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Pyjama for ladies: Buying advice & tips for the perfect outfit

Pyjama bottoms are a comfortable garment for evenings at home or for bed. They vary in shape, material and workmanship. In this article, we want to show you what to look for before buying ladies' pyjama bottoms.

We have also summarised everything you need to know about women's pyjama trousers to help you make the best choice. Finally, we have put together some styling tips to help you achieve the perfect look with your pyjama bottoms.

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Pyjama trousers for ladies: The most important questions answered

In the following, we have compiled a small overview with relevant questions about women's pyjama trousers. These are intended to give you an overview of the basic variations of women's trousers as well as other important aspects to help you make your decision.

In which styles are pyjama trousers for women available?

Women's pyjama bottoms are available in different variations. We have summarised three factors for you to consider. Below you will find a brief description of these points.

  • Thepattern: The first question is about the shape of the ladies' trousers. Should they be loose or tight-fitting? The wider the ladies' pyjama trousers, the more comfortable the sleep. However, it all depends on your preference.
  • The design: Women's pyjama trousers are available with different prints. From cute to elegant, there are diverse variations to choose from.
  • The structure: Another thing to consider is the length of the pants. From short to long, there are many options and sizes to choose from. Also note whether you want to have women's pyjama trousers with cuffs to tie up.

The most important factor is the material used. Cotton is particularly soft and feels good on the skin. If you want something even more comfortable, we recommend silk pyjama trousers for women. However, it can quickly get hot underneath, so think carefully about whether you want to go to bed comfortably warm or nice and cool.

What types of fabric are used for women's pyjama trousers?

All kinds of fabrics are used for women's pyjama trousers. From flannel to merino wool, you will find plenty of alternatives to choose from. As mentioned above, there are also products made of silk. These are accordingly more sensitive to wash.

Women's pyjama trousers made of flannel and fleece are particularly soft. But satin is also a comfortable alternative. Moreover, trousers made of satin often look very neat and elegant.

How do I care for and clean my ladies pyjama trousers?

Depending on the material, the cleaning process differs. Products made of cotton can be washed safely at 40 degrees in the washing machine. Cotton blends should be washed more gently at around 30 degrees.

Do not use fabric softener. This could cause the fibres of your ladies' pyjamas to separate and become porous. Basically, a gentle wash is recommended for all types of material. Ladies' pyjama trousers should be ironed with an ironing cloth.

Are women's pyjama trousers also available as maternity wear?

Yes, there are also ladies' pyjama trousers for pregnancy. With an extra wide waistband, there are no unwanted marks. Here, too, there are numerous offers you can fall back on so that your baby can develop undisturbed and comfortably.

Fleece is a particularly good choice as a base material. This fabric is particularly soft and gives you a very nice feeling on the skin. In summary, loose and soft trousers are the motto here. If you feel good, your little darling will too.

Styling tips for women's pyjama trousers: How to achieve the perfect slumber look

Below you will find a few helpful tips for the ideal look. In doing so, we have made sure to include everything you need to consider in combination with your ladies pyjama bottoms.

  1. For an elegant look, we recommend that you do not go for products made of cotton. These quickly become creased.
  2. Bright colours and subtle patterns will give you a cute look. This will give your feminine side more expression.
  3. Ideally, your top and, if necessary, your coat have the same colours. This way you create a uniform and neat look.

Although pyjama bottoms are mainly worn indoors, they always give you a positive feeling of looking good. Should you want to try something more daring, there are plenty of ways to incorporate women's pyjama bottoms into your everyday look. There are enough products designed for the daily walk or the successful business woman.


Women's pyjama trousers come in a wide variety of styles. From elegant to cosy, you will find a variety of products. You should pay particular attention to the material used. There are differences in the care and feel on the skin.

Furthermore, women's pyjama trousers can have a different structure. From short shorts to three-quarter trousers to over-long pyjama trousers for women, there are enough options for you to choose from. For a bold look, try incorporating your pyjama bottoms into your everyday look. Many designers have created particularly elegant pieces for this purpose.

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