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From the world of work to the world of glamour - the lace-up boot for women has made this leap perfectly. Originally, the popular boots come from the military sector, but a pair of sturdy lace-up boots should not be missing from any women's shoe wardrobe.

They are practical, comfortable and very popular. Boots that are too tight or too wide are a thing of the past. Thanks to their practical lacing, ladies' lace-up boots can be effortlessly adjusted to your leg circumference. Especially when the temperatures start to drop, lace-up boots for women are true cold-weather favourites, but unlined models can also be worn well in warm temperatures.

The Best Women´s Lace-Up Boots: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying lace-up boots for women

Since there are so many different lace-up boots for women, it is not surprising if you find it difficult to choose. To find the perfect model for you, there are some buying criteria you can use as a guide.

Based on these features, you can find out which women's lace-up boot suits you best:

  • Material
  • Heel and shaft heights
  • Style
  • Shoe lining

In the following section, you will find out what the individual aspects essentially depend on.


When choosing your ladies' lace-up boots, you should first and foremost pay attention to the right outer material. They may be exposed to high loads and should therefore be robust. The material must be water-repellent and breathable to keep your feet warm and dry.

A popular material for women's lace-up boots is leather, as it looks high-quality and stylish and also offers sufficient protection. Leather is relatively easy to care for and durable. If you waterproof it well, it won't let water through either. There are different types of leather that distinguish you by quality, structure and thickness, for example smooth leather, suede and nappa leather.

For outdoor activities, you should also make sure that the women's lace-up boots are waterproof so that you are well prepared for wind and weather. There are many materials that repel water, but not all of them protect 100%, so you should choose lace-up boots with a TEX membrane, as they provide optimal protection against wetness.

Heel and shaft heights

The most obvious difference besides the lacing is the design of the heel and the shaft of ladies' lace-up boots. The classic ladies' lace-up boots have a flat or light platform sole. However, lace-up boots with a heel look more feminine. Stiletto heels, especially medium-high kitten heels are back in fashion and create a certain retro charm. Wider block heels, on the other hand, are more comfortable and can also accompany you through a snowy winter.

The most common shaft height for women's lace-up boots goes over the ankle or down to the calf. Women's lace-up boots with a high shaft, possibly even over knees, however, allow for particularly extravagant looks and should not be disregarded.


Ladies' lace-up boots are, as you might think, not only suitable for ethnic and biker looks. Depending on the outfit, they can look romantic, elegant or rocky. The material, the type of lacing and possible decoration have an influence on the style of lace-up boots for women.

Smooth or imitation leather looks classically discreet, suede more folkloric. Patent leather can also be seen on ladies' lace-up boots and is particularly suitable for styling contrasts. An elegant and festive alternative are ladies' lace-up boots made of velvet. You will also find many women's lace-up boots with different embellishments. Colourful embroidery lightens up rocky lace-up boots and embellishments such as buckles, rivets or eyelets provide additional accents.

The lacing also determines the style. Classic laces tend to stay in the background, broadly woven canvas ribbons are reminiscent of folklore looks, contrasting ribbons provide alpine flair and fancier ribbons, for example made of velvet, transform lace-up boots from plain to fashionable.

Shoe lining

A good lining is important to keep feet warm in women's lace-up boots. A popular lining is pure new wool or lambswool because it not only keeps you warm, but is also self-cleaning and antibacterial.

Inexpensive linings for women's lace-up boots are synthetic wool or fleece. They are lighter and dry faster when they get wet, but they can't quite match the warmth.

Lace-up boots for women: The most important questions answered

With such a wide range of different lace-up boots for women, it can be very difficult to decide on a model. To help you as much as possible, we have compiled and answered the most important questions about women's lace-up boots.

What styles of lace-up boots are available for women?

To ensure that all tastes and preferences are catered for, there are many different styles of women's lace-up boots. You can take a look at the features in the following list.

  • Classic style: These women's lace-up boots, often in biker style, are probably the most classic shape. They usually have a rocked-out look and are suitable as everyday lace-up boots for a casual look.
  • Business style: These women's lace-up boots have a shallow tread depth, rather discreet lacing and a narrower cut and can be perfectly combined with business outfits.
  • Elegant style: Elegant women's lace-up boots often have a high shaft and are made of elegant materials such as velvet. They also have a spiked heel.
  • Trekking style: These ankle-high women's lace-up boots are especially made for outdoor excursions. They look like trekking shoes and are light with a robust sole, breathable and water-repellent. With a higher shaft, they are also available as snow boots.

If you are unsure which style of women's lace-up boots suits you, you should simply try on different models and then see which style you like best.

What are typical features of women's lace-up boots?

A characteristic feature of women's lace-up boots is a thick sole with a tread, which provides sure-footedness and slip resistance. Two essential features can already be derived from the name of this robust footwear:

  1. They have a lacing that runs upwards and is usually generous.
  2. These are boots, so they go at least to above the ankle and the ankle.

They unfold their advantages especially in the cold season. The thick treaded sole provides a reliable grip, even on slippery paths, and at the same time keeps the feet pleasantly warm.

Which ladies' lace-up boots should I choose for winter?

In the cold season, you should opt for lined boots with a robust treaded sole. Thanks to the cosy lining, they feel great to wear, keep your feet warm and provide a secure grip.

Good winter lace-up boots for women can also be recognised by their breathable materials. They transport moisture out and don't let any in. This is the only way to keep your feet permanently warm.

What outfits can I wear women's lace-up boots with?

Ladies' lace-up boots can be worn with almost any outfit. It always depends on the combination and which look you want to represent.

But one thing is for sure, the selection of different models - from feminine to robust and rustic - is so large that you will find the right ladies' lace-up boot for every situation and every outfit.

How do I care for my ladies' lace-up boots properly?

Ladies' lace-up boots and especially winter lace-up boots have to withstand wind and weather, keep moisture out, keep feet warm and dry and look like new for as long as possible. Therefore, special care is a must even before wearing them for the first time.

After buying them, you should first spray the ladies' lace-up boots with a waterproofing agent to protect them from dirt and moisture. The impregnation should also be repeated regularly. Proper care is also important after wearing. As soon as you get home, you should stuff them with newspaper and put them under the heating so that the moisture is absorbed. Once the lace-up boots are dry, you can also use a shoe tree.

Clean and care for the ladies' lace-up boots - depending on the material - regularly with shoe cream, special shoe care and a brush. For a better foot climate, you can also use leather soles, which protect against wear and tear and increase wearing comfort.

Styling tips for women's lace-up boots: How to create the perfect look for every outfit

Lace-up boots for women not only look good and are particularly comfortable, they are also true combination talents!

  • Do you love style breaks? Then wear sturdy, black women's lace-up boots made of leather or in a leather look with a pretty dress and the style break is guaranteed to succeed. Of course, it doesn't always have to be the classic colour black, try other colours too.
  • Do you like to stand out? Then go for women's lace-up boots in a unique colour or metallic look. Combined with a simple mini skirt and a chic blouse, the look is complete for a party or concert and the lace-up boots for women really come into their own.
  • Do you like it casual? Ladies' lace-up boots in an urban casual look are perfect for everyday wear in the city, a masculine lumberjack style or in combination with skinny jeans. These models are usually characterised by a rather rocked-out look and you can also go for bright colours.
  • Do you prefer the business look? For the office, there are ladies' lace-up boots in an elegant business look. These models have a narrower cut and a shallower tread depth. They cut an excellent figure and harmonise with a complete trouser suit, suit or jeans with a blazer.
  • Are you sporty on the go? For women's lace-up boots specifically for outdoor excursions, it's more about the quality of the workmanship and the sole. The material has to be light, but robust and breathable. But that doesn't mean these lace-up boots can't also be stylish. By matching them to the rest of your sportswear, you'll quickly have the perfect look.


Ladies' lace-up boots are extremely robust, protect the foot and provide secure support at all times. Thanks to the lacing, the boot adapts individually to the calf. They come in countless varieties for everyday wear, the office and outdoor activities. They are also available in different heights and many colours and styles.

In short, a pair of women's lace-up boots should not be missing from any shoe wardrobe. With them, you will conquer the streets and no longer have to shy away from any weather. If they are also equipped with a warm lining, they act like a heater for ladies' feet that are sensitive to cold and protect them from moisture.

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