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The word coat means cover or blanket and comes from the Latin word matellum. Long coats envelop the wearer and still fulfil the original purpose of keeping freezing ladies warm and protecting them from wind and rain. In the course of time, very different styles have established themselves on the long coat market.

There are now coats for all walks of life and all weather conditions. Long coats emphasise the female body parts with belts or their cut, but can also conceal certain areas. For fashion-conscious women, a long coat is a must in the wardrobe.

The Best Women’s Long Coat: Our Picks

Long coat for ladies: The most important questions answered

A long coat for women protects against wind and weather, which is why it belongs in every fashion-conscious lady’s wardrobe, especially in the transitional seasons and winter. However, there are also long coats that can be worn in summer.

Who can wear a ladies’ long coat?

Long coats for women have long been an integral part of the fashion world. Basically, every lady can wear a long coat. If you have a pear-shaped figure, choose a long and loose ladies’ coat.

If you are more of an A, H or X type, you can wear a fitted long coat with a belt to emphasise your feminine assets. Tall ladies also look good in long coats; you should choose a model with a large collar.

What styles of long coats are available for women?

Long coats for women are very versatile. Depending on the style, they either have a collar or a hood. There are models that close with buttons, but belts and zips are also common.

  • Blazer long coat: This women’s coat is characterised by its collar and centrally placed buttons. This long coat is also available with a belt instead of buttons. In general, it has a very fitted cut.
  • Down long coat: This ladies’ coat protects you especially in the cold season. The down ensures that your body heat is stored. The long coat is nevertheless very light due to the lining. This long coat is available with or without a hood.
  • Loden long coat: Loden is a resistant, felted wool fibre that protects against rain. These long coats for ladies are long and wide cut and have a classic turn-down collar and a vertical pleat at the back.
  • Staub long coat: This ladies’ coat is a light coat that is mainly used in summer. It is made of particularly light materials and is very light. You can wear this long coat either with or without a belt.

In addition to these long coats for women, there are many other styles. Long coats can be worn at any time of the year and can round off an outfit perfectly.

How do I care for my long coat for women?

After the season is before the season. To ensure that your women’s long coat keeps its shape and quality, you should store it either lying down or hanging up. Make sure your long coat is not stored in a damp place, this could damage it.

When cleaning your long coat, be sure to follow the instructions on the label. You can wash your coat by hand for minor stains. If it does get very dirty, you can either brush it gently or take it to a professional cleaner. If your long coat smells a bit musty, just hang it out to air. If your loden or wool long coat gets a bit of rain, you can dry it carefully with a large towel and gently squeeze out the water. Then hang up your women’s long coat and let it dry completely.

Which women’s long coats are waterproof?

There are several types of women’s long coats that are specially designed to protect against rain. For example, the weather patch. This is a long coat that is made of water-repellent wool. Another waterproof long coat type for women is the trench coat. It is also called an all-weather women’s coat. Another waterproof long coat for women is the travel coat.

It is not only rainproof, but also protects against winter cold and wind with its warming lining. The Macintosh long coat is a rubberised, waterproof ladies’ coat, just like the Klepper long coat. Raindrops also simply roll off the loden and down long coat for women.

Styling tips for ladies’ long coats: How to achieve the perfect long coat look

Long coats for women have the great advantage that you look well dressed straight away. Women’s long coats come in many different styles and for all four seasons. With the right styling tips, you can create the perfect long coat outfit.

  • Spring: At this time of year, we recommend a blazer-length coat, either plain or checked. Wear it with a black T-shirt dress and black or mesh tights. A black ankle boot would be a good shoe. Put your hair up, wear sunglasses and the look is complete.
  • Summer: The hot months call for a light long coat for women. You can combine it with a nice airy summer dress and delicate heeled sandals. If you want to stand out, wear a bright, monochrome women’s long coat with black hot pants and a white tight top. Wear with either white sneakers or heeled sandals.
  • Autumn: This time of year is often cooler and rainy, so we recommend a loden long coat. A brown long coat combined with a beige turtleneck jumper, black jeans and black heeled ankle boots. Add a hat and sunglasses and you have the perfect outfit.
  • Winter: In cold days we recommend a down long coat with hood, for all ladies who freeze. This long coat will keep you warm with any outfit underneath. We recommend a knee-length pleated skirt, with opaque tights, and boots. As a top you can either wear a chic blouse or a casual jacquard jumper.

Of course, there are many more possible combinations. Let your creativity run free and find your personal long coat look. [/kb_faq]


Long coats are enormously versatile garments. They come in numerous styles for all four seasons. Long coats are especially popular with women in the cold winter months because they retain warmth. Whether with or without a hood, with a collar, buttons or belt, when you wear a long coat, your outfit is complete.

The great thing about the many different variations is that every lady can find the perfect long coat to accentuate your figure and hide other flaws. The long coat for ladies goes far beyond its original features and has become a must-have in the fashion world.

(Image source: Unsplash / Мария Волк)

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