Last updated: August 11, 2021

Ladies' polo shirts are a cross between a shirt and a T-shirt, making them the perfect combination of casual and neat. You can wear ladies' polo shirts to any occasion and never be underdressed.

For work, for leisure or for sports, polo shirts can always be worn well and are also very comfortable and practical. Ladies polo shirts are available with different sleeve lengths and collar shapes, as well as without a collar, making them suitable all year round.

The Best Women´s Polo Shirt: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying polo shirts for women

Women's polo shirts can be worn for any occasion, they always fit the dress code and polo shirts are very comfortable. Based on these features, you can find out which polo shirt best suits your requirements.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Intended use
  • Possible combinations

In the following section you will find out what the main aspects are.


The classic polo shirt material is cotton piqué with a ribbed collar. Women's polo shirts are available in many different fabrics, with and without collars.

Other common materials are jersey, linen and polyester. Depending on the use of the polo shirt, the material also varies. Ladies' polo shirts for sports contain a large proportion of polyester, whereas polo shirts that are used as workwear are often made of the classic material cotton piqué.

Basically, polo shirts for women can be worn in many different ways, as they are available in styles ranging from traditional to very fancy. Women's polo shirts are also suitable for any season, as there are very many options in terms of sleeve length.

Intended use

Polo shirts have long been designed not only for sports, but also for work and leisure. They are a mixture of shirt and T-shirt and, depending on the material, offer the perfect outfit for different areas of application.

In retail, gastronomy, service staff and factory workers, the classic polo shirts with company lettering are particularly popular because they look more serious than T-shirts and at the same time are more practical than shirts and blouses.

The polo shirt has its origins in sports and continues to be used in this field. Especially in popular sports like handball, tennis and football, polo shirts are indispensable.

Apart from work and sports, polo shirts for women are of course also ideal for leisure time. Polo shirts are available in many different materials and can also be purchased without a collar.

Possible combinations

Ladies' polo shirts are not only available in different materials, but also with different sleeve lengths. A distinction is made between short-sleeved, half-sleeved, ¾ sleeve and long-sleeved polo shirts.

Depending on the season, polo shirts can be worn on their own, but also in combination with jumpers and jackets. By adding garments, the outfit can be styled very chic or casual.

Whether jeans, trousers or a skirt doesn't matter with the polo shirt for ladies, as it goes with everything. The polo shirt for women is a good choice for any occasion and can serve as a layered look.

Polo shirt for ladies: The most important questions answered

Ladies' polo shirts are available in many variations and styles. To help you choose the perfect polo shirt, we have compiled and answered the most important questions.

What styles of polo shirts are available for women?

Polo shirts can be worn for work, sports or leisure. To cater to as many as possible, there are many different styles of polo shirts. Below you can take a look at the different styles of polo shirts for women.

  • Classic polo shirts: Classic polo shirts are a mixture of shirt and T-shirt and are made of cotton piqué. Characteristically, they have a collar made of ribbed material and a small button placket and cuffs on the sleeves. Traditional polo shirts are available in neutral colours and are suitable for work or a job interview.
  • Polo shirts for the casual look: For the casual look, you can choose any polo shirt of your choice and combine it with jeans or chino trousers. Polo shirts with patterns or stronger colours are also suitable for this. To complete the look, you can combine a leather jacket or bomber jacket with boots or ankle boots.
  • Polo shirts for a sporty look: Polo shirts are also suitable for sport or for a sporty look in your free time. You can combine your polo shirt with jogging trousers and stylish sneakers. For a particularly casual appearance, leave the polo shirt untucked.
  • Polo shirt for the business look: Since the polo shirt is a cross between a shirt and a T-shirt, it is of course particularly suitable for professional life. Combined with a blazer, a smart cardigan or a suit, you are perfectly equipped.

Of course, these styling tips only serve as a guide. Which polo shirt you want to combine and how is entirely up to you.

How do I know if my ladies polo shirt fits well?

Depending on the polo shirt you have chosen and the cut of the model, polo shirts naturally fit differently. However, there are a few universal features that you can use to tell if your polo shirt really fits well.

  • There should be a comfortable amount of space between the polo shirt collar and the neck.
  • The shoulder seam should rest exactly on your shoulders.
  • The sleeve length should be between the beginning and the middle of the bicep for ladies. The sleeve should be neither too tight nor too wide. A guideline is about 3 cm between the upper arm and the polo shirt fabric.
    The width of the polo shirt plays an important role in the fit. There should be about 3 cm of extra fabric on each side of the polo shirt at waist level.
  • The length of the polo shirt can vary greatly for women. A guide to the right length is that when you lift your arms, your stomach should not be visible.

These were the most important clues you can use to help your polo shirt fit better. However, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable.

How do I care for and clean my polo shirt for women?

To ensure that your polo shirt gives you pleasure for a long time, it must be properly cared for and cleaned. Women's polo shirts should not be washed too hot, as they will shrink and no longer have the right size.

A glance at the textile label is sufficient to avoid shrinkage of the polo shirt, as the most important instructions can be found there. It will also state whether the polo shirt is only suitable for washing machines or also for dryers.

If you have a stubborn stain on your polo shirt, it is advisable to take the polo shirt to the dry cleaners, as they know the best and will not fade the shirt in the process.

Styling tips for ladies polo shirts: How to achieve the perfect look

Polo shirts for women are a must-have and belong in every wardrobe. No matter what look you prefer or what occasion you wanted to go out to, a polo shirt can be effortlessly combined with anything. In the following section we show you a few styling tips.

For a business/smart outfit, traditional polo shirts with muted colours are suitable. A suit or blazer with smart trousers can be combined with it.

For a sporty outfit, bright colours and patterns are the key. Add a pair of comfortable trousers and sneakers and the outfit is ready to go.

For a casual outfit, plain but also patterned polo shirts are suitable and can be chosen according to preference. Combined with jeans and a casual jacket, the outfit is complete.


Polo shirts for women are a good basis for being well dressed at any event and are therefore an absolute all-rounder. Women's polo shirts can be worn to work, in your free time and even for sports thanks to the numerous combination options.

You can create countless outfits with a ladies polo shirt. The matching combination with other garments as well as shoes and the overall impression is important. However, a good fit and a confident appearance are more important.

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