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Whether in autumn, winter, spring or summer, there are always rainy days when you need a rain jacket. Not only are rain jackets for women incredibly practical, they also look very chic and fashionable thanks to the many different variations. But also for activities like jogging, climbing, hiking, camping or skiing, the rain jacket is a loyal and helpful companion.

Even if you stand in the pouring rain for hours, the rain jacket keeps you protected, dry and warm. This is not only fascinating, but also very important for your health to protect your immune system and not get wet and risk catching a cold. There is also a variety of fashionable rain jackets to choose from, with a wide range of colours, shapes lengths and cuts to create a beautiful outfit for any occasion.

The Best Women´s Rain Jacket: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying a women's rain jacket

If you are about to buy a new women's rain jacket, you should first find out about the most important factors of a good jacket. So that you know what is important, we have listed and explained the factors here.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Water column
  • Protection
  • Cut and shape
  • Value for money

Make sure you look out for these points when buying a good and reliable rain jacket.

Water column

The term water column indicates the water pressure that an outer material can withstand. The value is given in millimetres and the higher it is, the more waterproof the material is.

According to EU guidelines, a fabric is considered waterproof from a water column of 800 mm. However, this value is not recommended in practice and should be regarded as an absolute minimum. In Switzerland, a fabric is only considered waterproof when it has a water column of at least 4,000 mm. This value is much more realistic.

The water column of a fabric is determined by a test in a laboratory. For example, a water column of 1,000 mm means that a fabric does not let any liquid through when a 1 metre high water column is on it.

You also have to pay attention to how the whole product is constructed. The water column only assesses the water resistance of the textile and says nothing about the seams, zips or the state of use. Ideally, zips should be protected with taped tape on the outside and the seams should have the same on the inside.

It is also important to remember that a waterproof jacket has an impregnation on the outside that keeps moisture out. This impregnation must be renewed regularly to guarantee waterproofness.

Protection and Breathing

In comparison to these extremely waterproof jackets, there are also softshell jackets, which are made of water-repellent material. The water column of these products is about 4,000 mm and they are not impregnated on the outside and do not have a membrane sewn in.

These jackets are suitable for strenuous activities because they are water-repellent and very breathable. With waterproof jackets, sweating quickly causes a damp feeling in the jacket because condensation occurs.

Cut and shape

To find the right rain jacket for the right activity, you should first consider what occasion the jacket is needed for. There are nice mackintoshes that go up to the knees, these are wind and water resistant and protect more area due to the shape. For a walk or simple activities, such a rain jacket is perfect.

However, if you need a rain jacket for jogging, climbing, hiking or skiing, then you should choose a shorter shape so that you are not restricted in your movement. The perspiration factor also plays a role, as many very waterproof jackets are not particularly breathable.

In the case of a lot of exertion, you should rather go for a softshell jacket to ventilate the body. You still won't get wet in a short shower or a bit of rain.

Price-performance ratio

Many rain jackets for women have very reasonable prices and still promise to offer everything. So you first have to decide for what purpose you want to buy a rain jacket. Then you can find out the water column you need. Most low-priced jackets have a very low waterproof rating, and the zips and seams are not well made or protected.

For your own protection, it is therefore worthwhile to pay attention to such important points when buying in order to find an appropriate offer.

Ladies rain jackets: The most important questions answered

Finding a suitable and fashionable rain jacket can be difficult. However, if you know what to look for and what to look out for, it can be a breeze.

What styles of rain jackets are available for women?

As with all clothing, women's rain jackets come in different shapes for different circumstances. With rain jackets, there are:

  • Stylish rain jackets for women: Rain jackets are not only functional, but can also be very chic. For example, there are mackintoshes, Parker Disign rain jackets and trench coats in all shapes, colours and sizes.
  • Practical rain jackets for women: Rain jackets are also practical with regard to cold, windy days, as they are not only water-repellent but also wind-repellent. Most models always have a hood and many pockets, which are of course also waterproof.
  • Sporty rain jackets for women: Softshell jackets are ideal for sporty outings such as climbing, skiing, jogging or cycling, as they are not only water-repellent but also breathable.

Ladies rain jackets are not only practical, but as you can see, they are also very versatile and chic. You will therefore find the perfect jacket for every outfit in order to master the days in a protected and fashionable way.

How do I know if my rain jacket fits well?

Finding the right size is not always easy, so we have a few tips for you here.

  • The sleeves of a rain jacket should never be too short, otherwise water can penetrate. If necessary, you should even be able to pull your hands in to be optimally protected from water.
  • The hood should be large enough to fully protect your head, but not too large so as not to restrict your vision.
  • A women's rain jacket that is cut longer can be slightly larger without any problems. In fact, many people want this look.
  • With short-cut rain jackets, you need to pay attention to the length. When you lift your arms, the jacket should still cover your belly.
  • The shoulder width is also important and should not be too narrow so that you can move easily in the rain jacket during sporting activities.

Rain jackets fit similarly to regular jackets, and you'll also be the same size in most cases. However, you should really pay extra attention to rain jackets that are meant for sporting activities to make sure that they fit and that you are not restricted in your movement by the jacket.

How do I care for and clean my women's rain jacket?

A rain jacket must be washed with care so as not to compromise its protection against water. You can still throw the jackets in the washing machine and don't have to wash them by hand. It can easily happen that the jacket gets a little dirt from the weather or lipstick on the hood.

However, you should pay attention to the following points when washing a rain jacket:

  • always close all zips on the jacket
  • do not wash together with heavily soiled clothing
  • depending on the model and type of jacket, wash at between 30 - 50 degrees
  • use special outdoor detergents
  • do not use fabric softener, detergent or bleach, especially powdered ones
  • it is best to rinse again after washing
  • spin less when washing

Drying the jacket should preferably be done in the air, but it is also possible to dry it in a gentle cycle in the tumble dryer.

When washing, make sure that the detergents do not clog the pores of the jacket or damage the membrane.

Care of the jacket is important for its longevity. If you wash the jacket according to these instructions and treat it regularly with waterproofing agent, your rain jacket will last a very long time.

When is it worth wearing a rain jacket?

Rain jackets for women don't have to be taken out of the wardrobe when it's pouring rain. Most models look very smart and can also be worn in everyday life. They are also wind-resistant, so even on days with a light breeze you can reach for a rain jacket.

Styling tips for women's rain jackets: How to achieve the perfect rain jacket look

Since a rain jacket is very similar to a normal jacket, you have a lot of choice when it comes to combining them. You can put together beautiful outfits with women's rain jackets to be protected and fashionable.

  1. Long rain jackets, like a coat, look great with high heels or boots.
  2. A scarf can be a nice accessory for a plain rain jacket
  3. With short rain jackets, you can go for a sporty look with sneakers.
  4. Especially when it's a bit windy but still nice weather, a rain jacket as a coat, sunglasses and chic gloves are a beautiful combination.


In summary, we can say that a women's rain jacket is a must-have in any wardrobe. Due to the large selection of jackets and the many different styles, there is the right rain jacket for everyone, in which you feel comfortable and look fashionable. Even when it's not raining, you can wear these beautiful jackets and still be protected from wind and weather.

The protection aspect of a rain jacket is of course paramount and one should not forget how incredibly practical, helpful and necessary such a jacket is and how much wetness and trouble it saves you. Especially on holidays and excursions such as a hiking tour, such a rain jacket is indispensable to protect yourself, so that you don't lose the fun of the adventure just because you got a little wet.

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