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The lady's beloved laptop has become a constant companion. Whether to school, work, university or even on holiday. This works best with the help of a stylish ladies laptop backpack. This way, it is securely packed and arrives safely at its destination. No matter for which use, there is the right one for every woman.

Because the backpack is available in many great colours, shapes and materials. Whether in black leather or bright red polyester and many more. This backpack not only has a great function, but has also become a cool women's accessory. It spices up every lady's outfit.

The Best Womens Laptop Backpack: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying laptop backpacks for women

Laptop backpacks are now available in many types and variations. To help you with the purchase of this great and practical women's accessory, here are a few criteria that you should consider when buying.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Size and weight
  • Colour and material
  • Anti-theft protection
  • Other functions

Below we explain exactly what the buying criteria are all about.

Size and weight

The size of the ladies laptop backpack is crucial. Every laptop has a different size and therefore does not fit in every laptop backpack. Therefore, you should take a close look at the dimensions of the women's backpack and compare them with your laptop.

You probably don't only want to transport your laptop with the laptop backpack. Therefore, make sure that there is additional storage space for other things such as your mobile phone, keys, lipstick, etc.

A 14-litre women's laptop backpack offers enough space for a laptop, pencil case, notepad, book, smartphone and keys. This size is perfect for university and school. A 26 litre women's laptop backpack has much more space. It can hold a laptop, cosmetics and a few clothes. This size is therefore perfect for women's hand luggage on planes.

The larger the women's backpack, the heavier it usually is. However, the material used for the laptop backpack is also important. A leather backpack is heavier than a backpack made of polyester.

Colour and material

Laptop backpacks for women have become a cool accessory. Thus, it also comes in all kinds of colours and materials. Depending on the colour, the women's backpack can be combined chicly with a business outfit or casually integrated into the everyday look.

Black women's laptop backpacks usually go with all outfits and looks. However, simple colours such as grey, white and beige can also be integrated. If you are more daring and colourful, you can also go for bright colours or prints. These can be combined with a simple dress and enhance it with an eye-catching women's laptop backpack.

Not only the colour but also the material is decisive for the right look for women. For example, (synthetic) leather can be perfectly integrated with a women's business outfit. Or lightweight materials like nylon and polyester are perfect for hiking or other outdoor activities. These materials are also waterproof.


To keep your laptop safe in your women's backpack, there are practical backpacks that are also theft-proof. This is very practical if you can't always keep an eye on your backpack. These laptop backpacks can usually be locked with a combination lock or key lock and are thus safe from theft.

If you can't find the right anti-theft ladies laptop backpack, you can usually just use a padlock to lock your laptop backpack.

Other functions

Besides the anti-theft feature, there are other extras that might be useful for you. Here we list the most important ones:

Waterproof laptop backpacks: These models are made of a waterproof material such as nylon. This means that the contents of the backpack do not get wet from external influences such as rain.

Laptop backpacks with USB connection: With the help of this connection, you can easily charge your mobile phone or laptop on the go. This means you don't need a power socket.

Laptop backpacks with hip strap: This allows you to attach the women's laptop backpack to your body for a comfortable fit.

Laptop backpacks with bottle holder: Here, your bottle can simply be attached to the outside of the backpack. This allows you to access your bottle without having to open the entire backpack.

Laptop backpacks with wheels: If your women's backpack is heavier because of the luggage, it can simply be rolled on the floor like a suitcase. This is always practical for women, because they don't have to carry such heavy loads.

Laptop backpacks for women: The most important questions answered

Below we answer a few important questions about women's laptop backpacks. This should make it easy for you to choose the right backpack.

What types of laptop backpacks are there for women?

A laptop backpack can be bought in many types and variations. The use you have for your laptop backpack is crucial here. Here I show you what features a laptop backpack should have for certain uses:

University and school: For university and school, there should be enough space for your laptop, books, notepad and pencil case. That's why we recommend a women's laptop backpack from 15 litres upwards. Depending on the size of your laptop and the amount of books you need, you may need a little more space. In addition, you should make sure that your laptop backpack is theft-proof. This way, your things are also safely packed during breaks.

Travel luggage: A women's laptopbackpack is also ideal for travelling. A size of 26 litres or more is recommended. There is enough space to store your laptop and other items such as clothes, make-up utensils, etc.

Since the women's backpack is usually worn for a long time when travelling, it should be comfortable and fit well. The laptop backpack should therefore have an additional strap at the women's waist or chest. The women's backpack should also have padded straps to make it more comfortable to carry. Rollers on the bottom are also practical, as they can be rolled easily when the weight is heavy. If the laptop backpack for women is to be used as hand luggage on the plane, you must also pay attention to the permitted size/weight of the respective airline. This is often a total of 8 kilograms.

Work: A laptop is also often needed at work. Therefore, a laptop backpack for women is also a good alternative to a briefcase or an ordinary handbag. For work, you usually don't need more than a laptop, maybe a few documents and private things like keys, mobile phone, wallet and lipstick. A size of 15 litres is usually sufficient. For the right women's business look, you should go for a plainer backpack.

How do I clean and care for my laptop backpack for women?

Backpacks, like every woman's handbag, often accumulate dirt. To clean this easily, it is usually enough to simply vacuum the backpack out with a hoover. Every now and then, however, a backpack should be washed properly. It happens quickly that something leaks in the backpack. Or any kind of stains can be caused by lipstick or other make-up utensils. Then, at the latest, the women's backpack needs to be cleaned properly.

Most backpacks are not suitable for machine washing and must be washed by hand. Just check the instructions on the inside. If it is possible to machine wash the women's backpack, it is best to use mild detergent. In addition, turn the women's backpack inside out for better cleaning. To dry, simply hang it up. Attention! Never dry in the dryer.

If the laptop backpack should be washed by hand, simply soak it in the bathtub with some mild detergent and then let it air dry.

For additional care of the women's backpack, we recommend impregnating it after hand or machine washing. If it is a leather laptop backpack, it should be treated with a special spray. This makes the leather more durable.

Which ladies' laptop backpack suits me?

Women's laptop backpacks are available in countless colours, shapes and materials. So there is something for every lady's taste. Depending on the use of the women's accessory, the backpack should perhaps be kept a little plainer.

If you need the backpack for work, for example, a stylish black leather laptop backpack is recommended. This goes with any women's business outfit without looking unprofessional. At the same time, it enhances your outfit.

For school and university, it can be more eye-catching. If you are brave, you can go for a colourful one with a print. But a plain version is also possible here.

So, depending on your lady's taste, you can choose something fancy or prefer something plain. However, you should always keep the use in mind so as not to look unprofessional or inappropriate.


The backpack has long since become a cool everyday accessory for women. A laptop backpack also offers great space for your laptop. You can buy them in all kinds of colours, shapes and variants. Depending on the use, you should choose the right size, colour and material.

A laptop backpack is best suited for university / school, work or travelling. No matter for what, the laptop backpack for women is a great companion and can enhance your outfit.

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