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You should also rely on good footwear within your own four walls. Slippers for women are the perfect choice. They are comfortable and ensure pleasantly warm feet. Thanks to the slippers, pressure points are minimised and your feet stay nice and warm.

The slippers for ladies come in many different colours and patterns. You alone decide whether you want them to look cute, elegant or fun. There is sure to be a pair of slippers to suit your taste.

The Best Women´s Slippers: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying slippers for women

There is a large and varied selection of slippers for women. To help you find the right slippers for you and not get overwhelmed when buying, we have picked out the most important buying criteria for you. These are as follows:

  • Colour and pattern
  • Season
  • Texture
  • Materials
  • Shoe size
  • Shoe width

In the following paragraphs you will find out what is important in the individual buying criteria.

Colour and pattern

There are many different colours and patterns for slippers. Whether chequered, with animals or quite plain. There is sure to be the perfect pair of slippers for you. No need is left unsatisfied when it comes to colour either.


While slippers for winter should be rather warmly lined, barely lined slippers are more comfortable for summer. After all, you don't want to sweat in your slippers. Of course, it is not only the season that plays a role, but also your heating system. If you have underfloor heating, for example, then you don't need warm slippers even in winter. However, if you have an old house without heating, this is highly recommended.


The texture of the slippers for women can play a decisive role. After all, slippers should be comfortable first and foremost. You now have to decide whether you prefer cosy soft slippers or whether you find a thin sole with little lining more comfortable. It all depends on your feet and your preference.


The materials for slippers also play a decisive role. There are slippers with felt, with sheep's wool, with wool, with fur, with leather, with textile or even with cotton. The warmth of the slippers naturally varies depending on the material chosen. In addition, not all materials are vegan or sustainable. The chosen material can also influence the breathability of the slippers. Therefore, think carefully about what needs and wishes you want your slippers to fulfil and then decide on the appropriate material.

Shoe size

As with all shoes, the size of the slippers for women is also crucial so that you feel 100 percent comfortable. If the slippers are too big, you will slip out all the time. If they are too small, pressure points form and the slippers are accordingly uncomfortable.

You can easily have your shoe size determined in a shoe shop or online. There are many different size charts online. All you have to do is measure the length of your foot and you will know your shoe size. Depending on the model and brand of the slippers, the shoe size may of course vary a little.

Shoe width

The shoe width is also crucial when choosing your slippers for women. They should be neither too tight nor too wide. You must first find out whether you have rather wide or rather narrow feet. The width of your left foot may be different from the width of your left foot.

The shoe width is given in letters. The specifications range from the letter C to the letter M. The letter C stands for very narrow feet, while the letter M stands for very wide feet. The shoe width can also be determined online via various pages.

Slippers for women: The most important questions answered

When buying slippers for women, various questions can arise. We have compiled and answered the most frequently asked questions for you.

What are slippers for women?

Slippers for women are a sub-type of slippers. Often the terms slippers and slippers are used interchangeably, but this is not quite true. Slippers are slippers that are closed at the front and open at the back. They do not have a heel part and therefore allow you to slip in quickly.

Why should I wear ladies' slippers?

There are many reasons why you should wear ladies slippers. The slippers keep your feet warm, especially in winter, which can be very comfortable. Most women are plagued with cold feet in colder temperatures. In addition, you often do not have the necessary support in the socks. Slippers with a non-slip sole can help. They give you the necessary security.

The slippers keep your feet clean. If you wear your socks a lot at home, dirt will stick to your socks. Especially with light-coloured socks, they may still be discoloured even after washing. The slippers protect your feet from dirt and can usually be washed in the washing machine. Especially on the couch, the slippers bring a great advantage. While you sit on the couch with dirty socks, you usually take the slippers off beforehand. The couch stays clean longer that way.

What types of slippers are there for women?

There are many different types of slippers. We have compiled a list of the most important types for you.

  • Non-slip slippers: The non-slip slippers provide you with the necessary grip in your home. It's easy to slip in your socks, but with the non-slip slippers this won't happen again. With these slippers you feel more secure.
  • Orthopaedic slippers: If you suffer from a foot deformity or want to prevent one, we recommend orthopaedic slippers. These offer your feet the comfort they need and relieve pressure points. We recommend slippers with a removable footbed. This allows you to change the insoles again and again. The great advantage of this is that you can have the insoles custom-made to fit your foot.
  • Slippers for diabetics: Suitable footwear is especially important for diabetics. Blood circulation can be restricted in diabetics. In addition, many women with diabetes suffer from sensory disturbances in their feet. Slippers with a soft and flexible footwear are the best choice for diabetics. The slippers should also not have seams, as these could put pressure on the foot. If you are unsure, professional advice can be very useful.
  • Slippers with a heel: Slippers with a heel are very popular among women. Many women do not like the look of normal slippers. A small heel can enhance the slippers and give your look that certain something even at home. Moreover, heeled slippers are comfortable and can therefore be worn for a longer period of time without any discomfort.

There are many different types of slippers. However, they are all designed to make you feel completely comfortable at home and not to freeze your feet. In addition, most slippers offer you support and are very comfortable.

How do I make my slippers for women slip-resistant?

Unfortunately, not all slippers are slip-resistant. If you slip with your slippers and feel unsafe, then you can make your slippers non-slip. We have put together some tips and tricks on how to do this. You probably already have most of the tools you need at home.

  • Sandpaper: You can sand the sole with a sandpaper. The sandpaper should be quite rough. Rub the sole with the sandpaper until it no longer feels smooth and even.
  • Nail file: If you don't have sandpaper handy at the moment, you can also use a nail file. The rougher and harder the nail file, the better. Metal files are particularly suitable. Softer nail files simply require more effort. The procedure is the same as with the sandpaper. You need to sand the sole of the slippers until it no longer feels smooth and even.
  • Shoe pads: For slippers with smooth soles, self-adhesive shoe pads can be helpful. These are glued to the underside of the sole for extra grip. With the shoe pads, your slippers will have a secure base.
  • Adhesive spray: With the adhesive spray, you must first mask your slippers well so that the slippers do not get any adhesive spray. When taping, you should leave a triangle free on the top half and the bottom half of the sole. The rest of the slippers should be completely covered. We recommend that you clean the exposed sole before treatment. Before spraying, you should shake the adhesive spray vigorously. You can then spray the soles thinly and evenly at a distance of 15 cm. After the first coat, you must let the soles dry for five to ten minutes. Then spray a second coat on the sole and let it dry again for five to ten minutes. Repeat this process until you have sprayed at least four coats onto the soles. After the last spray, you should immediately remove the cover from the slippers and only then allow the soles to dry.
  • Hairspray: If you don't have any adhesive spray at home, you can also use a hairspray. This involves spraying the soles of the slippers with a generous layer of hairspray. Then let the sole dry for at least 30 seconds. This allows a sticky consistency to develop on the sole. However, this anti-slip variation is meant to be a temporary solution, as the hairspray will quickly come off the sole.

These variations are easy to use and can work wonders for slippery soles. After treatment, your slippers will be non-slip and provide the support you need.

What do I do if the ladies' slippers squeak?

Most of the time, the squeaking noise goes away on its own as the slippers are broken in. However, if the squeaking noise bothers you too much, you can of course intervene yourself. To do this, you need to find out where the squeaking noise is coming from. The tips and tricks against squeaking slippers are very similar to those against slipping slippers.

For squeaky soles, a generous coat of hairspray on the soles can help. Unfortunately, this trick only helps for a short time. For longer success, we recommend lightly sanding the soles with sandpaper. This can also make the squeaking disappear.

The slippers can also squeak from the inner sole. This squeaking can have two causes. Either your slippers are damp or there is an air space in your slippers.

  • If the slippers are wet, you should first remove the inner sole and sprinkle baking soda or baking powder into the slippers. Then you can stuff the slippers with newspaper and place them against the wall to dry.
  • An air space is usually a sign that the slippers do not fit perfectly. If your slippers squeak because of an air space, we recommend that you try silicone insoles. If your foot slips at the heel, causing the squeak, then you can use silicone pads. These can then be stuck on specifically at the heel of the slipper.

If the squeaking noise does not stop despite treatment, you can visit a cobbler. He knows his stuff and will certainly be able to help you.


Take off your shoes, put on your slippers and relax. Slippers for women are comfortable and offer incredible comfort. Provided the shoe width and size are right. Once a woman has had slippers, she doesn't want to do without them again.

With slippers, cold feet and slipping around the house are definitely a thing of the past. The selection of slippers is huge and you are free to choose a pair of slippers according to your taste.

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