Last updated: August 23, 2021

Leather gloves for ladies are elegant, practical and round off your outfit on colder days. If you love the classic look and want to pamper your fingers in winter, you shouldn't miss out on women's leather gloves.

There are different styles, models and colours on sale for every taste and occasion. To ensure that your women's leather gloves remain loyal companions over a long period of time, you should consider a few aspects when making your purchase decision. Because for the perfect, rounded look, not only the look and styling of the leather glove, but also its fit and the quality of the leather are decisive.

The Best Women's Leather Gloves: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look out for when buying leather gloves for women

When it comes to buying leather gloves for women, it's easy to lose track as a layperson. To find the perfect leather glove for you, there are some buying criteria you can consider. The following aspects can help you if you are having a hard time choosing a ladies leather glove model:

  • Material quality
  • Lining / Suitability for season
  • Fit
  • Design / Optics

In the coming paragraphs, you can learn what exactly you should look for in each criteria to find the perfect leather gloves for you.

Quality of the material

When it comes to leather garments, the quality of the material is particularly important in order to enjoy your investment in the long run. If you want to judge the leather quality of your gloves, you can pay attention to a few aspects.

  • Look and feel: With a simple glance at the material, the leather of your gloves should not show any faulty cracks or breaks. When touching the leather gloves, the upper material will feel slightly velvety, but also smooth and robust if it is high quality leather.
  • Softness: Good women's leather gloves feel soft and natural against the skin. They should not be stiff but supple and yield to the movements of your fingers.
  • Impregnation and colour protection: Protective impregnation layers on the leather of your gloves make them shiny and supple, but they also lose the naturalness of the material. Too many chemical protective layers make leather gloves of inferior quality - good leather is already an all-rounder by nature.
  • Tear resistance and stability: The stability and tear resistance of the material is evidence of the high quality of the leather. These two properties in particular have made leather so popular for centuries. So make sure that the leather of your ladies' gloves does not tear and feels stable.

When buying a women's leather glove, you should therefore basically pay attention to whether the material meets your quality requirements. The following applies: The higher the quality of the material, the longer you will be able to enjoy your leather gloves!

Lining / suitability for season

You should choose your model depending on the occasion and season for which you need a women's leather glove. Because not every glove is suitable for every weather condition, although the leather glove with its breathable and water-repellent properties can also be worn in transitional seasons.

In winter, however, you should pay attention to a higher level of protection for your hands. Unlined versions of the women's leather glove can cause your fingers and hands to freeze when sub-zero temperatures prevail. To keep you cosy and warm in winter, you should go for lined leather gloves. A further layer of materials such as fleece, cashmere, lambskin or wool makes the leather glove suitable for winter.

If you want a particularly high-quality and soft lining for your women's leather gloves, it is best to go for the materials lambskin and cashmere. This way your fingers are guaranteed to be softly coated and insulated in winter.


The fit of your leather gloves should also be chosen correctly. The rule for any women's leather glove is that it should fit well to stay comfortable over a long period of time. Improperly cut leather gloves are uncomfortable and restrict the movement of your hands and fingers. For a perfect fit, the right glove size is central.

The width of your palm and the length of your fingers are crucial when determining your glove size for buying leather gloves. There are numerous tables on the internet where you can find out which hand width in centimetres corresponds to which glove size. The manufacturers of leather gloves also provide such tables - so you can be sure that the glove will fit you. Just like shoes, women's leather gloves can also vary in size.

A leather glove generally fits well when you are not constricted. However, a glove should not fit too loosely either, because your finger movements will be restricted if the fabric wobbles. Think of a perfectly fitting leather glove as a second skin.

Design / Optics

Last but not least, you should also pay attention to the look of the women's leather glove. Besides the basic functions of a glove, it should also correspond to your taste visually. The elegant accessory is available for different seasons and occasions - there is a suitable leather glove model for every taste.

A basic distinction can be made between high-quality women's leather gloves, which are the result of a long design process, and conventional, less expensive leather gloves. Various buttons, zips or Velcro fasteners can decorate the ladies' leather glove. So you can definitely choose between plain and more fancy leather glove models. Just follow your personal taste.

Apart from the silhouette of the leather glove, the colour is also central. Depending on the colour scheme in your wardrobe, you should choose your next leather glove model for women. If you want to have an eye-catcher in your look, bright, fancy colours suit you.

Leather gloves for ladies: The most important questions answered

In the following, we have compiled the most important questions about leather gloves for women for you. We would like to answer them for you shortly so that it will be easier for you to decide on a model.

In which styles are women's leather gloves available?

To ensure that all preferences can be catered for, there are basically three different types of ladies' leather gloves. All leather glove styles for ladies are summarised below.

  • Finger gloves: The finger glove encloses each individual finger with fabric and thus offers greater comfort than simple mittens. They warm the hands while ensuring a high degree of freedom of movement for the individual fingers. The leather finger gloves are thus a must-have for every winter.
  • Short-fingered gloves:S Short-fingered gloves enclose the fingers in fabric and have openings at the tips. The openings at the fingertips ensure a very high freedom of movement for the fingers and a better feel.
  • lined gloves: Lined leather gloves are also available for the cold days of the year. In a material combination of leather with cashmere, lambskin, wool or fleece, your hands are optimally protected from the cold and your fingers are soft and warm.

Feel free to try on the different leather glove styles for ladies and also test different models. When you have a ladies leather glove right in front of you, you can see if you like the colour, the design and the fit.

How do I know if my women's leather gloves fit well?

Leather gloves come in different sizes. So to make sure your women's leather gloves fit well, you should choose the right size. Most manufacturers offer glove sizes XS, S, M, L and XL. Choosing the right size for your ladies leather gloves depends on the width of your hand. For this, you should measure the circumference of your hand.

Leather glove manufacturers usually provide a table that lists which glove size is suitable for which hand circumference. If you are between two sizes, you should always choose the larger size. A leather glove fits well if it does not constrict you but fits like a second skin. A glove should not be too loose. If the women's leather gloves wobble on your hands and fingers, your finger movements will be restricted.

How do I care for and clean my ladies leather gloves?

Proper care of your women's leather gloves is important to keep the accessory looking elegant and well-groomed. To prevent dirt from getting stuck in the delicate leather, it is beneficial if you remove it quickly. A slightly damp cloth is usually sufficient for this. Rub the cloth over the affected areas and the dirt should come off. If the leather gloves are dirtier or need a thorough cleaning, you can also wash them.

But be careful: Do not wash leather gloves at too high temperatures. Use lukewarm water for this purpose. Also, do not use highly alkaline detergents or fabric softeners for cleaning. Strong chemicals will attack the soft leather of your gloves. Soak your women's leather gloves with lukewarm water and mild curd soap.

Then the gloves can be cleaned and wrung out with a terry towel. To dry, you should hang the leather gloves by the fingertips and put them on again before the next use, knead them lightly and thus bring them into shape. For long-term care, you should also treat your leather gloves with leather cream. Similar to leather shoes, this will keep the material soft and prevent cracking due to external influences or wear.

Are women's leather gloves suitable for use with touchscreens?

In general, touchscreens of smartphones and other mobile devices cannot be operated through leather materials. So if you wear conventional ladies' leather gloves, it is very likely that the touchscreen cannot be operated.

Especially with lined leather gloves, there are two layers that make it even more difficult to use your mobile device. However, before you have to take off your ladies' leather glove every time to use your smartphone, there are some clever solutions to this problem. For example, you can resort to ladies' leather gloves that are suitable for touchscreens. Many manufacturers now offer such alternatives.

Such leather gloves have a special layer with thin silver threads sewn into them that cause the touchscreen to react when touched. Another alternative are the short-fingered gloves already mentioned. The cut-outs on the fingertips ensure that your mobile devices with touchscreens don't have to wait long.

Styling tips for women's leather gloves: How to achieve the perfect elegant look with leather gloves

Women's leather gloves are essential for your wardrobe if you love the elegant, classic look. To help you combine your leather gloves effortlessly, we've put together some styling tips for inspiration:

  • Coat: Combined with a wool coat, leather gloves look particularly elegant. Earth tones such as beige, caramel brown, dark brown, pine green or khaki in particular lend a classic, chic look that is rounded off by women's leather gloves.
  • other leather accessories: Your outfit will be even more appealing if the same or similar materials are picked up again in different items of clothing. For example, choose a leather handbag that has the same colour and texture as your women's leather gloves.
  • Chelsea boots: The classic Chelsea boots are bursting with elegance. If you love a chic look, combine your leather gloves with an autumn or winter shoe that is fashion-conscious and chic. You can also pick up the colour of your women's leather gloves in the shoe.
  • Turtleneck: A turtleneck top that peeks out from under the modern coat is timeless. The turtleneck not only protects you from wind and cold, but also complements your elegant outfit with leather gloves.
  • Hat or headband: What can't be missing from an elegant look? That's right, a smart hat. Your outfit will be rounded off if you combine a classic hat with your ladies' leather gloves. Headbands have also proven their timelessness in recent years. So you can't go wrong with a headband in a matching, earthy tone.

Of course, you can basically decide according to your personal taste which garments in which colours go with your women's leather gloves. The styling tips only serve as inspiration for your next outfit - maybe there is something for you.


Leather gloves for women are a stylish and elegant fashion accessory. In autumn and winter, the cosy gloves protect you from clammy and cold fingers. At the same time, women's leather gloves are perfect for cooler seasons because the material is windproof, water-repellent and breathable. With women's leather gloves, a woman can round off her elegant outfit and protect her hands at the same time.

In addition to the combination with other items of clothing and the matching styling, the fit of the leather glove is also important. To ensure that the women's leather glove remains comfortable in the long term, attention should be paid to wearing comfort when making a purchase decision.

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