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Ladies' midi skirts used to have a so-called "granny image" because of the length of the skirts, but those days are long gone! Ladies' midi skirts are currently in fashion, which is why such a ladies' skirt should not be missing from your wardrobe. This item of clothing is extremely versatile and simply suits all seasons and fashion styles. Whether in your free time, in the office or in the evening, this garment for women can be used well in all everyday situations thanks to its wonderful shape and practical length. If you like to dress comfortably but still look stylish, a women's midi skirt is the ideal addition to your wardrobe.

The Best Womens Midi Skirt: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying midi skirts for women

Since there are so many different women's midi skirts, from the pattern to the shape, it is not surprising if you find it difficult to choose. We have researched the most important buying criteria to help you find the right women's skirt.

You can use these features to guide you in your search for the perfect women's skirt:

  • Season
  • Material
  • Pattern
  • Shape

In the following section, you will find out what is important about each aspect and what you should definitely consider.


There is hardly any other item of clothing that really works as well in every season as skirts. Mini skirts for women are especially popular in high summer, until women's midi skirts are popular in both spring and autumn. If you are one of those ladies who are never cold, you can of course enjoy wearing a midi skirt in winter too. At this time of year, however, you should bear in mind that it can get much colder very quickly, which is why thick tights are certainly a good choice. In spring as well as in autumn, it is best to choose colourful and eye-catching women's skirts according to the seasons, until in winter, plainer women's skirts are more in vogue. A ladies' midi skirt can also be a good everyday companion in summer - due to the length, you will certainly not be warm even in summer temperatures. A midi skirt for women is a must-have garment for all seasons.


Linen, lyocell, wool, corduroy, viscose, cotton, jeans, satin, leather, chiffon and much more - midi skirts are made of a wide variety of materials. Chiffon or a denim skirt are a good choice for summer outfits. Skirts for women made of chiffon also have the advantage that they look elegant due to the material and can therefore also be worn for festive occasions. Women's skirts made of cotton are also a must for the warmer seasons, especially as this material is very breathable and thus offers you maximum freedom of movement. In the colder seasons, it's best to go for materials that keep you warm effectively even at low temperatures - such as skirts made of wool.


When it comes to pattern, there are midi skirts for women to suit every taste - from monochrome styles to floral and animal prints to graphic prints, there's something for everyone. If you like eye-catching dressing, styles in bright hues (such as red or pink) may be for you. Such colours are especially trendy in the warmer seasons, but a white women's mini skirt can also be a good choice in summer. For meetings in the office or a party in the evening, for example, skirts with a checked pattern fit very well. If you like to wear flashy tops, you should opt for a plain-coloured model when it comes to women's skirts, because as we all know: less is sometimes more. On the other hand, you should combine brightly coloured skirts with plain tops, such as a white basic T-shirt.


Since there are now many different skirt shapes, the choice is not easy. A-line skirts for women were very popular in the 60s and are still trendy today. This shape is especially popular with women who have problem areas around the waist or hips and want to conceal them. Ankle boots shoes go particularly well with this shape. A pencil skirt for women is a figure-hugging model where the waist and hips are in the foreground. The pencil skirt for women is a real classic and looks good on curvy women. High heels are an absolute must with this style, as they additionally stretch the leg. In winter, a ladies' pencil skirt can be combined well with a heeled boot. Pleated skirts for women make the upper part of the body look slimmer, so that small problem zones can be hidden well. This shape suits both tall and short women, although there is one rule of thumb: the length must be chosen to suit the problem area and body size. Sandals, ballerinas, ankle boots, boots and all high shoes can be combined with a pleated skirt. Women's cargo skirts have a special feature, namely, they have patch pockets on one or both sides. This shape looks sporty due to the narrow and straight cut and is therefore more suitable for casual leisure activities, such as a walk in the summer. This skirt shape for women looks best with a plain T-shirt and sneakers. Balloon skirts for women in midi length look best on leggy women, as the legs are in the foreground here. However, with high heels, shorter women can also wear such a skirt. In addition to the skirts for women mentioned above, there are some that are not so well-known, although they also exist in midi length, such as trouser skirts, godget skirts or skater skirts.

Midi skirts for ladies: The most important questions answered

There is hardly any other garment that is as versatile as a ladies' midi skirt. For this reason alone and because this shape simply suits every woman, it also belongs in your wardrobe.

What is a midi skirt?

A women's midi skirt is a skirt model that reaches to the knee or, at most, to the middle of the calf. It comes in many different shapes, making it a very versatile garment. Because of its versatility, a midi skirt for women can be combined with almost anything and is therefore well-suited both for working days in the office and for walks in the city.

Who can wear a midi skirt?

The most important question every woman asks herself before buying: will it suit me? With other items of clothing, the answer is not as easy as with midi skirts for women, because this skirt simply cuts a good figure for every woman - you just have to know what it is best to combine it with. Smaller women are best off wearing high heels for the perfect look, until taller ladies can also complete the look with flats. Because of its length, the Damerock can be combined in a sporty or elegant way.

Which shoes go with the midi skirt?

Before choosing shoes, you should be aware of whether you tend to be a smaller or larger woman, as this detail can often play a big role in the choice of shoes. Since the midi length visually shortens the legs but spreads the body, the eye is immediately drawn to the legs and lower leg. If your legs are a little shorter or your ankle area is not narrow, heeled shoes may be something for you. Pumps are recommended in high temperatures until high-sheeled boots can be a good choice in winter. If you have long legs, you should choose heeled shoes only if the occasion is such. If it applies to you, it is best to choose flat shoes such as sandals or sneakers to go with your women's midi skirt. The occasion also plays a big role in the choice, as you are more likely to wear high heels to a festive event than sneakers. In the office, you can wear pumps as well as ballerinas, espadrilles or mules with the midi skirt. In your free time you can combine the midi skirt with trainers or trainers. In winter, the shoes should be warm, which is why you should opt for boots. Casual biker boots also look great with a midi skirt for women.

Which jacket and top do I combine my midi skirt with?

In short, it depends on what kind of midi skirt you wear. Midi skirts for women with patterns or in eye-catching colours are best combined with plainer tops (such as a plain T-shirt or a top). If you have chosen a plain midi skirt, feel free to be a little bolder with the tops. Slim jumpers and light blouses are also ideal, and in summer crop tops can also be chosen to go with a midi skirt. It is important that you choose a body-hugging top to go with the midi skirt, as this looks visually better and makes the look perfect. Regarding the choice of matching jackets, the following applies: all may be combined with all, as long as they are the same length. Therefore, jackets that are the same length as the skirt or even longer than the skirt are the most elegant. Waistcoats or leather jackets can be a nice alternative in high temperatures. Short jackets that end at hip height, on the other hand, are a no-go for women's midi skirts.

Styling tips for midi skirts for women: How to achieve the perfect look

  • Pay attention to the proportions of the ladies' midi skirt! If you have stronger legs, you should opt for a wide flared model, as this will make your legs look slimmer.
  • Ladies who have short or shorter legs are best off choosing a midi skirt that sits on the waist as much as possible. In this case, it is also better to choose a midi skirt that ends about a hand's width below the knee.
  • High heels are the best choice for women's skirts, because high heels stretch the leg and thus make the figure look slimmer. However, if you feel uncomfortable with high heels, wear flats instead.
  • If you are not friends with the iron, you should choose a model that is as non-iron as possible. Women's skirts that should be ironed should also only be worn ironed, otherwise they can look very cheap.


Midi skirts for women are very versatile due to their shape and suit every occasion. Whether with boots or high heels in the office, with sneakers in everyday life or at the weekend or with pumps for a party or dinner - you can dress well with a midi skirt for ladies. Another advantage of women's midi skirts is that you don't have to discard them after one season, as they have been trendy since the 60s, always or repeatedly. So you have a garment that is a good everyday all-rounder and won't go out of fashion quickly.

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