Last updated: August 19, 2021

Whether comfortable or elegant, made of cotton or silk, with or without lace - there are many different models in the women's nightwear range. You can put together the right nightwear in many different colours for every occasion.

In this article, we would like to show you which models are available, what you should look for when buying and how to care for your nightwear properly. Finally, we will give you some interesting tips on how to create an exciting look.

The Best Women's Nightwear: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying women's nightwear

To find the right women's nightwear for you, you should consider which features are important to you before buying. To get an overview, we present the buying criteria below:

  • Material
  • Women's nightwear for warm and cold seasons
  • Style
  • Women's nightwear for special occasions

Now we would like to present the buying criteria to you in more detail. There is a huge selection of women's nightwear and something for every occasion.


When it comes to materials, there are many options depending on what you value and which aspect you want to emphasise:

Cotton: The classic nightwear is made of cotton. The fabric is both comfortable and breathable.

Terrycloth: Similar to cotton, terrycloth is especially suitable for cosy evenings. It keeps you particularly warm.

Silk: If you are looking for something more elegant, you can also opt for silk. The fabric convinces with elegance and the lightness of the fabric.

Flannel: This fabric is a mixture of terry and cotton and the most popular in the women's nightwear category.

Linen: The natural finish of the material makes the fabric very easy to wear. This fabric is particularly suitable for people who sweat a lot all year round.

You are sure to find the right nightwear fabric for you. Ultimately, of course, there is no right or wrong here, but rather it is a personal decision. You can try out different models to find the right one for you.

Women's nightwear for warm and cold seasons

Here we would like to introduce you to the perfect nightwear for women for summer and winter months. Sometimes you may sweat too much in the summer months due to a wrong choice of nightwear.

In the autumn and winter months, you should go for the warmer fabrics. The choice here ranges from cotton, flannel and fleece to terry cloth.

In the warmer months, on the other hand, the choice is often difficult. Silk is particularly suitable here, as this fabric is thin and breathable. Linen fabrics are also recommended as they are very comfortable to wear. Of course, there are big differences between silk and linen, such as the material itself or the price. Here you can decide individually.

Another important question is the length of the women's nightwear. In winter, the only option is to choose long-sleeved pyjamas. In summer, you can choose between short-sleeved pyjamas or a nightdress for women. Both versions are very airy.


If you are looking for something special, you will find an overview of different styles in the women's nightwear range here:

Fine ladies' nightwear ranges from plain nightwear to special fabrics. You can choose between plain versions or nightwear decorated with lace. Practical button-down nightwear can also have a noble finish.

If you prefer women's nightwear with several pieces in the same style, it makes sense to buy a set. This way you have several individual pieces in different variations that you can combine individually according to your mood.

Women's nightwear for special occasions

In certain situations in life, you may want differently designed nightwear. For evenings with your partner, you would certainly want more elegant nightwear. This can consist of a combination of lace, pearls and glittering stones.

Very different nightwear, on the other hand, is necessary during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Here, the practical component plays a central role. Here, value is placed above all on what is comfortable. Additional desirable factors here could also be accessories for breastfeeding.

Women's nightwear: the most important questions answered

Now we would like to clarify the most important questions before you decide on a type of ladies' nightwear. After reading the questions, it will be easier for you to decide which style and material you want. We also give you tips on how to wash and care for your women's nightwear gently.

What styles of women's nightwear are available?

Depending on the occasion for which you are looking for nightwear, there are different styles to choose from. We will introduce you to the most popular ones here:

  • Nightdress/kimono: The nightdress or, in a slightly more elegant form, the kimono is often used as a dressing gown. The kimono is very practical because you can easily throw it on and it has a pleasantly light fabric even in summer. The nightgown is also popular in the warmer months.
  • Pyjamas: Pyjamas are probably the most common type of nightwear. They are suitable for many occasions - both in winter and summer. It is usually seen as a cosier alternative to the kimono.
  • Negligee: The negligee is a very attractive version of women's nightwear. You can see it as an elegant fashion piece that would surely please your partner as well. The negligee is present in a variety of forms: both one-piece and two-piece are the common styles and there are all kinds of choices in fabrics too.

How do I know if my women's nightwear fits well?

Not only is the style of nightwear important, but of course the right fit is too. You can find out here what you should look for in your nightwear:

  • Choose the right fabric for the right season. In summer you should go for linen, silk or cotton. These fabrics are breathable and still chic.
  • Choose the right size - comfortable nightwear should not be too tight. To feel comfortable and relaxed at night, it is important to make sure that your nightwear fits comfortably.
  • There are differences between a negligee and classic pyjamas: while the classic may be worn a little looser, you should definitely pay attention to a good fit for the exciting seduction.

How do I care for and clean my women's nightwear?

The most important thing for well-groomed nightwear is regular washing. Since dead skin flakes can also stick to your nightwear, you should change it every 4 days. In the hotter summer months, it is better to change them earlier, as you often tend to sweat more.

Before washing, you should also make sure to separate your garments by colour to avoid unwanted discolouration. For newer garments, you can also put a cloth in the wash to prevent discolouration. This way you are on the safe side.

For the washing process itself, it is important not to use fabric softener, as this makes fibres porous more quickly. You should also pay attention to the recommended temperature. You can find this on the small label inside your nightwear. It is often recommended not to dry them in the dryer so as not to stress the material unnecessarily.

If you want to wash delicate nightwear such as a negligee or a material such as silk, make sure you do not put any other garments with zips or Velcro into the wash. These can also introduce unsightly holes into your nightwear. Ideally, it would be advisable to wash nightwear completely separately from your other garments.

Styling tips for women's nightwear: How to achieve the perfect nightwear look

  • Lace elements give your outfit that certain something and enhance it.
  • You can also coordinate the colours of your nightwear with the season, depending on your mood.
  • Glitter or rhinestones are particularly chic and elegant.
  • A good fit is especially important for negligees.
  • You are also welcome to match your underwear to the negligees. This adds another exciting touch to the outfit.
  • Cosy socks complement your pyjamas perfectly.

Are you wondering whether you can combine women's nightwear in a fashionable way? If you follow a few styling tips, you will definitely succeed. As you could already see above, it mainly depends on these key points.

For a cosy evening in front of the TV or the fireplace, an elegant version is of course not as important as for an exciting evening with your loved one. For example, you can put on cosy socks with your pyjamas and your cosy mood will increase.

There are also many options for a negligee: underwear in matching colours adds that certain something. A good fit is always important here, because nightwear that is too big or too small often does not have the desired effect of elegance.

If you choose a kimono as your nightwear, you can also match the belt to it in colour. If you choose a monochrome kimono, you can buy the belt in several colours or patterns and you will have a slightly different look every time.


As you have now read in the sections, there are a variety of ways to choose the right women's nightwear. From style to material to special occasions, we have presented you with the most important buying criteria. We have also recommended the right material for each season in this section.

You will also know how best to care for your nightwear so that you can enjoy it for a long time. We have also given you tips on how to combine your nightwear perfectly. We are sure that you will find the right piece for you in the large selection in the nightwear department. Let us inspire and advise you online or at your local retailer.

Featured image source: Unsplash / Annie Spratt