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Every lady has at least four pairs of shoes at home and can't get enough of them. Are you tired of wearing high heels all the time and suffering from blisters and pain in your feet? Then oxford shoes for women are perfect for you.

The shoes not only look modern and elegant, but also stand out for their comfort. Whether under a skirt or with a ladies blazer, the oxford shoes can be combined perfectly. Find out everything you want to know about oxford shoes for women below.

The Best Women's Oxford Shoes: Our Picks

Oxford shoes for ladies: The most important questions answered

Depending on the occasion, you can combine oxford shoes for ladies with all upcoming events or in everyday life. There is a wide range of oxford shoes to choose from and we have answered the most important questions on this topic for you.

What are oxford shoes for ladies?

Oxford shoes are characterised by their closed lacing. The V-shaped fastening parts of the Oxford shoe end under the front part. Initially, oxford shoes were plain and rather formal shoes worn to work or events. Oxford shoes for women are made from a variety of materials:

  • Calfskin
  • Imitation leather
  • genuine patent leather
  • Suede
  • Canvas

Oxford shoes are a real eye-catcher in the field of fashion. Their origin lies with the men. Today, the shoes are also much sought-after by ladies and enjoy immense popularity among young and old alike.

What types of oxford shoes are there for women?

Basically, oxford shoes for women differ in the height of their heel and their pattern:

  • Brogue oxford shoes for women: Brogue are oxford shoes with a low heel. The leather upper is marked with decorative holes (broguing) and serrated piece edges. Today, Oxford shoes come in a wide variety of shapes. The shoes come in full brogue, half brogue and quarter brogue. Brogue oxford shoes for women are available in different heels and platforms.
  • Plain Oxford Shoes for Ladies: Plain oxford shoes are one of the classics in the oxford shoe range. The shoes shine with the smooth and unadorned surface. The Alain oxford shoes for ladies are popular for everyday wear or at work.
  • Captoe Oxford shoes for ladies: Captoe are classy oxford shoes whose upper leather is divided into two sections. The front part of the shoe is called the captoe. They are similar to the classic Oxford shoe models.

How do I care for and clean my women's oxford shoes?

Women's oxford shoes are made of delicate fabrics. We advise you not to use aggressive cleaning agents on the material. You should always brush your shoes to protect them from dirt and moisture. It is advisable to clean the oxford shoes carefully with a cotton cloth and some lukewarm water.

Oxford shoes made of genuine leather should be lubricated with wax. For suede, you can gently clean the shoe with a brush and a little water and leave it to dry overnight at room temperature. For additional protection, we recommend a waterproofing spray. We also advise you to use a shoe tree to prevent the shoes from deforming.

What is a welted oxford shoe for women?

A welted oxford shoe is a shoe in which the inner sole is sewn together with the insole, either by machine or by hand. At the same time, a narrow leather strip is sewn onto the outside of the upper shoe. The welted oxford shoes for ladies are more durable and of higher quality than mass-produced shoes.

Styling tips for oxford shoes for women: How to achieve the perfect look

Oxford shoes are a must-have for ladies who value comfortable and modern footwear. The shoes can be effortlessly combined with any event. We have put together a few styling tips for you below.

  • Elegant: If you want to be a bit dressier, you can go for Oxford shoes with a patent look or shoes with high heels. For going out, you can perfectly combine oxford shoes for women with a dress and tights.
  • Business: Oxford shoes for women are ideal for business if you want to look elegant and stylish. Go with a pair of pleated trousers with an elegant blazer and a simple blouse.

These styling tips are for inspiration only and are intended to help you find the right outfit to go with the matching shoes.


Oxford shoes are a popular accessory among ladies who dress fashionably and stylishly. Whether in the office or at a party, oxford shoes are a real eye-catcher and flatter any outfit.

You can create all kinds of looks with an oxford shoe for ladies. Not only do the shoes look great, but they are also extremely comfortable. A good fit and the right shoe size should be a top priority with oxford shoes for women to prevent pain and injury to the foot.

(Image source: Nicole Mason / Unsplash)

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