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If you think that you can only wear maxi dresses if you also have long legs, you are wrong. Maxi dresses for women can be worn by anyone, provided you choose the right cut for your figure.

The Best Women's Maxi Dress: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying maxi dresses for women

Maxi dresses for women are generally suitable for everyone. With the help of the following features, you can compare different models of maxi dresses for women and find the right piece for you:

  • Size and fit
  • Own figure
  • Occasion

In the following, we briefly explain what the individual criteria are all about.

Size and fit

The right size and fit always go hand in hand with your figure. If you are tall and slim, you can wear rather figure-hugging and eye-catching maxi dresses for women. In general, anyone can wear any cut, but it is advisable to emphasise and highlight your own assets. You should also not buy a maxi dress for women that is too big. It can be loose-fitting, but it should not look like you are wearing a tent.

Your own figure

It doesn't matter whether you are tall and slim or curvy and short: There is a suitable maxi dress for women for every figure type. For example, if you have an hourglass figure, i.e. a narrow waist, you should focus on it with belts and fitted cuts. For the pear shape (narrow on top, curvy bottom and thigh area), women's maxi dresses with voluminous shoulders or an A-line are suitable. You can read more about this in the section "How do I find the right women's maxi dress for my figure?".


Maxi dresses for women can be worn for any occasion. However, you should make sure that the cut and style of the dress also suit the occasion. For example, women's maxi dresses with tulle or glitter are less suitable for going to the beach. You can find out more about this in the section "What occasions can I wear maxi dresses for women?

Women's Maxi Dresses: The most important questions answered

It is not easy to find the right maxi dress for you from the wide range of women's maxi dresses. In the following, we clarify the most important questions for you.

What occasions can I wear maxi dresses for women?

Maxi dresses for women can be worn for various occasions and are always an eye-catcher.

  • Maxi dresses as elegant evening wear: For weddings or other festivities, an elegant ladies' maxi dress with tulle, glitter or other elegant appliqués is the perfect choice.
  • Maxi dresses for the beach: For the beach, your women's maxi dress should be made of light fabric and may be a little wider. You can also dare to wear more sheer fabric so that the bikini shows through a little.
  • Maxi dresses for everyday wear: Maxi dresses for women are also very suitable for everyday wear, for shopping or for the office. Especially in summer, airy, long dresses are much more comfortable than tight shorts.
  • Maxi dresses for the home: The women's maxi dress for the home is without a lot of frills, made of a light fabric and has a casual cut. The motto: The main thing is to be comfortable.

As you can see, you can find the right maxi dress for ladies for any occasion and look elegant and stylish.

How do I find the right ladies maxi dress for my figure?

As already mentioned, there is a suitable maxi dress for every figure type. Here you can find out what is important.

  • For curvy women: Loose-fitting maxi dresses for women flatter your curves. Plain colours, filigree patterns and vertical stripes are particularly suitable for you. Refrain from using flashy belts as accessories.
  • For petite women: Maxi dresses for women with patterns, lace, fringes and floral prints give you more volume. You can also wear necklines and cut-outs. However, avoid dresses that are too flowing.
  • For tall women: Wear accents that break in length to give your body shape. You can do this with chunky patterns, waistcoats or belts at waist level. Avoid plain, shapeless maxi dresses for women.
  • For small women: A belt below the bust, a deep V-neck and high heels will make your body appear visually larger. The maxi dress for women should end just above the ankle.

No matter what your figure is, you will find a suitable maxi dress for women. Try to emphasise your assets.

Styling tips for women's maxi dresses: How to achieve the perfect maxi dress look

Maxi dresses for women are already a beautiful piece in their own right and don't need many additional accessories. However, with the right shoes, handbags and jewellery, you can make the most of your women's maxi dress.

Women's maxi dresses for evening wear are best enhanced with high heels or pumps and a clutch. If you have a V-neck, wear a beautiful necklace.

For a relaxed everyday look for shopping or coffee with a friend, combine your women's maxi dress with a bag, sandals or espadrilles and sunglasses.

For a maxi dress outfit for the beach, wear a bikini or swimming costume underneath, which may also show through a little. We also recommend a large beach bag and a chic, big straw hat to keep the sun out.


The maxi dress for women is a garment that can be worn for a wide variety of occasions and shines with elegance and comfort. Whether at home, on the go or elegant at festivities - the maxi dress for women is an eye-catcher and should not be missing from any wardrobe.

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