Last updated: August 25, 2021

Formerly known as clumsy bathing slippers, women's slides have long since become a fashionable it-piece. Slides for women look like classic bathing shoes: they are open at the front and back and have one or more straps that rest on the back of the foot.

In terms of design, however, they are not limited to the functional and less ornate look of classic bathing shoes. Women's slides come in a wide variety of colours and designs and can thus create a real eye-catcher. They exude summery vibes and are extraordinarily comfortable to boot.

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Slides for ladies: The most important questions answered

Are you looking for information on the topic of women's slides? Then you will certainly find what you are looking for in the following paragraphs. We answer the most important questions about the fashionable women's shoes:

What types of ladies slides are there?

Ladies' slides come in a wide variety of designs. They vary greatly in terms of colour and decoration. However, they can be distinguished primarily in terms of their material and their intended use. We have listed and explained the two different types of slides for women below:

  • Pool slides for women: Pool slides for women are bathing shoes that are usually made of rubber or plastic. They are water-repellent and can therefore be worn on the beach, at the pool or even in the shower. However, the field of application of pool slides has not been limited to functional situations for a long time. In recent years, they have developed into absolute trend pieces that are also worn by many ladies in normal everyday life.
  • Street slides for women: Street slides for women are not made of water-repellent fabrics and are not intended for functional use in or on the water. They are normal street shoes, but have the same shape as pool slides. Street slides for women differ from pool slides only in the material and often have more elaborate decoration, such as glitter, rhinestones, beads or even fur trim.

The two types of women's slides thus differ mainly in their area of use. Street slides cannot be worn at the pool, but they are ideal summer shoes for shopping trips or other leisure activities. Pool slides, on the other hand, can be worn both at the pool and on the street and are therefore real all-rounders.

What are the functional benefits of slides for women?

Women's slides are the perfect summer shoes. As they are open at the front as well as at the back, the feet can breathe excellently and you are offered an airy wearing feeling. They are also quick and easy to put on and take off. Comfort is further enhanced by an ergonomic footbed, which many models feature.

Pool slides for women are particularly practical in many ways. Their waterproof material allows for a wide range of uses and is also extremely robust and quick-drying. They are easy to clean and fit in every bag. You can wear the women's pool slides on a beach holiday as well as at festivals or for shopping. It is also possible to use the shoe as a slipper in the summer. One shoe - many possibilities!

Styling tips for women's slides: how to achieve the perfect slides look

Ladies' slides are real all-rounders and therefore easy to style and combine. Of course, pool slides go particularly well with swimwear. A colourful bikini or a fancy swimming costume and a tunic or an airy scarf around the hips - in combination with chic pool slides you are the eye-catcher at every beach bar.

But women's slides also score points in combination with city outfits. They look just as good with casual jeans and a crop top as they do with cute summer dresses or playful jumpsuits. For a special eye-catcher, wear the trendy summer shoes in combination with culottes and a blouse - chic, but still casual. If your women's slides are a little fancier, keep the rest of your outfit as simple as possible to avoid making it look too cluttered.


Women's slides are real all-rounders and a must-have for every fashion-conscious lady who still values comfort and functionality. Whether at the pool, in the city or at home - the possible uses of women's slides could not be more varied.

They look good with many different outfits. They go perfectly with light beach or pool outfits, but also look great in combination with casual city outfits. They are robust and even water-repellent and quick-drying in the pool version.

Photo source: Apostolos Vamvouras / Unsplash