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The selection of women's rugby shirts is small, but there are also different variants for women. Whether muted or bright colours with or without the typical stripes, the different styles give the wearer a casual and modern look. The loose fit of women's rugby shirts is suitable for every body type.

Originally, rugby shirts were developed for sports and mainly worn by men. The sporty tops with a typical white collar are also becoming increasingly popular among women as casual wear. Rugby shirts for ladies are casual and modern. Despite the similarity to polo shirts, these cotton shirts are anything but stuffy. Combined correctly, ladies' rugby shirts are a real eye-catcher. They are popular for leisure wear, but can also be integrated into business looks.

The Best Women´s Rugby Shirt: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying rugby shirts for women

Although there is little choice compared to other tops, rugby shirts for women come in many varieties. When buying one of the sporty classics, there are various features that should be considered in order to find the perfect model.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Colour
  • Material
  • Design

You can use these distinguishing criteria to guide your buying decision. Depending on the style you want to pursue, there are different women's rugby shirts that can be combined well with it.


Ladies rugby shirts are available in classic muted colours such as blue and red. More striking fabrics in bright orange or yellow attract all eyes. Depending on your own style, you can choose a matching base fabric.

Rugby shirts for women with wide horizontal stripes are especially classic. The combination of blue and white is simple and therefore very popular. There is also a large selection of other two- or multi-coloured shirts.

The special feature of women's rugby shirts is the stand-out white stand-up collar and button placket. Classically, the collar is white. If you like it less flashy, a coloured collar is an option. Dark blue or black collars are more inconspicuous, but stand out against the other coloured fabric. This creates a classy look. It is also worth bearing in mind that white collars are easily discoloured by make-up.


Women's rugby shirts were first developed for the sport of rugby and were typically made of cotton. Nowadays, professional athletes wear rugby jerseys made of synthetic material. These jerseys with the desired team or a national team printed on them are available in special fan shops.

The original cotton rugby shirts are no longer worn for rugby. However, the cotton makes them perfect as an everyday top with a sporty look. The cotton fabric is comfortable, easy to care for and breathable. Blends of cotton and synthetic fibres are also available. A viscose content gives the fabric a nice sheen.


The design differs depending on the manufacturer. In addition to models with a small logo on the chest, women's rugby shirts are available in college style with or without stripes and with large embroideries. The collar colour does not have to be classically white. For example, a collar made of fabric with a denim look can add a stylish element. A collar that only slightly contrasts with the main fabric creates a more inconspicuous rugby shirt for women.

The button placket, like the collar, can also be brought out of the foreground by using a colour. In some styles, the button placket does not stand out from the main fabric of the women's rugby shirt. In other models, the button placket stands out by choosing the colour of the collar if it is not white. This makes it less noticeable. The look of the sporty women's rugby shirt is maintained.

Rugby shirts for ladies: The most important questions answered

Rugby shirts have long been worn only by men. The timeless shirts are now increasingly being used by women to create a casual look. To help you decide what to buy, the most important questions are answered below.

What types of women's rugby shirts are there?

Women's rugby shirts are available in different designs. In addition to the classic models, variants have become popular, which are described below.

  • Classic ladies' rugby shirts with white collars: These styles are available in a wide range of colours from classic dark blue to a rich orange. Ladies' rugby shirts with wide horizontal stripes give the wearer a sporty look. In addition to two-colour combinations, such as blue and white, bright multicoloured colour combinations are available.
  • Women's rugby shirts with coloured collars: Not as eye-catching as the classic shirts are models with a black or coloured collar. There is no limit to the number of colour combinations. A combination of blue collar and red cotton fabric creates an elegant look, while the top remains recognisable as a women's rugby shirt.
  • Short-sleeved ladies' rugby shirts: In addition to the classic long-sleeved shirts, ladies' rugby shirts are offered with short sleeves. These are perfect for warm days and can easily be complemented with a jacket.
  • College-look women's rugby shirts: A design with various patches and elbow patches is reminiscent of the American college look. These rugby shirts for women are striped or plain. The colours are often kept muted for a casual look.

Rugby shirts for women can be distinguished primarily by their colour and collar. If you want to wear a more inconspicuous shirt, a white collar is a bad idea. To make a visual statement, a white collar is all the more suitable.

What is the difference to the ladies' polo shirt?

Both tops are mainly characterised by a collar with a button placket. Thus, distinguishing rugby shirts from polos is not easy. Both types were initially developed for sport. After that, fashion manufacturers began to produce these shirts for everyday use as well. A special feature of both rugby and polo shirts is the collar. Since the collar is one of the main features of a rugby shirt, the question arises as to how it differs from a polo shirt.

The collar of a rugby shirt is stiffer than that of a polo shirt. It also stands out from the main fabric of the shirt because of its white colour. Typically, the button placket on rugby shirts is also white. Another distinguishing feature is wide horizontal stripes on the shirt.

In the past, the colours stood for the different rugby teams, but today the horizontal stripes are a distinguishing feature of many rugby shirts. However, there are also plainer rugby shirts without stripes for everyday wear. Polo shirts typically do not have horizontal stripes. While polos are usually short-sleeved, rugby shirts usually have long sleeves.

How do I wash my women's rugby shirt?

Women's cotton rugby shirts should only be washed with garments of the same colour. The white collar is problematic. This can also become discoloured by dark laundry. A detergent for white laundry, on the other hand, can bleach out the colour of the main fabric.

It is advisable to wash the women's rugby shirt at the specified temperature with light-coloured fabrics. This will prevent other garments from colouring the collar. Another option is to use dye catchers so that the collar does not discolour due to the darker fabric. This way, a dark rugby shirt can be washed with fabrics of the same colour and the appropriate detergent.

In case of make-up stains on the collar, it is advisable to clean the white fabric by hand. Women's rugby shirts with pre-treated stains on the collar can then be washed in the washing machine with similar fabrics.

What occasions can I wear a ladies rugby shirt to?

Rugby shirts for women are tops with a sporty, classic look. Generally, a women's rugby shirt is perfect for everyday wear. For a shopping trip or a family afternoon, combined with a pair of jeans results in a more eye-catching outfit than with a plain-coloured jumper or T-shirt without many accessories.

Combined correctly, a women's rugby shirt can also be worn at work. The casual look of the cotton fabric makes a women's rugby shirt suitable for any everyday situation. In the next section, we will show you what options there are for combining a rugby shirt in a stylish way.

Styling tips for women's rugby shirts: How to achieve the perfect rugby shirt look

Rugby shirts are not yet in every lady's wardrobe. Many don't know this category and don't know how to combine these shirts. With women's rugby shirts, however, it is very easy to conjure up special looks that can make a real statement in different situations. We have put together a few examples below.

  • Casual look: The casual rugby shirts for ladies can always be combined with ripped jeans. Comfortable shoes and large sunglasses make the look perfect. Depending on the temperature, you can add a jacket and be well dressed for a shopping trip or a walk.
  • Feminine look: With a stylish skirt, a feminine look can be given to the sporty rugby shirts that were mainly worn by men. Tuck the top into the high-cut skirt to emphasise the waist.
  • Business look: Tight-fitting rugby shirts for women can easily be combined with a blazer. This creates a simple outfit for work. Plain black trousers and heeled shoes create an elegant look. The white collar adds that certain something and fits perfectly into the working world.
  • College look: Rugby is inevitably associated with American colleges. There, women's rugby shirts are combined with chinos and sneakers. This creates a young, sporty look that still looks grown-up.

No matter how you want to combine your women's rugby shirt, it will always create an extraordinary outfit that will attract attention. However, the suggestions mentioned are only meant to serve as inspiration.


Rugby shirts for women are a fashionable garment. The sporty classic is increasingly conquering women's wardrobes, and for good reason. Ladies' rugby shirts are versatile and comfortable. The long-sleeved shirts are easy to combine and give a special look to a plain everyday outfit. The eye-catching collar means that no or few other accessories are needed.

A rugby shirt for ladies can be combined with any trousers. Due to the different designs and colours, every woman can find a shirt that suits her style. Those who find the white collar too conspicuous may like a plain model with a coloured collar. The material is easy to care for and pleasant on the skin.

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