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Are you looking for a suitable dress for special occasions? A skater dress for women can certainly help you. The dresses are known for their special shape of the flared skirt part and are also very popular. There is a variety of patterns, cuts and colours, which is why you can easily find the right skater dress for women.

No matter what the occasion, whether it's dressy or casual, you'll always be right with a stylish skater dress for women. To help you avoid making the wrong purchase, we show you what to look out for before buying such dresses. In addition, we offer you some styling tips on how to combine your women's skater dress.

The Best Womens Skater Dress: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying women's skater dresses

In the following, we have listed certain buying criteria with regard to women's skater dresses that you should consider before making a purchase.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Design
  • Cut

In the next sections, the buying criteria already mentioned will be briefly explained. This will give you an initial overview.


As with any other garment, the criterion of material plays an essential role in the purchase decision.

The materials also differ in the various styles regarding skater dresses for women. Thus, basic skater dresses are mostly made of a pure cotton fabric.

Likewise, the materials jersey, cotton blends or polyester are often used for such dresses. If you want a chic and elegant skater dress for a special occasion, you can choose shiny fabrics such as polyester.

Moreover, women's dresses are also available in recycled materials, so you can look chic and buy eco-friendly at the same time.


The fit can be chosen individually. Of course, the skater dress for women should not fit too tightly so that it is uncomfortable to wear. Dresses that are too tight can also look unflattering.

However, it should not be too big either, otherwise it will quickly lose its special shape. Sizes usually vary from XS to larger fits such as XL.

In addition to the fit itself, the length of the dress is also important. With a skater dress for women, a distinction is made between the mini version and the model that ends just above the knees.

The length of the women's skater dress can also be influenced by the occasion for which the dress is to be worn. If it is an elegant occasion, such as a wedding, a slightly longer version is popular.


Skater dresses for women are available in different variations. The design differs in colours, styles and the pattern of the dress.

Dark colours are often preferred for elegant and chic occasions. These colours are also chosen because they make you look visually slimmer. Bright colours are popular for everyday summer wear.

There are also different patterns or additional applications such as lace, sequins or transparent inserts. Thus, the design can be chosen according to individual wishes, but also according to the upcoming occasion.

The skirt or the bottom of the skater dress for women can also vary. If you want a more unusual model that immediately catches the eye, you can choose a very flared skirt.


The pattern is also an important factor when buying a women's skater dress.

In addition to the length of the dress, the sleeve lengths also differ. The dresses are available with long sleeves, but also in short sleeve versions or with three-quarter sleeves. There are also women's skater dresses that are sleeveless and have no straps.

If you want your dress to have straps instead of sleeves, there are also differences. Spaghetti straps are ideal for summer, as is the classic version with a halter neck.

Whether it's a V-neck or a classic round neckline, the dresses can be bought in different variations. For example, if you want a more elegant look, a V-neck is ideal. A so-called Bubi collar is often seen on a playful model.

Women's skater dresses: The most important questions answered

To make your purchase as easy as possible, we have listed and answered the most important questions regarding skater dresses for women.

In which styles are women's skater dresses available?

Women's skater dresses can be combined with different looks. Thus, besides simple, classic versions, there are also elegant or particularly fashionable dresses.

  • Feminine and elegant skater dresses for women: If you want to wear an elegant and chic look, dark colours such as black or dark blue are usually chosen. These not only make you look visually slimmer, but can be accessorised with beautiful accessories, such as narrow tie belts. The material is often flowing viscose or jersey, which hugs the body perfectly. V-necks further enhance the elegant look.
  • Simple women's skater dresses in a casual look: These are casual dresses that are mostly plain. They are plain, simple and often reach above the knee in length. Cotton is ideal for such a look because it is comfortable to wear on the skin. The casual look is ideally emphasised by a classic round neckline and half-length sleeves.
  • Women's skater dresses for a particularly fashionable look: If you want to stand out with a more striking model, a strongly flared skirt part can be chosen. In addition to the skirt, trumpet sleeves and particularly bright colours can also highlight your outfit. These styles are often adorned with additional appliqués such as lace inserts or sequins. A mini dress also attracts more attention.

The variations of a skater dress for women depend on the upcoming occasion.

Which shape of skater dress suits my figure?

The cut of skater dresses for women sets off your figure perfectly. To help you find the right model for you, we have worked out certain shapes for you.

  • V-figure: The V-figure describes women who have relatively narrow hips but broader shoulders. With such a figure, a skater dress for women in a halter cut is recommended. The wide backs focus the view on your lower body. An alternative to the halter neck is the V-neck. Strapless ribbon cut-outs, spaghetti straps or conspicuous adornments in the shoulder area are best avoided. Viscose or chiffon are the materials of choice.
  • A-figure: The A-figure describes a narrow and petite upper body with wider hips. Muted colours are a good choice here, as problem zones in the hip area can be concealed. Large collars, ruffles or even shoulder pads are great for this figure. On the other hand, you should avoid styles with a high stretch content, eye-catching patterns or silk fabrics, as these would emphasise the hips more.
  • H-figure: The H-figure describes a relatively straight body with little waist. If you have such an athletic figure, V-necks, lace inserts or even gathers are ideal. Flowing fabrics are a good choice, whereas stiff fabrics make your figure look even more angular. Wrap-around styles can bring out feminine curves. Accessories such as belts bring out your waist more and are welcome here.

You are welcome to use these tips as a guide.

What occasions can skater dresses for women be worn for?

Ladies' skater dresses can be worn for a wide variety of occasions due to their versatile designs and patterns.

In everyday life, for example, the dresses are popular on warm summer days. The garment can be worn super as an airy summer dress. Light colours, short sleeves or spaghetti straps and some chic sandals make your outfit look complete. You can also complete your summer outfit with jewellery and a beautiful handbag.

Skater dresses for women can be worn not only on summer days, but also in cooler months. Here, of course, you should go for a version with long sleeves. Add a pair of matching tights and a cool coat and you're dressed cool with a skater dress for women. Ankle boots or cool, warm boots are ideal for cooler days.

These dresses for women are also popular and often seen in the office. You should choose dark colours, for example black or dark blue. With a smart coat or blazer, a matching handbag and high heels, you are ready for your working day. For the occasion, a mini version should be avoided.

Other occasions for which skater dresses for women are suitable are chic events, possibly weddings or a fancy dinner with your loved one. A V-neckline, which creates a beautiful décolleté, or a model with a halter neck is ideal here. With a smart coat and accessories, you are also suitably dressed as a guest at a wedding.

What distinguishes a skater dress for women?

Skater dresses for women are characterised by their special flared shape. The bodice is cut tightly to the waist and accentuates the figure.

The skirt, on the other hand, falls slightly from the top, often in pleats.

In addition to the mini version, which, like other dresses, ends at the thigh, there is also a knee-length version.

In addition, the most diverse variations can be chosen in terms of the pattern, the neckline and also the design.

Styling tips for women's skater dresses: How to achieve the perfect skater dress look for parties

Women's skater dresses can be worn for all occasions with the right combination due to their different styles.

  1. Darker colours, such as black or dark grey, are usually chosen for parties. You can't go wrong with such colours, which is why you can go to your party in style. In addition, darker colours make you look visually slimmer.
  2. Now we come to the matching shoes. Of course, the shoes can be chosen in the colour of the dress. But shiny colours such as silver are also a real eye-catcher. It is best to choose high heels with delicate straps or pumps for a party.
  3. In the next step, you can think about matching accessories. If you are wearing silver high heels, you should also choose silver jewellery. A handbag or clutch in black or silver will complete your party outfit.
  4. Then all you need is a matching jacket. Coats are best for this. A chic coat in black is ideal, which you can put on over the skater dress for women or just drape over it.

For your party look, make sure that your ladies skater dress is not too short, otherwise it can look cheap and unflattering. Your outfit can be lightened up with a long trench coat, for example.


Skater dresses for women are available in different styles and patterns. Due to the fancy shape of the skirt part, a skater dress for ladies is popular and well-liked. The variations of the dresses can be chosen specifically for your figure. Thus, other variants are available for so-called A-figures, such as for V-figures.

Due to the many different models, the dresses for ladies can be worn on pretty much all occasions. On elegant or casual occasions, with the right style you are always optimally dressed. Ladies' skater dresses are also ideal for the office and everyday life and should therefore not be missing from any women's wardrobe.

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