverly conceal any bulges.
  • Oversize: With an oversized knitted garment such as a jumper or cardigan, you'll be right on trend. It's important to choose tighter garments for the rest of your outfit. A pair of tight jeans or leather trousers with an oversize knitted jumper is an absolute eye-catcher.
The following rule applies to the fit: Coarse knitwear is bulky, fine knitwear flatters the figure.


There are four different necklines. We will introduce you to these in the following.

  • Turtlenecks: Turtlenecks are best for cold winter days as they keep your neck perfectly warm. However, the style does not fall by the wayside. Turtlenecks are trendy every year, so they definitely belong in every wardrobe!
  • Round neck: If you don't like the "tightness" at the neck of a turtleneck, you can go for a round neck. This version also offers comfortable warmth at the neck without being too constricting.
  • Scoopneck: This is a wide, oval neckline that leaves the shoulder largely free. Knitwear with a scoop neckline is a safe bet for every season. You won't go wrong with it and will always be top styled.
  • V-neck: The V-neck is feminine, stretching and emphasises the décolleté. It is very well suited for layering looks, which is completely in line with the trend. For example, a V-neck on an elegant knitted jumper shows off the blouses underneath to their best advantage.


Depending on the cut, model and colour, knitted jumpers for women can provide either a classic or an extremely unusual look. If this knitted jumper is combined with a blouse, the ideal business outfit is created. High-quality knitwear has long since become socially acceptable.

Smooth-knitted turtlenecks and stylish knitted dresses are also popular for more elegant occasions. Even in evening wear, pieces made of fine knitwear and high-quality materials like cashmere make for an elegant appearance.

Sporty outfits are also possible by styling knitted jumpers with jeans and lowers or combining a knitted dress with trainers. You'll be right on trend, especially if you wear a loose jacket and a larger (sports) bag with it.


Every garment needs to be washed at some point. To ensure that you enjoy your women's knitwear for a long time, you should not wash your favourite knitwear too often. First of all, pay attention to the care instructions printed on the washing label.

The material composition also plays an important role: delicate materials such as virgin wool, merino wool, cashmere or mohair require special care. Basically, a special liquid wool detergent should be used for knitwear and the delicate wash cycle should be set.

Do not wash your knitwear at temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius. Knitwear should not be spun to keep it looking good for a long time. Do not knead or rub knitwear when hand washing. Be sure to let your knitwear dry and never hang it up.

Knitwear for women: The most important questions answered

With such a large selection of different knitwear for women, it is easy to lose track of what is available. To give you an orientation on what is important in knitwear fashion, we have compiled and answered the most important questions on the subject of knitwear fashion for women.

Which categories of women's knitwear are there?

There is something for everyone in the different categories of knitwear for women. Below we present the different categories:

  • Jumper: No wardrobe should be without a knitted jumper. Whether as a simple companion or as the highlight of an outfit, jumpers come in many variations, colours and cuts. An indispensable basic in every wardrobe is the jumper for women. From cosy knitted jumpers to classic fine-knit jumpers and luxurious cashmere versions, you will find everything your heart desires.
  • Cardigan, -cardigan, -bolero, -poncho: Especially in winter, but also on cool summer evenings, you certainly want warm garments in which you don't freeze and which make you look stylish at the same time. Flowing, fashionable cardigans and charming knitted ponchos guarantee you a stylish appearance and offer a variety of uses.
  • Knit trousers: Knit trousers are usually made of ribbed knit and have wide, flared legs. They are very trendy at the moment and are more for the brave, as they have to be combined appropriately so that they don't look like pyjamas or home-wear trousers.
  • Knitted skirt: Knitwear no longer stops at skirts. High-quality woollen skirts are available in short, as loose swinging midi models or in the extra-long maxi version. Variety is always guaranteed. With tights, the skirts are also absolutely suitable for winter, so you are guaranteed a sultry appearance without freezing.
  • Knitted dress: Knitted dresses are considered absolute classics in women's fashion and should therefore not be missing from your wardrobe. Different lengths, cuts and a wide range of colours and patterns ensure that you are well dressed for every occasion in a knitted dress. Knitted dresses go perfectly with tight trousers, leggings or tights and are also a real eye-catcher solo. The material is cosy, soft and warm and is perfect for the colder months of the year.

No matter which design you choose for your next purchase, with a knitted garment you will be on trend every winter and you can combine it as you like with your already existing clothing contingent.

What do I need to look out for when stowing women's knitwear in the summer?

For delicate knitwear, it is important to take preventative measures against dirt, fading and bugs during the warmer months. Moths are attracted to skin and sweat residue. Therefore, only store freshly cleaned knitwear.

Never store knitwear hung on hangers for several months. This would destroy the structure and shape. Knitwear should always be stored lying down. Packed in special vacuum bags, thick winter jumpers can be stored in a space-saving way. However, make sure to only vacuum pack insensitive items.

To prevent unpleasant odours, you can add scented sachets with essential oils or dried herbs. This way, fresh-smelling clothes await you when you unpack them in autumn.

What to do about scratchy women's knitwear?

If a garment scratches, it is often due to the material used. You can use wool wax or lanolin to soften your favourite knitwear. Lanolin is available at your local pharmacy.

Put a teaspoon of the wool wax or lanolin together with a teaspoon of washing-up liquid in hot water and dissolve everything in it. Let the mixture cool until it is warm to the touch. Soak the scratchy garment in it. Add enough water to cover it completely. Let it soak for a few hours and gently dry the wet knitwear.


Knitwear for women is one of the absolute trendsetters every winter and is an all-rounder. Whether you're going out for an elegant dinner, to a meeting with your boss or to your favourite café. Women's knitwear is so versatile and can be worn for any occasion thanks to the numerous variations.

All kinds of looks can be created with knitwear. It's all about choosing the right material for you and combining it with accessories. A good fit and a comfortable material should always be the top priority for knitwear for women.

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