Last updated: October 26, 2021

One of the most universal garments is the poncho for women. Whether quickly thrown over, smartly combined with an evening dress or worn as a thick scarf, a poncho convinces with its incredible combinability.

Whether it's a variant made of embroidery, thick wool, cashmere or ethnic style, there's a poncho for every type! Don't underestimate the versatility of the poncho. Because it's not just the rain cape that matters. Find out what you need to consider when buying a poncho and how to combine it correctly.

The best womens Poncho: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying ponchos for women

Since every woman has different demands on her poncho, it is important to think about a few things before buying. You can now find out which criteria are particularly important. These are the following buying criteria

  • Material
  • Design
  • Extras

In the following section you will learn how to choose the perfect poncho for women.


Depending on the season or temperature, different materials are suitable for your poncho.

  • Wool: On cold days, ponchos made of wool provide a lot of warmth and cosiness. Wool ponchos are also very elastic and have the advantage that they do not crease. Wool ponchos are very popular for autumn and winter.
  • Cashmere: Another material for the colder months is cashmere. Cashmere is a popular poncho material because it insulates heat well and also has a slight moisture-repellent property. Cashmere ponchos also look very classy and are also popular to wear on festive occasions, such as visits to the theatre.
  • Acrylic: Ponchos made of acrylic are particularly suitable for summer. They are very light and thin. They are also easy to care for and can be quickly put into a bag and unpacked again when it gets a bit chilly in the evening. They are usually found in cheerful colours and give your look that certain something.
  • Alpaca: Ponchos made from the wool of alpacas are also very popular. They originally come from the mountains of South America, where it can get very cold. Alpaca wool is particularly high-quality wool and provides a good cushion of warmth under your poncho.

Each material is special and suitable for different occasions. Whatever you have in mind, there is always a poncho to suit your plans.


Whether colourful or plain, with many patterns or monochrome, there is a different design for your poncho for every occasion. Elegant for the evening or simple to go with an already colourful outfit, there is no end to her imagination. Besides the colour and pattern, there are also different cuts. There are ponchos that only have a hole for the head.

These are simply pulled over the jumper or blouse. Other variations are to put over the shoulders. You can even wear these as a scarf. Still others are particularly long so that you can almost wear them as a coat, and quite a few have sleeves and can be closed with a beautiful ribbon at the front.


  • Presence of a hood: Ponchos that have a hood provide extra cosiness. When it's particularly fresh or there's a light rain, you can quickly throw the hood over, your hairstyle won't be ruined and your head will stay warm and dry.
  • Presence of a collar: Ponchos with only one hole for the head also like to have a collar. This works like a turtleneck and provides that extra bit of warmth and a well-wrapped neck in the cold season.
  • Pom-poms and fringes: There are also ponchos with fringes, pom-poms or tassels. These provide a playful look. They can make any festival look really casual.

Which features are particularly important to you depends on the occasion for which you want to wear your poncho. But one thing is certain: the right poncho is already waiting for you.

Ladies' poncho: The most important questions answered

Before you buy a ladies' poncho, you should know what is possible. And that's a lot! Here we have answered a few common questions about ladies' ponchos.

In what styles are women's ponchos available?

Ponchos come in many different styles and models. You can find out here which styles of ponchos are available and which cape suits which occasion.

  • Knitted ponchos: A knitted poncho is the all-rounder among ponchos. It's great for everyday wear and goes with almost any outfit, whether it's jeans, a suit or a skirt. Whether plain, dark blue, pink or patterned, they are variable and can be combined in different ways. Especially long knitted ponchos can partly replace a coat.
  • Elegant ponchos for opera or theatre visits: The elegant poncho for festivities should match your evening wear. Noble fabrics such as cashmere in muted colours are particularly suitable for this. They round off a beautiful outfit and are always an eye-catcher. Ponchos with a large neckline show off your accessories better.
  • Ethnic-style ponchos: Ethnic ponchos are particularly colourful. They add a little extra pep to your outfit. Quickly thrown over a monochrome outfit, they add colour. The hippie look or boho style often has fringes and is very popular at festivals. Add a pair of boots and feather earrings to complete the look.
  • Ponchos for traditional costume fashion: A poncho in traditional costume style is a real eye-catcher with a dirndl or a checked blouse. Cable stitch or ruffles are features of this beautiful poncho. A traditional poncho should not be missing on your next visit to the mountain pasture.
  • The kimono: The kimono is the Japanese version of the poncho and is also known as a silk dressing gown. It is usually made of light, supple fabric and flatters the female figure. The Japanese dressing gown can be closed with a ribbon at waist level. It is usually printed with colourful Japanese ornaments.
  • The rain cape: What could be better than when it rains and you can throw on a chic cape in the blink of an eye? With the waterproof rain jacket, no rain shower will bother you. There are variants that even have room for your backpack. There are rain capes made of polyethylene, polyester or nylon. These materials are water-repellent and keep the wet out.
  • The bathing poncho: Another popular and extremely practical item is the bathing poncho. When you come out of the water, you can quickly throw it on and it protects you from light wind. The material can be thought of as a towel. This means that you can also dry off perfectly with a bathing poncho. Another tip: if there is no free changing room at the moment, you can relax and change under the bathing poncho.

Always well styled and prepared for any eventuality. If you choose the right poncho for your occasion, nothing can go wrong.

How do you wear a ladies' poncho?

There is hardly an end to the possibilities of wearing a ladies' poncho. Whether you wear it casually in everyday life with skinny jeans and a T-shirt, for business meetings with a suit or suit trousers, or even more chicly with an evening dress on the red carpet, everything is possible with a ladies' poncho. The important thing is that the wider the poncho, the tighter the layers underneath should sit to create a nice contrast.

How do I clean and care for my ladies' poncho properly?

Ponchos made of cotton or acrylic are easy to clean. Both materials are very durable and easy to care for. They can be washed in the washing machine at 30 to 40 degrees, depending on the washing instructions for your poncho.

In contrast, ponchos made of alpaca wool, other wools or cashmere should be washed by hand and left to dry in the open air. It is best to dry ponchos made of these materials lying on a clothes horse so that the fabric does not stretch.

This keeps the ponchos particularly beautiful and you will enjoy your favourite poncho for longer. The gentler you treat your poncho, the better. Sometimes it's enough just to air it out a bit in the fresh air. That way you can save yourself a wash or two.

When to wear a ladies' poncho?

The poncho is one of the most versatile garments of all. You can wear it for any occasion. In everyday life, for business appointments or with evening wear, there is no end to the possible combinations of the ladies' poncho.

Depending on the temperature and occasion, some materials are naturally more popular than others. Wool ponchos are particularly cosy and snug and are therefore more suitable for an evening around the campfire or for a trip.

Acrylic ponchos are especially popular for nice summer evenings. Of course, the rain poncho also has its raison d'être. There is nothing more practical than quickly putting on a waterproof rain poncho. This can save the odd hike or two. And even in the morning after getting up, a kimono or cosy poncho can be thrown on quickly and makes for cosiness at home.

Styling tips for women's ponchos: How to achieve the perfect poncho look

With a poncho, you can quickly turn an ordinary look into something special. There are many different types of ponchos and each one suits a different occasion. We have collected some ideas and tips for a perfect poncho look.

  • Under the poncho: Wear slim-fitting clothes under your poncho. Tight jeans or a skirt, anything goes. The combination of a wide poncho and accentuated legwear looks super casual and chic at the same time.
  • Accessories: Combine your poncho with a handbag and shoes in the same style. Handbag and shoes in the style of her poncho really complete the look.
  • Small women: Small women can wear ponchos with a lengthwise pattern or V-neck as they make you look taller.
  • Tall women: Tall women have the option of looking smaller with a slightly boxier poncho.

You can't go wrong with a beautiful poncho for ladies. Well staged, you are the eye-catcher.


The poncho for ladies is an all-rounder. That's what makes it so interesting. Quickly thrown on in the morning after getting up and at the same time ready for a festive appearance at the theatre or opera. The multi-talented poncho simply always goes. Whether plain in dark or muted colours or in bright pink or sunny yellow. There is a poncho for everyone. And why just one? Have fun shopping and choosing your poncho.