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You want to be well prepared for the cold days of the year? Are you looking for the right women's quilted jacket, but are overwhelmed with the choice? We have informed ourselves for you!

In our guide you will find out everything you need to know before buying a women's quilted jacket.

The Best Womens Quilted Jacket: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying quilted jackets for women

As with so many products, there are a few things to consider before buying quilted jackets for women. We have worked out the most important buying criteria for you.

  • Colour
  • Material
  • Features
  • Length

In the next section we will explain the features in more detail.


Whether black, green or red, the colour variations of quilted jackets for women are almost endless. This means that there is something for everyone. The colour decision is of course subjective.

Basically, all that can be said is that lighter colours are very refreshing, especially in winter, as the broad masses wear dark colours. However, Fabre white is rather less suitable because it is very susceptible to dirt.


The material of a women's quilted jacket can either be shiny or have more of a matt look. Here, too, there is no good or bad, as this decision is purely a matter of taste.

There are also differences in the filling of ladies' quilted jackets. The filling is often made of either polyester or down, whereby the popularity of polyester has increased significantly in recent years. Down jackets are also much more expensive in most cases.


Everything that distinguishes quilted jackets for women visually falls under the heading of features. Does the jacket have a hood or not, does it have buttons or a zip? Are there pockets, and if so, how many? Does the jacket have a belt or similar to tighten it around the waist.

With all these questions, you should first ask yourself about the purpose of the women's jacket. A hood is recommended in any case, as a women's quilted jacket is worn in winter after all, and in the event of a surprise snowfall or sudden cold, it is always an advantage to have a hood.

A zip closure is now common on almost all women's quilted jackets, but some have a zip closure with an additional option to button the jacket. Whether this is a real advantage remains to be seen, because it is more of a visual attraction than a real benefit.

We also think that a women's jacket should have at least two pockets. Warming up your hands for a moment is always an advantage in winter. However, since almost every jacket already has two pockets for the hands, the only thing to consider is where their openings are. Some models have the pocket opening vertically. This is not particularly practical, as it is rather uncomfortable to actually put your hands in. A side pocket opening is better.

The last important distinction in the design of women's quilted jackets is the availability of a belt or the possibility of tightening the jacket with the help of ribbons. It should be said that both types are primarily a fashion accessory, but it can be an advantage if the jacket is cut wide. Tight-fitting jackets can retain heat better than those that are very loose.


Last but not least, quilted jackets for women come in different lengths. Some models go down to the hips, while the typical parka reaches over the bottom. However, there are already products in every conceivable length, which also reach to the knees or beyond.

We recommend women's quilted jackets that reach at least above the bottom, as they also warm the abdomen. This can also significantly reduce the feeling that the cold is drawing into the jacket from below.

Quilted jackets for women: The most important questions answered

Since questions always arise before buying a quilted jacket, we have compiled and answered the most important ones for you.

What is a quilted jacket for women?

A women's quilted jacket is a jacket that is filled with dews or synthetic material and whose surface is divided into fields by quilting seams.

What types of ladies' quilted jackets are there?

The different types differ mainly visually. The distinguishing features are summarised again below.

  • Filling: Women's quilted jackets are filled with either down or polyester. Down is usually more expensive, but according to the manufacturers it is also supposed to be warmer.
  • Length: The length of quilted jackets for women ranges from waist-high to below the knee. Longer jackets tend to be warmer, so for people who freeze easily, we recommend models that reach at least above the bottom.
  • Hood: Not all quilted jackets for women have a hood. In our opinion, however, you should definitely make sure that a hood is present. For both snowfall and cold, a jacket with a hood offers distinct advantages.
  • Belts or similar: These are usually only an optical decoration, but can have an advantage for very slim women. This is because the women's jacket is pulled tightly against the body, resulting in optimal warmth.
  • Jacket pockets: Two jacket pockets are an absolute must! If the women's jacket has more pockets, it can be an advantage under certain circumstances to put in a mobile phone or the like.

How do I clean and care for my ladies' quilted jacket?

We definitely recommend following the washing instructions on the inside of the ladies' quilted jacket. Cleaning is usually very uncomplicated. In many cases you can wash ladies' quilted jackets in the washing machine, but sometimes we recommend having them professionally cleaned in a dry-cleaning shop.

Where can I buy a quilted jacket for women?

This type of winter jacket is available in almost every fashion shop. You can choose between ordering online and going to the shop. We recommend that you try it on and buy it in the store.

To name a few popular suppliers:

  • Zalando
  • Peek-Cloppenburg
  • Only
  • Esprit

How warm is a women's quilted jacket?

The warmth of a women's quilted jacket naturally varies from model to model and also depends heavily on the quality. Basically, we advise against buying the cheapest model, as these products usually either break very quickly or do not warm well.


The choice is huge. That's why, apart from our tips, we recommend that you go to a shop and check out the quality. In addition, the women's jacket should not be too thin, as you can then assume that the model is only moderately suitable for cold days.

Furthermore, you should keep the purpose of the jacket in mind. Will the women's quilted jacket only be used for short walks in the city, or do you want to take it on a winter holiday? If you want to be outside for a longer period of time, you should go for high-quality products.

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