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Midi dresses are and always will be on trend due to their optimal length. They are ideal for any occasion - from summer to evening dresses. The approximately calf-length dresses come in all kinds of colours and patterns, so they suit every type. The midi dress is also a welcome item of clothing in the business sector.

A well-combined midi dress creates a wow effect and makes any outfit look more modern. Body-hugging styles even succeed in conjuring up a beautiful figure. If you like dresses, midi dresses will be an absolute favourite. Due to the huge selection of midi dresses, it is important to think about the purchase criteria in advance, such as the colour or the pattern.

The Best Women's Midi Dress: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying midi dresses

To find the right midi dress, you should think about buying criteria in advance. These criteria will help you find the perfect midi dress according to your needs.

The following buying criteria can help you:

  • Occasion
  • Colours and patterns
  • Material
  • Shapes

The following section describes the buying criteria in more detail to help you get a better idea.


Before buying, it is important that you are aware of the reason for buying a midi dress. This means that you should know the occasion in order to find the right midi dress. Knowing the occasion is important in that there are different styles depending on the occasion.

For example, if you are looking for an evening midi dress, there are different colours and patterns. Sequins, glitter and lace are popular for evening dresses, although this is not particularly ideal for business occasions, for example.

Colour and pattern

Depending on the occasion, a different style of mini dress is chosen. The same applies to the colour and pattern. A shimmering and glittering fabric, as well as clasps and rhinestones are ideal for an evening dress. Gathers and smooth fabrics without patterns can also look very elegant.

At the moment, check patterns are very trendy, also for midi dresses. But here it should be noted that not everyone likes checked patterns. The same goes for stripe patterns, although this pattern is also a very popular one for midi dresses.

Regarding the choice of colour, it is important to choose the right tone for the right skin colour. Not every colour suits every type. Fair complexions should go for pastel shades so that the skin colour does not look too pale. Lightly tanned ladies can wear warm colours very well. If you are a dark skin type, go for black, white or even violet.


Midi dresses are not only available in different colours and patterns, but also in different materials. Natural materials such as cotton, but also linen and viscose are particularly popular. These are so popular because they are very breathable. Most importantly, they are very comfortable on the skin.

Synthetic fibres such as polyacrylic, polyester and polyamide are also used for midi dresses. These are also very comfortable on the skin and are also warm when worn. However, they are not breathable and melt at high temperatures. Furthermore, synthetic fibre materials are crease-resistant and are usually flowing, which looks especially nice on dresses.


Once you have found a suitable midi dress, it can positively accentuate your proportions. There are different shapes to distinguish:

  • A-line: This type of midi dress goes on and on from the shoulders to the hem, so that it resembles the letter "A". There are very flared and less flared A-lines.
  • H-line: A very popular shape for midi dresses are so-called "H-line" midi dresses. These are cut straight so that curves can be shown more clearly.
  • O-line: This line is more for concealing the figure because they are cut widest at the hips and waist.
  • T-line: Midi dresses in this shape are reminiscent of T-shirts, which is why this line is called that. This type of midi dress is knee-length and classically cut, so it gives you an easy look.
  • X-line: This mixed shape includes different cuts at once. The skirt is cut wide and resembles an A-line, while the cut is narrow at the waist. A special feature here is the shoulder pads, which give a feminine look.
  • Empire style: Here the focus is on the wide cut neckline. This is followed by a concealing gathers at the waist and a wide cut and long skirt.
  • Charleston cut: This cut is one of the most comfortable. This type of midi dress is usually sleeveless and the waistline is mostly shifted more down.
  • Shirt blouse cut: This midi dress, as the name suggests, includes a cut similar to a shirt blouse. This means that a collar and button placket are not to be missed here.

Basically, you are free to decide which shape you want. There is no right or wrong way to do this.

Women's midi dresses: The most important questions answered

After you have looked at all the buying criteria, there are probably still some questions left unanswered. These questions may arise before or even after the purchase. Which questions these might be are answered in the following part.

In which styles are midi dresses for women available?

In the buying criteria in the upper section, some shapes of midi dresses have already been mentioned. The occasion for wearing the midi dress is also crucial. For example, a midi wrap or jersey dress with a cheerful pattern and a colour of your own choice can be worn for any occasion in everyday life. Shirt dresses in midi lengths are also perfect for other such comfortable occasions.

For a party, you can go for a figure-hugging and feminine midi dress. However, so that movement is not restricted with such tight midi dresses, you should ensure that these types of midi dresses contain a slit. A dirndl is a must for folk festivals, but even there you can find dirndls in midi lengths.

How do I know if my midi dress fits well?

In order for a midi dress to best show off your assets, the model should fit your figure. We recommend that you consider the following for certain types:

  • Small ladies: In order for a midi dress to look its best on slightly smaller women, it is best to go for plain coloured midi dresses. It is also important that the knees are left free. Optionally, you can also opt for a midi dress with button plackets to make you look longer.
  • Petite ladies with a small bust: A very helpful tip for optical optimisation for this type of woman is to choose midi dresses with ruffles, flounces and even appliqués.
  • Ladies with broad shoulders: Here we recommend halter neck midi dresses. One-shoulder midi dresses also distract from broad shoulders. In addition, a flared skirt is an eye-catcher, whereby the shoulders can appear smaller.
  • Ladies with curves: For you, we recommend A-line and midi dresses with a plunging neckline.
  • Ladies with round hips: In contrast to women with broad shoulders, the top should be emphasised. This can be achieved, for example, with gathers and ruffles on the sleeves.

What is the length of midi dresses?

The length of midi dresses is already revealed by the name. Because the midi dress is neither long nor short, but medium length - namely down to the calves. This way you don't show too much, but also not too little leg. Midi dresses do not make for a charming and feminine appearance for nothing, especially midi dresses with a slit.

But a midi dress can also delight in another way, namely with elegance. Midi dresses with their length are also popular for elegant and casual appearances. In business meetings, dresses that are too short and revealing are not appreciated and are considered a no-go.

Styling tips for midi dresses: How to achieve the perfect midi dress look

Midi dresses allow for many different looks, from elegant to sporty. For your look, you should definitely build on matching shoes and a matching bag to your midi dress. However, in order to combine your midi dresses tastefully, we would like to share a few very helpful tips with you:

  • Cool midi dress look: Midi dresses clearly belong to the category of feminine and sensual garments for women. But when combined correctly, a midi dress can also look very cool and casual very quickly. Simply combine your midi dress with boots and a leather jacket: this way the midi dress shows a new side of you.
  • Elegant midi dress look: If you like it feminine and seductive, then by all means go for midi dresses made of satin or sequins. High shoes are a must. This way you are well prepared for a glamorous evening.
  • Casual midi dress look: A woman is also allowed to look casual! The best way to achieve such a look is with cool sneakers, ideally white models. For trend-conscious ladies, colourful sneakers with a midi dress can also look like the perfect look. This way you will not only look casual and comfortable, but also feel that way.


Midi dresses are a very popular garment for women because they can bring different attributes and give the wearer a unique look. For any occasion, a midi dress is perfectly suitable and combinable. Depending on your mood, you can conjure your midi dress into different looks.

With their optimal length, midi dresses are suitable for every type of woman. Since there are endless designs of midi dresses, you should think about certain criteria in advance. This way, your choice can be narrowed down and you can thus find your perfect garment.

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