Last updated: August 19, 2021

The shirt jacket, blouse jacket or shacket for women is as versatile as its many names. Especially in the transitional season, it is a trendy companion that keeps you warm. The shirt jacket has experienced a hype especially in recent years and can be seen everywhere today.

The shirt jacket for women is the all-rounder in every wardrobe. For a casual look, it is worn open; if you want a more classic look, it can simply be buttoned up. Shirt jackets in subdued colours can be used for a business look, in bold colours they are a great eye-catcher.

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Shirt jacket for ladies: The most important questions answered

At this point, we would like to answer all the important questions about shirt jackets for women and thus make it easier for you to decide on a suitable model.

What is a shirt jacket for women?

A shirt jacket is a so-called fashion hybrid, a combination of a shirt and a jacket. A characteristic feature of the shirt jacket is its boxy oversize cut. This cut makes the shirt jacket the ideal transitional jacket. You can also wear a thicker jumper or blazer very comfortably under a shirt jacket

Most shirt jackets for women have large patch pockets and eye-catching buttons. The collar of the shirt jacket is also characteristic. A shirt jacket is usually made of a strong and heavy fabric. Shirt jackets are available in different colours and materials.

What materials are available for ladies' shirt jackets?

Shirt jackets are made of different materials.

  • Polyester: Most shirt jackets are made of polyester. The material is hard-wearing and warm.
  • Corduroy or tweed: A very classic material that is also characterised by its durability.
  • Teddy fabric: Models made of teddy fabric are particularly cosy and are well suited for wearing in autumn and winter.
  • Faux leather: Women's shirt jackets are now also available in faux leather, which makes them rocky or elegant, depending on the styling.

The material of shirt jackets for women is stronger and heavier than the material of a classic shirt, which is why they keep you warmer.

In which season are ladies' shirt jackets worn?

Shirt jackets are suitable for every season. However, they are worn particularly often in the transitional season, i.e. in spring and autumn. They are then worn as an ordinary jacket.

In summer, it is best to choose a version made of a light cotton fabric. The shirt jacket is then a real alternative to the normal blazer. In winter, the shirt jacket is used as a normal garment. It is then a warmer worn under a thick winter jacket.

How are ladies' shirt jackets cleaned?

When cleaning a ladies' shirt jacket, the first thing to consider is what material it is made of. Most shirt jackets can be easily cleaned in the washing machine at home, provided the label is observed. If the jacket is heavily soiled or has acquired an odour, professional cleaning is recommended.

Which shirt jacket is suitable for which figure type?

Small women should avoid patterns in a shirt jacket, as they can visually compress the figure. However, if you wear a plain-coloured outfit underneath the shirt jacket, it will visually stretch the figure. Calm plain shades under a pattern make it look calmer.
If you are over 1.70 metres tall, you can go for a longer shirt jacket for women. And don't be afraid of bold patterns.

Styling tips for ladies' shirt jackets: How to achieve the perfect shirt jacket look

  1. The shirt jacket can be worn open or closed. Open, it looks casual; closed, more classic.
  2. Due to its oversized cut, a shirt jacket for women can sometimes be visually bulky. It is therefore advisable to wear a thin top under the shirt jacket.
  3. Shirt jackets for women in beige, camel and white look particularly elegant. They are also easy to style. If the rest of the outfit is also kept in simple colours, the look is particularly clean
  4. Do you fancy the onion or layered look? Warm turtlenecks or jumpers in combination with a blouse are perfect for this.
  5. If you wear boots with a shirt jacket for women, the outfit looks rocky, especially if you choose a shirt jacket in the typical flannel shirt colours. Combined with sneakers, the shirt jacket looks casual. A nice style break is achieved by wearing ankle boots and high heels.



A shirt jacket for women can become your new faithful companion during the transitional seasons. Styled correctly, the shirt jacket is cool and casual, but can also be used with an elegant style. There are numerous possible combinations and a choice of different colours and styles.

Every woman can find the right shirt jacket for her personal needs. We hope that this article has helped you to decide and that you now find a new favourite piece for your wardrobe.

Image source: Allef Vinicius / Unsplash