Last updated: August 11, 2021

Women's sandals have been an it-piece for the summer months for the last few years. In this article you will find out why and how. All buying criteria, different heel shapes and different models are described. Hopefully, you will get answers to all your questions. This way, you are sure to find the right women's sandals for the respective occasions.

Due to the versatility of women's sandals, no wish is left unfulfilled. Whether in everyday life, at weddings, private parties or other festivities, sandals can be combined well with the right styling. Women's sandals also have a legitimate place in offices.


The Best Women´s Sandals: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying women's sandals

Sandals for women are must-have shoes for the summer. If you don't have any yet, you should get some as soon as possible. When buying sandals, you should pay attention to certain criteria. Find out what they are now:

  • Size and fit
  • Heel shape
  • Footbed
  • Models

If you don't have much of an idea yet, that's no problem at all. We have made it our business to inform you well about them. What you should look for in these criteria and why, we have explained in the following lines.

Size and fit

As with any shoe, it is important to find the right size and fit for women's sandals. Women's sandals usually have a slightly higher heel.

That is why the right size is crucial for the overall stability of your leg. If the sandals for women are too big, you can easily lose your balance, twist your foot or even fall. If the sandal is too small, you will get blisters, your feet will hurt and your whole posture will suffer.

The same applies to the fit, of course. Your foot should not get lost in the sandal. At the same time, you should still have enough space so that you don't get any pressure points.

We know that you are probably not buying shoes for the first time and know what size you need. But you won't believe how many still choose the wrong size or fit. The best thing to do is to go to a shoe shop of your choice for advice.

Heel shape

The heel of women's sandals can take many different forms. Do you have an exact idea of what kind of heel you want, but don't know what to call it? This is now remedied. We have summarised the most popular women's sandal heels for you.

  • The stiletto heel, spiked heel, stiletto heel, high heel: This heel is characterised by a very thin and narrow shape. It is one of the highest heels. Because of the thin shape, it requires a lot of balance to walk on them.
  • The block heel: This heel has the same width all over. This width gives you more stability and comfort even with higher heels. It is an ideal compromise between style and safety.
  • The funnel heel: Everyone knows a funnel. It is wide at the top and gets narrower towards the bottom. The funnel heel is built with the same principle.
  • The wedge heel, wedges heel: As the name suggests, the heel has the shape of a wedge. This means that the sole of the women's sandals is a flat plane, despite the height. Figuratively speaking, a wedge is inserted between the shoe and the heel. This gives the foot more stability because there are more points of contact with the ground.
  • The platform heel: The principle behind this is the same as with the wedge heel. You are supposed to get more stability through a platform, which is attached to the underside in the area of the toes. A platform heel is especially popular with people who want to cheat their way up in height.

Now you know the different heel styles of women's sandals. You can decide for yourself which variant you prefer.


It never hurts to take a look at the footbed. Your feet have to endure a lot throughout your life. Without our feet, we can't get around. We can walk, run and most importantly we can dance. Especially with high sandals, which do damage to our feet anyway because of the heels, you should pay attention to the quality of the footbed.

There are several types. But certainly to be recommended is a footbed made of cork. This is very shock-absorbent, protects your feet and also increases comfort. Another option is an orthopaedic footbed. This is based on the anatomy of our feet. It gives you stability and comfort.

Of course, such special sandals for women with such a footbed may cost more. But think of it as an investment in your health.


Many models are distinguished by their heel, among other things. You already know the different shapes. Now you will get to know three more models of women's sandals.

  • Women's lace-up sandals: They are characterised by straps and laces. The slightly extravagant look makes them something very special. They not only look feminine, but also very playful.
  • Women's espadrille sandals: This combination seems very unusual at first, but it goes together wonderfully. Because the wonderful pebbled sole invites you to dream of sun, summer, beach and sea.
  • Women's sandals with fine straps: Here, the thinner the better. This model is also often called naked shoes and floss heels. Because sometimes the straps are so fine and thin that you often don't recognise them.

At first glance, it now seems that there are few types of ladies' sandals. This is definitely not the case. All heel forms are quasi models of sandals and have therefore not been listed separately.

Sandals for ladies: The most important questions answered

You now know the most important buying criteria and can make the right choice for you when buying sandals. If you still have questions, we hope you will find the answers here. In this section we have answered the most frequently asked questions for you.

What occasions can ladies sandals be worn for?

Women's sandals can be worn for any occasion because of the different heel variations. You can create and pimp all styles with women's sandals.

Whether espadrille sandals for everyday wear or women's sandals with lace-up details for an exciting party look. Classic women's sandals with block heels can be worn just as well for a business look.

Is there a difference between women's sandals and sandals?

Yes, there is a difference. Women's sandals are a subcategory of sandals. People originally wore sandals only to prevent injury to their feet. Generally, all flat shoes that are attached to the feet with straps are called sandals.

Sandals, on the other hand, have a heel. They look very feminine, not least because of the thin and playful straps.

What alternatives are there to women's sandals?

Ladies' peeptoes are a good alternative. They have a toe opening and can also convince with a variety of styling options. Just like women's sandals, they are perfect summer all-rounders. Another alternative are the classic espadrilles. They are also perfect for a summer and everyday look.

Styling tips for women's sandals: How to achieve the perfect sandal look

Here are a few styling tips for women's sandal looks. But they are only suggestions. Feel free to experiment a little yourself to find the perfect look for you.

Women's sandals with wedge heels are suitable for everyday wear. The stability means you can stroll around all day and have fun. You can combine the sandals in summer either with short jeans and a simple and plain top, or with an airy summer dress. Skirts of all lengths are also a good combination.

For the office, it is best to wear medium-height women's sandals. A heel height of five to ten centimetres is appropriate for a business look. Combining them with a trouser suit or a close-fitting skirt with a light-coloured blouse completes the look. A maxi dress can also be styled well with women's sandals.

You can easily create a glam look with chic strappy sandals. The best colours are gold or the metallic look. By combining women's strappy sandals with a shift dress or a stylish jumpsuit, you can create a stylish outfit. To create a clean look, you should go for the classic models. You'll be sure to impress at any wedding or other festive occasion.

For the next party night, you can also go for the sandals. Here, less is definitely not more. Women's sandals with a lace-up design are an absolute eye-catcher in clubs or discos. Platform or wedge heels are also very popular. You can combine these sandals with a short dress or stylishly with a leather skirt and a top.


Women's sandals are true all-rounders, especially in summer. Thanks to the great variety, you can wear them for every conceivable occasion. Whether in everyday life, at work or at parties, even at weddings and other festivities, women's sandals are an eye-catcher.

However, when buying them, pay attention to the size and fit. These give your foot the necessary stability to walk in the sandals for a long time. Nothing should pinch or bother you. You should also pay attention to the footbed. The heel shape is very important for styling. Other shapes achieve a different style.

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