Last updated: August 11, 2021

Going shopping with friends, a walk in the forest or maybe even a hike in the mountains. Activities that are only half as much fun in the rain? And is your commute to work on your bike in the rain an ordeal every time? There is an urgent need to remedy this. Rain is not necessarily a reason to abandon leisure activities or to take the bus or train to work.

The right rain jacket can make your problems disappear into thin air and look good at the same time! There are rain jackets for every occasion, be it chic and elegant for dinner with your partner, colourful for an autumn walk or functional for sports. The rain jacket can be combined with any outfit.


The best Women´s Mackintosh: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying women's mackintoshes

There is a wide range of mackintoshes for women on the market for many different purposes. In order not to lose the overview, we have listed 5 important criteria below that will make your decision easier.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Function
  • Style
  • Season
  • Fit
  • Extras

If you consider these criteria when choosing your ladies mackintosh, making the right choice should no longer be a problem for you.


The basic difference between women's mackintoshes is their function. There are breathable coats with mesh inserts and waterproof side pockets that have been specially designed for sports. Women's mackintoshes for stormy autumn walks are available with a high-fitting and softly lined hood.

If you want to go out in style, you don't have to do without rain protection either. Simple, figure-hugging women's mackintoshes are also suitable for a chic look. It is best to consider in advance how your jacket will mainly be used.


The ladies mackintosh is not only your functional companion in wet weather, but can also round off your style. The most common classic models are the trench coat and the duffle coat with plain colours that can be combined well with a serious and chic outfit.

If you want something more urban, you can go for a rain ladies parka in stylish colours. They usually have a detachable hood and are adjustable at the waist. If you want to go even crazier, consider a women's mackintosh with bright colours or colourful patterns.


To be well equipped for every season, you should also take a closer look at your ladies' mackintosh. For cold seasons, there are models with fleece linings, high collars and elasticated wrists.

For summer, you should look for women's mackintoshes made of thin fabric. Models of this type are usually breathable and have a cooling function. If you are cycling to work in the rainy autumn, for example, a rain poncho is also recommended to protect your knees.


You can also select your ladies' mackintosh according to its fit. Fancier models are close-cut and figure-hugging and have a belt that can also be tied at the waist. Also popular are the elegant and timeless A-line models, more on this later.

Sporty women's mackintoshes tend to be cut a little wider to offer more freedom of movement. There are also extra wide cut models that are particularly suitable for cycling.


There are some extras that make your ladies mackintosh special. Some women's mackintoshes have hoods that you can stow away in the collar if needed. Hoods with a high collar or a small roof protect you even better from rain and wind.

Make sure that the zips of the jacket pockets are also waterproof. In addition, some women's mackintoshes have thumb holes in the sleeves to keep your hands warm, or an elastic band to close the sleeves airtight.

Thin women's mackintoshes can also be rolled up small and easily stowed in a backpack for a hike, for example.

Ladies' mackintoshes: The most important questions answered

To help you find the right women's mackintosh for you, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions about women's mackintoshes and will answer them in the following section.

What types of ladies mackintoshes are there?

Women's mackintoshes come in classic, urban and sporty styles. Below we have listed and briefly explained the most important models.

  • Trench coat: The trench coat, which means trench coat in German, was originally developed for the British Army. It is medium length, has 2 rows of buttons and no hood. The collar can be worn open or closed.
  • Duffle coat: The duffle coat is a medium-length coat that is knotted in a single row. The name is derived from the name of the fabric used, "duffle". It is knotted with toggle fastenings and has a hood.
  • Rain parka: The parka is a long coat, usually lined and with a detachable hood. Parkas with removable linings are well suited as transitional jackets for autumn, but also for wet and cold winter days.
  • Rain poncho: The rain poncho is particularly suitable for cyclists, as it can be pulled over the jacket and a backpack and also protects the knees from rain. The ponchos are made of lightweight, waterproof vinyl with taped seams and a hood.
  • Functional mackintoshes: Functional mackintoshes are great for sports. The softshell or fleece coats are cut wider for a comfortable feel, some have roll-up hoods and are breathable. In addition, the zips are waterproof.

How can I assess whether a women's mackintosh is really waterproof?

Nothing is more annoying than coming home with wet clothes when you were actually wearing your mackintosh. In the following, we show you which criteria you can use to determine whether your ladies' mackintosh is waterproof.

  • Water column: The water column is a measure of how water-resistant a textile is. The value is given in millimetres and describes how much pressure the textile can withstand. A good rain jacket should have a water column of at least 10,000 millimetres, 20,000 - 30,000 millimetres is better.
  • Seams: However, the water column alone does not guarantee that the jacket will also be waterproof. The seams of the jacket should ideally be electronically welded and taped on the inside of the jacket.
  • Zips: The tightness of the zips also plays an important role. Waterproof zips are taped on the outside or polyurethane coated so that the zip runs virtually on the inside of the jacket.

How can I clean a ladies' mackintosh?

To ensure that you enjoy your ladies' mackintosh for a long time, you should pay attention to a few cleaning tips. You will find the temperature at which you can wash your mackintosh on the label of your coat. Normally, mackintoshes can be washed at 30 degrees.

In order to maintain the breathability of your ladies' mackintosh, you should not use fabric softener when washing it. Prefer liquid detergent to washing powder. A tumble dryer also helps to maintain the jacket's water-repellent function. Waterproofing spray after the wash cycle can enhance this.

What is the A-line?

The A-line shape is a cut created by the French designer Christian Dior. The garment is shaped like the letter A. The waist is shifted upwards. The waist is shifted upwards and is narrow, while the garment widens towards the bottom.

This shape makes the body look slimmer and hides fat pads on the stomach and thighs and wide hips. The A-line shape is a timeless design. Women's mackintoshes in this shape give your outfit that certain something without pushing themselves to the fore.

Should ladies' mackintoshes be impregnated?

The impregnation of a ladies' mackintosh can have 2 effects. On the one hand, the impregnation has a water-repellent effect, and on the other hand, it can remove moisture from the jacket, for example through perspiration. However, the impregnation can wear off over time.

The impregnation can often be reactivated on newer women's mackintoshes by putting them in the dryer for half an hour at a medium temperature. If the impregnation has already been completely washed out, it can also be reapplied.

For this purpose, the impregnating liquid can be added like a fabric softener during the wash cycle. For exact washing instructions, it is best to read the label of your jacket. You can also spray your ladies' mackintosh with waterproofing spray. It is best to hang the coat on a hanger. You can find out whether the jacket should be sprayed when dry or wet in the instructions for use.


Women's mackintoshes not only protect you from cold and wet weather during sports, a stroll through town or on the way to work, you can also choose the perfect women's mackintosh for you from a variety of models. You can find the right mackintosh for every style.

Raincoats and functional coats are particularly suitable for sports, the trench coat or duffle coat can be combined with your office wardrobe and the parka is perfect for your leisure wear. If you are a cyclist, it can't hurt to consider a rain poncho.

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