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A sequin dress for women is nothing to hide. With a sparkling and glittering sequin dress, you are guaranteed to attract all eyes on the dance floor. It is the perfect eye-catcher at parties or festive occasions. It doesn't matter what colour or fit you choose, a sequined dress will look good on everyone and make a statement.

You have the choice between short or long dresses, discreet sequin embellishments or flashy and gaudy sequins, tight figure-hugging cuts or also wide and loose cuts. The choice is huge and there is something for everyone. We want to help you find the perfect sequin dress that will blow everyone away.

The Best Womens Sequin Dress: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying sequin dresses for women

With so many different styles and types of women's sequin dresses on the market, it's easy to get confused. We have summarised important criteria that you can look out for when making your purchase.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Colour
  • Length
  • Fit

In the next section, we explain what the individual categories are all about.


This criterion speaks for itself. As with any other piece of clothing, the choice of different colours for sequin dresses is huge. From bright colours that scream party to neutral and noble colours for a breathtaking appearance at an evening gala. When it comes to sequin dresses, there is nothing you won't find. From dresses that are fully embellished with sequins to dresses that feature eye-catching or dainty patterns with sequins. No matter what occasion you are looking for, you will find a dress in your new favourite colour.


Besides the colour, the length of the dress also plays a decisive role. With dresses you have the choice of how long the dress should be. There is also the long version, often called floor-length dresses. The counterpart to this is the mini-length version. These are usually chosen for carefree evenings with girlfriends in the club. However, there are not only these two extremes, knee-length or medi-length is also a common length. These dresses usually go just above or below the knee.


Like all other dresses, sequin dresses come in a variety of fits. From shift dresses, flared dresses, wrap dresses to figure-hugging dresses. With this selection, there is something for everyone.

A shift dress is a knee-length dress that is figure-hugging. This means that the dress gently hugs your hips, but is relatively straight from top to bottom. These dresses are usually sleeveless and often come in solid colours.

Figure-hugging dresses are, as the name suggests, figure-hugging. These dresses are cut for a perfect fit, so they are tight around the waist, hips and bust. Sleeveless, low neckline or high-necked, you will find thousands of variations in this model.

A flared dress, on the other hand, usually has a fitted bodice and an accentuated waist, while the skirt is wide and broad, also called an A-line. Wrap dresses cleverly hug your body and conjure up an hourglass figure. These dresses are usually a little more playful with a large V-neck.

Sequined dress for ladies: The most important questions answered

We know how overwhelming the purchase and especially the search for a new women's sequin dress can be. Therefore, we have collected and answered important questions here and hope to clear up the remaining question marks around the topic of women's sequin dresses.

In which styles are sequin dresses for women available?

Sequin dresses for women are available in different styles and designs. We will now present them to you briefly and concisely.

  • The evening dress: this style is particularly suitable for finer parties and events. A gala or an evening at the opera are the ideal event for a long and elegant yet striking dress.
  • The classic everyday dress: sequin dresses for women can also be perfectly integrated into everyday life or worn to a relaxed dinner. It doesn't always have to be a glitter bomb, there are definitely simpler versions with individual sequin appliqués.
  • The party dress: a party dress is the perfect companion for the next club visit or disco. This variant is often more eye-catching, trendier and also usually available in bright colours.

Whether it's a party or a relaxed walk in the park. With the wide range of styles of women's sequin dresses, you will find the perfect eye-catcher for your occasion.

How can I tell if my women's sequin dress fits well?

You can easily find out for yourself whether your new ladies' sequin dress fits you or not. Everybody has different body measurements which have different effects on the clothes. However, there are some things you can do to determine whether your dress fits or not.

The scissor parts as well as the section of your song should be flat and comfortable. The fabric should not stick out unless it is intentional, such as with a stand-up collar. There should be no tightness at the bust as well as their back. If the dress is too tight, it will be difficult for you to move and may cause discomfort. Here you can simply check that you can move your arms freely and sit down without pain.

Most importantly, they should feel comfortable in their dress and like the way they look in the mirror.

Styling tips for women's sequin dresses: How to achieve the perfect sequin dress look

  • If it's too cold and you need a jacket for the road, we recommend a simple blazer. Especially if it's a slim-fitting sequin dress, a blazer complements this outfit perfectly. A matching bolero jacket looks particularly good with evening women's sequin dresses.
  • Matching jewellery is a great way to round off the look. We recommend, however, that you choose rather plain models with inconspicuous colours. Avoid sparkling and flashy bracelets, necklaces and earrings. The outfit could quickly look too cluttered and you don't want to steal the show with your dress.
  • For shorter dresses and especially in winter, it is not a bad idea to wear tights. Just make sure that they do not deviate too much from your skin tone. Here, too, the rule is: keep it simple without shiny effects or shimmering.


The women's sequin dress is one of the most popular dresses for opera visits or festive occasions. However, these dresses are also often chosen for parties or the next disco visit, the palettes reflect the colourful lights wonderfully. But also at events or red carpets, people and also celebrities like to fall back on the palette-adorned garment.

With the dress alone, however, the work to create a successful look is not yet done. Choose the matching accessories and her appearance can start. With your fashionable look around your women's sequin dress, you will make an unforgettable entrance!

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