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Leather sandals in summer, a classic that almost every woman has in her wardrobe. Even the Celts and Romans did not do without leather sandals, because they are comfortable, can be combined with any outfit and are timeless. The robust material makes them almost indestructible and a loyal companion for many years.

In this article, we answer the most important questions about leather sandals and give you an insight into looks and tips for the everyday use of leather sandals for women.

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Leather sandals for women: The most important questions answered

Below we have answered the most important questions about leather sandals for women.

In which styles are women’s leather sandals available?

Leather sandals for women are available in many variations. They come in open and closed styles and with or without heels.

  • Open-toed leather sandals: Open-toed leather sandals are the classic among leather sandals for women. They are available with buckles, press studs and zips. They are airy and light and therefore ideal for summer.
  • Closed-toe leather sandals: Closed-toe leather sandals for women are closed at the front of the shoe, at the foot and are known for their supportive and protective qualities.
  • Leather sandals with heel: If you want something a little more chic, or simply need a little more size, leather sandals with heel come into play. They can be combined elegantly and turn an outfit directly into an eye-catcher.

What distinguishes women’s leather sandals?

Leather sandals for women are either made of smooth leather or suede. They come in many variations, with many straps or just one. Velcro fasteners are also used, along with zips and press studs. The special leather sandal for women is laced up the leg. Due to the large number of design variations, no two leather sandals for women are alike.

Probably the most classic shoe among the leather sandals for women is without a heel and made of smooth leather, has 2 straps at the front of the foot and is fastened with a small buckle at the ankle.

Which women’s leather sandals are suitable for everyday wear?

Leather sandals without a heel are classically suitable for everyday wear. Smooth leather is also less susceptible in summer and, unlike suede, has a cooling function. When choosing leather sandals for women, it is ideal to choose a shoe with a zip. This makes it easy to get into the shoe and to take it off again quickly.

Some leather sandals for women have a very comfortable shoe bed that is adapted for warm weather. This variation is recommended for hot summer days.

How do I clean my women’s leather sandals?

When cleaning leather products, the first distinction to make is the type of leather. For smooth leather and suede, care oils or sprays made for the material are recommended. The easiest way to clean is with special leather cleaning sponges. They are available in every shoe shop. If there is very heavy soiling, it is advisable to take the shoes to a cleaner or shoemaker so as not to damage any of the material.

Incorrect care of leather products can damage the goods completely and make them look irretrievably unattractive.

Styling tips for leather sandals for women: How to achieve the perfect look

For the perfect look with leather sandals for women, there are a few tips that you can use to enhance any outfit.

  • Casual dress: A classic among outfits with leather sandals for women is the combination with a dress. Dresses with floral patterns in particular look great with the classic leather shoe and, in addition to the playful pattern, lend an elegance and maturity.
  • Elegant skirt: Leather sandals for women are a must in summer with an elegant skirt. Knee-length, floor-length, tight or wide, loose or tight, the shoes are the perfect partner to any skirt.
  • Jeans: Whether short or long, leather and jeans are made for each other. Pairing a pair of jeans with women’s leather sandals and a T-shirt or breezy blouse adds sophistication to a sporty look.
  • Hat: Shoes are also considered accessories and can be combined with others. A brown leather hat goes perfectly with brown leather sandals for women.


Leather sandals for women are a timeless classic among summer shoes and can be found in almost every woman’s household. People have been swearing by leather sandals for centuries and have found in them a faithful companion for many years. With the right care, they are suitable for almost any outfit. They are chic and comfortable and easy to combine.

The variations of models suit all types of women and every style of dress. If there is one classic you should have in your wardrobe, it is leather sandals for women, no matter what leather and no matter what colour.

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