Last updated: August 11, 2021

The classic parka for women is cut to mid-thigh and was originally only khaki in colour. Now there are also parkas that are cut shorter and are perfect for warmer days. There are also parkas in every conceivable shape and colour. Whether checked, striped, oversized, dark blue or in the classic colour khaki, there is a parka to suit every style.

A parka for women is a jacket for every occasion. So you are not only well equipped for every everyday situation, but also for special situations and all year round in any weather. We have summarised everything you should consider when buying a parka. There are also some care and styling tips.

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Buying criteria: What to look for when buying a parka for women

There are many parkas for women and you can sometimes lose track of them. That's why we want to help you with your purchase decision and explain to you what is important when buying. These are the following buying criteria:

We explain what you should look for in these criteria below.


Depending on the season, the material of your new all-round jacket should be chosen appropriately. For winter, a lining made of teddy fur or down is suitable. This keeps the cold out and you are always perfectly tempered. The outer fabric should also be water-repellent so that snow or rain can't harm you.

For the warmer seasons, parkas are very suitable and can be quickly thrown on if it gets chilly or windy. The fabrics should be made of natural materials such as cotton. This keeps the parka breathable.


As described above, your parka should be water-repellent on the outside in the colder seasons. If you are going to be outside a lot in the cooler months, it is also recommended that the parka has taped seams and waterproof zips. This way, the jacket can offer you the best protection against wetness.

For good protection against rain, a hood should not be missing. If you find the hood rather annoying, in many cases it can also be removed with the help of a zip or buttons. If it is sewn to the parka itself, it can be rolled up and stowed in the neck.

Parkas are usually cut to mid-thigh. Therefore, you can sit down on a wet bench without worrying. If that's not for you, there are also short-cut parkas. Even the shorter-cut version still goes over the bottom.

Many women's parkas have large, practical jacket pockets. So you can confidently leave your handbag at home. Especially for shorter trips.

Parkas that can be bought in a 3-in-1 system have even more functionality. These have a thin but water-repellent outer jacket and the inner lining can be attached with a zip or buttons. Individually, they are great for warmer days and also rain and together they make a nice winter parka.


There is a wide range of colours to choose from, so it's easy to lose track of what you're looking for. However, you should bear in mind that a parka is a jacket for every occasion and style. Therefore, the colour should be chosen to match your other clothes. Colours that pretty much go with everything are: black, dark blue or even beige and khaki.

Parka for ladies: The most important questions answered

In this section we want to explain everything else you need to know about parkas for women.

What is the best way to combine parkas for women?

Chic, sporty or casual. A parka for women really does suit every occasion. With jeans and sneakers it is perfect for everyday wear. In autumn, the sneakers can be easily replaced with boots or ankle boots and you are still perfectly styled.

Oversized parkas can be perfectly combined with a pair of close-fitting jeans or leggings. It also goes perfectly with boots and a scarf or shawl for a rounded autumn look.

If you're wearing a dress, make sure that the dress is longer than the parka. Especially in spring, it can be advisable to take a shorter parka so that the dress still peeks out from underneath. The wide culottes are also better combined with a short parka.

If possible, leave the parka open. This looks more casual and can be combined with a nice loop scarf in cooler weather. If it does get really uncomfortable, you can of course still close the parka.

What kind of weather are parkas for women suitable for?

As already mentioned, parkas for women are basically suitable for any weather. In bad weather and rain, it is very practical that the parka is a little longer. In addition, a hood is quickly at hand in case of a shower. For winter, there are also parkas that are lined with teddy fur or even down. That way, it won't get cold.

Parkas for women with a hood can also have a fur trim. The fur collar keeps you extra warm. If it is real fur, it is also breathable and temperature regulating. Faux fur is usually made of polyester, so the heat builds up underneath. Real fur must be marked accordingly on a label.

In spring or in summer on cooler days, a parka is the perfect companion. It can be thrown over quickly if it gets chilly. Cotton parkas in particular are comfortable to wear and breathable.

What is the best way to care for and clean parkas for women?

In general, the first thing to do is to look at the washing label and see what it says. Especially if your winter parka is lined with down, it requires sensitive care, otherwise the down feathers can clump together.

As a rule, a parka should be washable at 30°C in the washing machine. However, you should avoid using fabric softener when washing, as it can damage the materials and thus destroy certain properties. Water-repellent materials in particular need a special detergent to retain their good properties.


A parka for women is the perfect everyday companion. It can always be taken along quickly and looks casual. It is also suitable for any occasion, whether dressy or sporty. The parka should not be missing from any wardrobe. There are parkas in many different colours and patterns to match your other wardrobe. A parka is also ideal for any weather. As you can see: The parka for women is the perfect all-round jacket.

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