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A leather backpack is the ideal all-rounder for ladies when shopping, travelling or going to university. A leather backpack is a real space-saving pro, in which laptops, make-up bags or entire purchases can be easily stowed, and all of this is easy on the back. You always have your lady hands free, which can be an advantage especially when shopping.

The absolute eye-catcher, whether made of fine smooth leather or supple suede. Leather backpacks for women look classy and casual at the same time and are also super practical. For vintage lovers, a leather backpack only becomes a real trend piece for women with an individual touch when it shows signs of wear. In any case, a leather backpack for women is an absolute insider tip, cuts a good figure everywhere and goes with every outfit.

The Best Women's Leather Backpack: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying leather backpacks for women

Leather backpacks for women are very popular, there are small elegant models, but also large and practical ones. Leather is a natural product, after repeated use and changes in colour, shape and structure, every leather backpack is unique. Leather is also particularly robust and with the right care, a leather backpack for women can be a purchase for life. You should consider the following buying criteria:

  • Shape
  • Quality of the leather
  • Size & volume
  • Straps & Straps
  • Inner lining

In the description of the individual purchase criteria, we have briefly and concisely described the most important points you should pay attention to before buying a leather backpack for women.


You should think about what you will use your leather backpack for. In a rectangular leather backpack you can carry documents without bending them, this model would be best suited for the office or for university. City leather backpacks for women can also be used to store a lot of things and still leave your hands free for strolling around.

Quality of the leather

The quality of the leather is often decisive. High-quality pieces that are always properly cared for will last a lifetime, so to speak. The leather must be robust and not too thick or thin. Many models are made of goat or buffalo leather. Buffalo leather becomes smooth and shiny after repeated use, which is often perceived as greasy.

Size & volume

The bigger the better is often the magic formula when buying a leather backpack. If the main bag has a large volume, you will always have a reserve when something unplanned comes along in addition to everyday items. Especially when shopping, a leather backpack for women should have some volume.

In addition, there should always be an inside pocket sealed with a zip. External pockets are also helpful for quickly having frequently used women's utensils at hand.

Straps & Straps

You should also pay special attention to the straps and belts when buying a leather backpack. These are also usually made of leather and are not padded. If you buy locally, be sure to do a wear test.

The backpack should sit comfortably on your back and not be particularly heavy. If the straps are particularly narrow, a particularly heavy backpack can cut into the skin, which can be very uncomfortable.

Inner lining

The inside of the backpack, should also definitely be considered before buying. Most leather backpacks have a natural or artificial fabric inside that is sewn or glued. Make sure the lining is not too thin, as it can wear out quickly.

Additionally, it is an advantage if the inner lining is easy to clean and can be wiped with a damp cloth. A waterproof inner lining would be ideal.

Leather backpacks for women: The most important questions answered

We have answered the most important questions briefly to clear up common ambiguities.

What types of leather backpacks are there for women?

Besides the material used, whether smooth or suede leather, or from which animal the leather comes, the models also differ, here you can find some different types of leather backpacks:

  • Classic leather backpack:

A classic leather backpack also called a retro backpack usually has a cylinder-like basic shape or a pouch shape. The backpack is usually closed with a cord. In addition, the opening is covered with a flap and closed with a buckle. There are often one or two small compartments on the front of the backpack. The classic leather backpack for women is a good substitute for the leather handbag.

  • City leather backpack:

The city leather backpack for ladies has fully arrived in everyday life. It combines practical handling of the classic leather backpack with special design aspects. Mostly, the city leather backpack also has a reinforced bottom so that it can be put down. A very popular model and a real all-rounder, available in different shapes from trapezoidal to rectangular to rounded variants.

  • Handbag Leather Backpack:

This variant is a mixture of a backpack and a handbag for women. These models can be quickly converted from a handbag to a backpack or vice versa. Two carrying straps are usually included in the delivery, making conversion for women child's play. The handbag leather backpack models are mostly bags or totes that are practical and classy at the same time.

  • Notebook leather backpack:

This leather backpack for women has an extra laptop compartment in which the notebook can be stored. The notebook leather backpacks for women are usually rectangular in shape and additionally padded for extra protection. The back area and the straps are also usually softly padded, making the leather backpack extremely comfortable to carry despite the heavy load. The leather backpack for notebooks is an absolutely office-appropriate eye-catcher with a certain elegance for ladies.

How do I clean and care for my women's leather backpack?

The care of the leather backpack for ladies is important and should not be neglected. Despite the robustness of the natural material, scratches and other signs of wear can occur. To repair these, you should regularly use leather care products.

Many commercially available leather care sets have beeswax as a base, this special formula makes the leather supple and conceals any scratches and makes the leather water-repellent. All you have to do is put a little on a clean cloth and rub it in, and a beautifully groomed upper is the result.

With some manufacturers, a care product is also enclosed or recommended. An impregnation spray also offers protection against moisture for smooth leather but also for rough leather. Spray it on the leather backpack with a little distance and then let it dry.

Alternatively, you can also use sun cream or sunflower oil for care. With rough leather backpacks, you should make sure that the backpack does not get too much moisture, and these models should not be worn in the rain. If your ladies leather backpack does get a little wet, stuff it with newspaper so that it can dry better.

How is leather made?

Here is just a rough explanation of how leather is made. The hide of the animal is dried and extracted by a chemical process, which is usually accelerated by adding salts. By adding various substances, the hide is dehaired, fleshed and prepared for the tanning process.

The tanning process is initiated by adding tanning agents from natural raw materials and mineral salts. In the end, the animal skin usually has one smooth side and one out side.

What are the advantages of leather backpacks for women?

Above all, the leather backpack for women is characterised by its practical carrying comfort in contrast to the classic handbag. In addition, they are particularly easy on the back and have many other advantages:

  • lots of storage space
  • free lady's hands
  • combine elegance with practical handling
  • convince with high-quality material
  • different models with individual details

Depending on how big your women's leather backpack is, you can fit a lot in it. From small items such as smartphones, wallets and keys to water bottles, books and even a notebook. You can take all the important things with you and still have your lady hands free.

Leather backpacks in particular often look elegant and can also be perfectly combined with women's business looks. And as mentioned above, it is also easy on the back and relieves the strain on ladies' hands and shoulders. Whether smooth or rough leather, most materials are of high quality and with the right care they will last a lifetime.


The leather backpack for women has many advantages over the classic ladies' handbag. It is practical to use but can also be an eye-catcher with an elegant women's business outfit. With the buying criteria we have listed, you can be on the safe side and avoid making the wrong decision.

The most important questions and key data should support you competently and safely in your purchase in order to find the perfect everyday companion for you. If you take good care of your women's leather backpack, it will last you a lifetime.

Image source: Karsten Winegeart / unsplash

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