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Motorbike jackets for women act like a protective second skin. The jacket has to protect the most important parts of the body and not have a negative impact on your well-being while riding. In addition, motorcyclists are exposed to the weather without a protective roof. Thus, the jacket must not only protect the wearer from injuries in case of falls, but also protect him or her from cold caused by wetness and wind.

Choosing the right women's motorcycle jacket is therefore very important. Whether you are planning a short day trip or a longer tour lasting several days, the right motorbike jacket is part of the standard equipment of every motorcyclist.


The best Women's Motorcycle Jacket: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look out for when buying women's motorcycle jackets

A motorbike jacket for women should fulfil several functions. It should not only look good, but also be practical. Therefore, you should consider several things when buying a motorbike jacket. The following buying criteria will help you find the right women's motorcycle jacket:

  • Safety
  • Material
  • Weather resistance
  • Fit

In the following section, you will learn what is important in each buying criterion.


The safety of the women's motorcycle jacket is the top priority when buying. In the event of a fall, the motorbike jacket will protect you from injuries such as broken bones and abrasions. Therefore, when buying, you should make sure that the jacket makes a robust impression and that the seams are well made. If this is not the case, the seams can quickly become the weak point of your motorbike jacket in the event of an accident.

Additional protection is provided by projectors that are built into the jacket. It is particularly important to choose a motorbike jacket for women with elbow, shoulder and especially back projectors. These are usually made of hard plastic and serve as impact protection. If there is no back projector integrated into the jacket, you should purchase one separately so that the jacket can provide you with optimum protection.

When trying on the jacket, make sure that all projectors are in the right place and do not slip. If the projectors slip, this can cause additional damage in the event of an accident, as the projectors are usually very hard.


When choosing the material, you can basically choose between two different types of material. The choice is between a women's motorcycle jacket made of leather or a women's motorcycle jacket made of textile.

  • Leather: A women's motorbike jacket made of leather is particularly abrasion-resistant. This guarantees a higher level of safety in the event of a fall. In addition, leather jackets usually fit very closely to the body and adapt to the wearer over time. However, leather is not as breathable as a textile jacket, which means you can quickly start to sweat.
  • Textile: A women's motorbike jacket made of textile is particularly light and weatherproof. This makes the jacket suitable for all weather conditions. Textile jackets are particularly breathable and offer good thermal protection on cold days. However, textile flutters quickly if the jacket is not tight enough. This can have a negative effect on riding stability.

Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, it is up to your personal taste whether you opt for a classic women's motorbike jacket made of leather or a trendy textile motorbike jacket.

Weather resistance

If you are planning a longer tour, you need the right women's motorcycle jacket that is suitable for all weather conditions. Even if your tour starts in the sunshine, it can quickly happen that you are surprised by a rain shower on the way. That's why you should choose a women's motorbike jacket that will protect you from wind and rain if necessary.

Ladies' leather motorcycle jackets are less suitable for cold and rain. Although leather jackets can be made water-repellent through special treatments, most leather jackets cannot withstand heavy rain. Instead, you should opt for a textile motorbike jacket in this case. These have a high weather resistance and ensure that you stay dry even in the rain.

If you are often out in the wind and rain, you should also choose a women's motorbike jacket with bright colours or reflectors. This will help you to be seen even in the rain.


A women's motorbike jacket should fit snugly against your body so that the projectors in the jacket can protect you as best as possible and prevent the jacket from flapping. If the jacket flutters too much, it can affect your riding stability. In some cases, you can adjust ladies' motorcycle jackets with a strap to ensure the best fit.

It is best to test the women's motorbike jacket in combination with your motorbike trousers while sitting on your motorbike. Without testing the jacket on the motorbike, it is difficult to judge whether the jacket fits properly. Since the motorbike jacket must sit comfortably and fulfil its protective function even on longer tours, it is important that the jacket fits perfectly. In addition, your functional clothing should fit easily under your women's motorcycle jacket.

If you cannot find a suitable motorbike jacket for women, it is also possible to have a jacket custom-made that fits your body perfectly and provides you with the highest possible protection.

Motorcycle jackets for women: The most important questions answered

There is a lot of choice when buying ladies motorcycle jackets. To help you choose the right motorbike jacket, we have answered the most important questions about women's motorbike jackets for you.

What types of ladies motorcycle jackets are there?

The type of jacket you need depends mainly on the intended use. Depending on whether you are planning short tours in fine weather or long tours in different weather conditions, different women's motorcycle jackets are suitable.

  • Sporty leather and textile jackets: Sporty women's motorcycle jackets are usually very breathable with less thick projectors. As a result, these motorbike jackets are not as conspicuous as other ladies' motorbike jackets.
  • 3-season jacket: A 3-in-1 jacket consists of two jackets that can be connected with a zip. The jackets can be worn separately or together. This makes these jackets suitable for either spring, summer and autumn or autumn, winter and spring, depending on the type. As this type of jacket is particularly adaptable, it is especially suitable for tours with uncertain weather conditions.
  • Adventure and Touring Jackets: Women's motorcycle jackets from the Adventure and Touring range offer particularly high protection. Vulnerable areas are specially reinforced and there is the option of attaching additional projectors if required, such as in the chest area. This means you are equipped for every adventure, no matter where your next tour takes you.

Especially for longer tours along winding country roads in different weather conditions, you should choose a women's motorcycle jacket from the Adventure and Touring range, as these offer you the best possible protection. For day trips and shorter tours, sporty women's motorcycle jackets and 3-season jackets are suitable.

How should a women's motorcycle jacket fit?

Your women's motorcycle jacket should fit as close to your body as possible, but not restrict your freedom of movement. The sleeves of the jacket should be long enough to go over your wrists so that no exposed skin is visible when you wear your jacket in combination with your gloves.

The jacket's projectors must not slip when worn and must be in the right place. Only if they fit snugly against the body will the fall force be absorbed during a fall. Most projectors in textile jackets can be removed and can therefore be individually adjusted to your size if necessary, so that they fit perfectly and protect you in the best possible way.

How do I clean and care for my women's motorcycle jacket?

The care and cleaning of your women's motorcycle jacket varies depending on the material. You can wipe a leather jacket with a damp cloth to remove coarse dirt. For more stubborn dirt, there are special leather cleaning products that gently clean your women's motorbike jacket. After cleaning, you should lubricate your jacket with a leather grease and then impregnate it.

A textile motorbike jacket can usually be washed in the washing machine. However, you should always follow the manufacturer's care instructions before washing. After a few washes, you should impregnate your jacket to maintain its weather resistance.

Which women's motorcycle jacket is suitable for summer / winter?

Since women's motorcycle jackets made of leather are usually less breathable than textile jackets, lighter fabrics are preferably suitable in summer. However, when buying, you should make sure that the jacket still offers sufficient safety. The projectors should also be safely processed in thinner jackets and the jacket should be sufficiently thick at critical points.

If you also prefer a leather jacket in summer, you should go for a women's motorbike jacket with perforated leather. The small holes in the leather ensure better air circulation and breathability of the jacket. In addition, there is "cool leather", which is specially tanned so that it does not heat up under sunlight and therefore remains cool even in summer.

In winter, leather jackets with fur are suitable, as are textile jackets with a thermal lining. However, textile jackets are usually more rainproof and therefore better suited for rainy days in autumn and winter.


When buying a women's motorcycle jacket, looks should come second. The protective function of the motorbike jacket is most important. In the event of an accident, the right motorbike jacket can protect you from injury.

Therefore, you should choose a well-made jacket that fits closely to your body. It is especially important to make sure that the projectors are in the right place and do not slip. If you keep all this in mind when buying your motorbike jacket for women, nothing will stand in the way of your next motorbike tour.

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